Can Astrology Help You Connect With Others?

zodic napierPeople are individuals. If you want to connect, you’ve got to figure out how to reach them.

I am a permeable sort of person.  It’s the Saturn Neptune signature in my chart. It’s the Venus Neptune signature in my chart.  Things seep in.

Blocks (Saturn) are dissolved by something ethereal (Neptune). Or they’re transcended.  Trying to work my way around a block is generally futile. I live behind a wall…until the wall becomes immaterial.

My son is different. He’s convinced via his intellect. The people who can reach him are mentally strong. They are powerful, confident orators who have an edge.

Generally, my son’s mentors have balls. They have authority or wisdom which they’ve fought to acquire. Authenticity reins.

Good luck moving my son one inch, with your big talk that lacks substance.

If you tell my son to do something that you’ve not done yourself, he’ll be polite but take you with a grain of salt. Sun conjunct Saturn in Taurus.

How can a person reach you?  Can you name the astrology?


11 thoughts on “Can Astrology Help You Connect With Others?”

  1. Elsa,
    What is your planetary configuration that accounts for your scenario?… I may have a similar setup. I identify with the “things seep in”….
    Moon on ascendant loosely conjunct Sat in the 12th, Tsquaring square 4th house sun/murc & a 10th house Uranus….with Neptune in the first. squaring Venus in the fourth.
    Never thought about it from that vantage point before. Fascinating!

  2. I read your post very early this morning, and couldn’t answer the question. After a bowl of oatmeal and a good nap I’m back and recognize the answer. I too am one that is moved by the wind; that’s a beautifully real and sensual description. “Inspired” filled with God. Neptune in the 9th House of world views and broad philosophies tries a Pluto-Saturn-Mars conjunct in my 7/8th Houses. When all the hard(knocks) of death and rebirth and intense climbing are a big part of the journey the insight comes from Neptune. Across the chart Jupiter and Venus in the 11th trine that Pluto conjunct and a relationship-association will tickle a block into something else … flow. And then suddenly, Uranus in the 6th sextiles that 7/8 conjunction and revolutionizes me. I am taught, integration happens (Saturn-Mars).

    What a wonderful exercise in self-awareness Elsa. Brilliant question and examples with you and your son!

  3. earthless and over-watery/neptunian as I am, I can be talked into something quite easily is certain emotional buttons are triggered.
    this used to cause serious troubles, being vulnerable to exploitations for other reasons(see wounded moon,sun,venus).I had to sort out a blind spot where I was prey to promises of affection, even if merely flattering.
    I have saturn quincunx neptune and recently I’m training my mercury to ground…learning in a virgoan way to discriminate (sun-venus in 6th house!).
    anyway, I usually smell immediately if the person talking to me is a hoax or superficial.being multilayers, I need people to get deep at least halfway where I can feel heard or seen.
    I’m also very fiery and psychic,so I need visions, symbols and sensations.I’m often incapable of describing the way I see or understand things, so I feel comfortable with people with a similar, not too practical or linear way of communicating.
    I wouldn’t mind at all if someone tried to share a sensation with me by a simple colour or a sound.
    since a kid, I used to get immediately bored if the speaker wouldn’t get to the point I had already grasped from the start.overloaded with mental energy and vibes collected from the outside, which requires a constant selection among different lines of “static” as I call them.
    I’m learning to channel it all and communicate on a wordly level, which mean shaping my personality as well.

  4. I think a person has to make me feel safe & accepted, not pushed or prodded and they have to offer genuine hope. Ever since saturn in libra i’ve been pretty closed off. I give the appearance of being open to everything – 11th house sun, sag moon, but i’m really hard to reach and honestly have been my whole life. Moon-saturn-uranus keeps me self-sufficent, and venus, mercury neptune make me too penetrable with the wrong people.

    If you can inspire me because I really believe you’ve been there, back, and found your way out I’ll listen. Pluto in the 3rd I need to know your foundation is grounded, trine venus my heart better really be in it.

  5. Damn, Elsa. Some tough questions you are throwing out there. I guess my best answer would be…care about something. This is different than just having something to say. I like to hear what people care about or are interested in. You don’t have to know it all, but if you show passion for something I love listening. I have found no matter how boring you personally may find a subject to be, find someone who has a passion for it and they can describe it in the most interesting way.

  6. My 8H Libra Sun and 4H Gemini Mars wants a person to commit (8H and Moon-ruled 4H) and walk (Mars) their talk (Gemini).

  7. Its very hard to get to me (if even possible) if this is about other people getting to you.

    For me, the only one that can get to me, is ME!

    I have Scorpio Pluto in 3rd opposite my Sun and Mercury. I am constantly evaluating and testing people/techers etc Competence.

    I also have a virgo asc. A prominent saturn and prominent mars.

    A Gemini stellium with luminaries. An 8th house stellium. You have to be super charismatic, competent and forward, no bs type of person. You have to be essentially a superb “leader” type with huge amounts of empathy, otherwise I will see the person as weak or a bully.

    I believe this is a scorpio/pluto opposite sun-mercury thing. I wanna lead and hate being led, so if I’m gonna be “led” it has to be someone strong and competent. Its not like I’m feeling this on purpose! Its just how my mind works subconciously and its hard because one is never content with others…

    I have Venus-jup-node square Neptune. And Neptune to Sun-merc etc…. so I’m all for high EQ. I can sence fake empathy miles away. Empathy is essential for me.

    Dsc Pisces.

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