Are You Really Good At Dating…And That’s It?

zodiac astrology bookI just told a client that I felt she had a man who is very good at dating…and nothing else. In other words, if you want to have some fun – you’re in! If you want to get married, buy a house, have some kids…this is not the man for you!

There are a lot of women like this too, of course. I used to be one of them, which is why I am posting this.

If you change your mind about what you want in life, you have to change the people you date as well. I think this is hard for people to hear. But it’s a lot easier than never getting what you want.

Are you a great date…but ill suited for anything beyond that? What’s the astrology?

14 thoughts on “Are You Really Good At Dating…And That’s It?”

  1. I know too many women whom married their good time Charlie only to divorce him because he didn’t change. I can no longer call these women my friends because they discarded me too for being unsupportive during the divorces because I asked each of them “how can you be mad at him for being exactly whom he has alwats shown himself to be?” I’m always amazed at peoples ability to hold someone else accountable for their own bad choices.

  2. Not me, I suck at all that interpersonal stuff (Venus in Aquarius opposite Pluto in Leo) but I know a guy who is a serial dater, he has Moon square Pluto (exact). Unfortunately his Uranus is opposite my Venus and his Pluto is opposite my Sun so I got hooked. I took desperate measures to forget him and they didn’t work. I hate my life. Next time around I’m going to be an easygoing Libra with a Gemini Moon. Rant over.

    1. Hehehe this made me laugh… I’m not sure we Libra’s come all that easy going ; ) Also went out with the Pluto square Moon male with an Aquarius Sun, Moon in Sadge, Venus in Aries, Sun Oppose Uranus and Saturn in 7th. But he told me he wanted to get married…. Duhhhhh shame on me!

  3. I know exactly of what you are speaking of many moons ago when I was in my late teens and early twenties I was exactly like that. Marriage was a scary though and I just was not ready. Then due to an event a friend of mine and I decided to get married he had orders for Korea and I for Germany neither of us were keen on going to either place so we got our orders changed no small feet. We had to marry so we had a deal marriage it was designed to fail as neither of us were really ready for this commitment. I discovered however that I really liked the status of marriage over being single just really didn’t like who I was married to at the time okay as a friend not okay husband material. I have a Scorpio Sun in the 9th house, Aquarius Rising and a Taurus Moon.

    My daughter (Cancer Sun in the 6th house, Aquarius Rising and Leo Moon) weather she admits it or not is commitment phobic. She is an exotic dancer and her lifestyle is one of over promise and under deliver which drives both me and my husband nuts. Not to mention the rest of the family. She used to be very reliable not so these days.

    1. A cancer sun Leo moon(sadge rising though) and same with me I used to be reliable and not sure I can even rely on myself anymore ! :-/

  4. I wasn’t any good at dating or relationships when I was in my teens and twenties. What can I say? Venus/Uranus/Pluto conjunct. I had a lot of mess to untangle before I could get into anything that was worthwhile.

  5. Ha, I’m the opposite. I hate dating and I’m not very good at it, but our spur-of-the-moment marriage hit it’s seventh year last December.

  6. At my age, not really looking to nail one down. But I do like making a date really good. Hard to find since men tend to have a fear of being netted. Come on honey can’t we just pretend for just one date? Neptune in Libra?

  7. I’m a Cancer/Scorpio Asc… with Uranus conjunct Sun and a Sag Moon… so I crave commitment and security… as much as I run from it.

    I was married young to a Capricorn and had three children before my need to escape got the best of me at my last Saturn Return.(im now in my 2nd one ahhhh)

    I have had many lovers over the years but stayed independent. Now I am in a relationship with a lovely Pisces(my Mars (Masc) is conjunct his Sun 🙂 Our composite Sun is in the 5th house(lovers). It feels like we will stay perpetual lovers… spend weekends together… which suits me fine.

    If my needs change I expect this relationship will end and I will find someone more suited to something more full time. For now I am grateful for his company and for the gifts this relationship brings. Every now and then I get frustrated with him until I remember that we are what we are and I go back to enjoying the gift of that!

  8. I suck at dating and casual sex. I’m no good time Sally, that’s for sure. I’m a serial monogamist. I guess you could say I sucked at being a wife but I think I will be a phenomenal wife when I find the correct partner. I’ve done the work. Am still doing the work. I know what needs to be changed and altered. I am cleaning some motherfucking house, yo. Virgo moon in the first. Aquarius sun and Venus in the sixth. Mercury in the seventh. Saturn in Gemini in the tenth, top of my chart. In my progressed chart I have an Aries sun and Venus in the seventh. I’m taking my quest (finding my third and final husband) extremely seriously.

  9. I’m a Sagittarius with Venus in Libra, I’m always looking for an improved version of the one I’m with. Although it makes me a great date! The trouble is my Cancer ascendant, I like to seem more detached than I actually am…

  10. Nope. It stresses me out. 7H Venus in Taurus sextile my Aries sun. I focus in, and I’m in it for life. You don’t want to get married? We can’t be together lol I have never once in my life said “let’s see where this goes,” even in platonic friendship. The purpose is defined, or there is no purpose, for me at least. That’s why I got married the month after I turned 21 and have been married ever since! I think I would suck at dating. I can’t do games, I’m terrible at subtlety, and if I have a major connection with someone, I just want to make it real and acknowledge the realness. Thankfully, my husband is a 7H Taurus as well and a nice solid 10H Leo with a loyal Leo Venus and a Cap moon and he sticks around too. I fully recognize this was just us taking advantage of good luck.

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