Ways Of Approaching An Astrological Consultation

Planting seedsI continue to benefit from the past life reading I had, on a number of levels. I mentioned before I talked to this gal, I was very aware of no one reading for me for a number of years… more than ten. You can imagine how many people I have read for in that time.

Each reading is unique as each person is unique, but some people stand out for different reasons.  Some people throw their whole selves at you. They have the ability to trust and they decide to open themselves, completely.  Who knows what seems them arrive at this decision but I surely know it when it happens.

Seeing as this was a special opportunity for me, I decided to go with this option. No gatekeeping, basically.  Saturn in Pisces?  Outside the skill the of the reader, I think this is a key reason, I received so much.

To better illustrate, imagine the opposite. It’s not that often, but sometimes I read for someone who won’t let me read for them. They simply won’t let me introduce anything they haven’t thought of themselves, never mind, approach anything real or personal. It’s like going to a doctor and sitting in the room, with nothing real exchanged. Point of this?  Mulling this, I decided to go with total candor.

It swirls around a bit but one thing that happened; this gal seemed to speak to me as if we were relative peers… as was my husband. Now I just told you about my husband recognizing, Jilly.  There are others he recognizes and there are times, people recognize him.  I’ve written about this, extensively, but I searched and I see all those posts are gone so…

As an example, he once went to meet the mother of one of his friends, who was also a Green Beret. He recognized this man as someone he’s known before. He’s explained, he always knows when he’s fighting someone he’s fought before, both with or against.

“How do you know?”

“They’re experienced.”

But in this case, the mother opened the door, my husband and his friend were standing on the porch, when she immediately announced who he was in another life.  My husband was taken aback. He was not very familiar with the person she named but he looked into it when he got home. The person died on his birthday.

This was not conclusive to him, but my point is, these people recognize each other… this woman recognized me, but I am clueless! To be clear, she specifically said she knew me, and we were related… this is in ancient times.

This leaves me to wonder why I am so blind. And I wonder if it’s all my father’s head kicks!

So back to my own consultations, sometimes I get on the phone with someone and it’s real deep and energetic from the get-go. Like both voices are sort of slowed and hushed. I never think about a potential “past life” connection but after this encounter, I am going to consider it.

Also, recently, I mentioned being a “force multiplier”.  I am aware of what had exploded in me, after an hour on the phone with this gal. I’m fertile soil; she’s got seeds.

I’ve also got seeds but if the soil is barren, it really doesn’t matter.

4 thoughts on “Ways Of Approaching An Astrological Consultation”

  1. My very first psychic reading I was told they couldn’t read me. They had never had someone they couldn’t read before, but there I was. So I asked to turn the reading into a coaching session to alleviate the discomfort of the moment. Did I do something wrong? Too skeptic?

    Then most recently, I sought out my very second reading at a psychic fair convention. The room was big, many many vendors, many people, very loud, no privacy. I was determined to get my questions answered, so I went in to receive. And I did. I got my answers.

    Does the ability to believe make for fertile soil? Is it something else?

    1. Good question that probably has more than one answer.

      In my case, I saw this as a potentially enormous opportunity. I thought I would benefit most, I opted not to withhold or test or anything. Just present what was on my mind, then listen.

      Consider, the things on my mind – I don’t share them to speak of, *with anyone*. I just felt good about this to I went with the leap of faith option and it worked out.

      “Does the ability to believe make for fertile soil?”

      This may be true but it also leaves you open to being insanely misled. If you’re going to open yourself, you’d want to discern, first. I explained with how I did this, in my first post on this topic. I weighed it (Libra) and I felt good about this gal being real. I could have been wrong, and I would have dealt with it… the same way I dealt with the astrologer who told me my husband would be dead in 3 years. I set it aside.

      So I guess it’s about being open but not to the point where you brain falls out, as they say.

  2. As a medium this post really tickles me.
    I love re-meeting souls I know in other lives. It’s really fun utilizing astrology with mediumship 🙂 for me, they pair really well together.

  3. I recognize people from past lives, I love re-meeting them (at least so far, lol). I became especially aware after I experienced death and came back, 30 years ago. I just know… and I usually remember bits of that previous life. Its fascinating.

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