How To Get The Attention Of An Aquarius Man?

Vintage aquarian manC asks:

“How do you get the attention of an Aquarius man? We’re just friends with the hope on my side that there will be more. It seems like after some really good conversations, on the phone and via email. I then won’t hear from him for awhile. How can I tell if he is interested in being more than friends?”

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How do you hook an Aquarian?

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28 thoughts on “How To Get The Attention Of An Aquarius Man?”

  1. That’s a tricky one, but I remember asking you a similar question once, Elsa, you said I couldn’t hook anyone. haha No, but you were right! 😉

    I think you have to be a good listener but also have some quirky stories to tell him and keep him gagging for more 🙂

  2. in my experience, aquarians generally don’t want to be anything more than “friends”. also i notice sagittarians, especially sagittarius moons, especially those with five planets in sagittarius(!!!!!), don’t want much more than that either (hint hint).

    that’s not to say there can’t be love or some kind of bond, but… you know, keep it fun/interesting and don’t worry about it. if he keeps coming back time after time, he likes you.

  3. I don’t know. I’m in a relationship with an Aquarius and it wasn’t me doing the chasing … in fact I was doing some running and he was chasing. In a way that I can only describe as “Who, me? Chasing you? I don’t know what you’re talking about … wanna go to the movies tonight?”

    Honestly I am of the opinion that unless they’re making some real effort to hang out with you as much as possible, it ain’t happening.

    1. I agree with you – unless an Aquarian guy is actively chasing you, he’s unlikely to be interested. You can make the first move, but be ultra sensitive to how he responds – watch for very subtle signs. If he seems uninterested in romantic stuff, he’s probably happy being friends. I have had many Aquarian boyfriends and my husband is Aquarian. With all the boyfriends and my husband, I did the first move (being Sagittarius!) but I felt safe in doing so, in that I felt intuitively that the Aquarians liked me. I’m not sure how I knew – I felt there was a ‘hot’ feeling of energy between us – like an affinity. Having said all that, I also did not take any shit off them, and if they pissed me off I would tell them that if they did it again, the relationship would end (and I meant it). I think they respect that. I absolutely love Aquarian men, I have to say!!! If ever I met a guy I felt really connected to, he always turned out to be Aquarian!

  4. I’ve been dating an Aquarian male for over a year now, and I found being almost brutally direct not only attracted him to me, but keeps him interested. He knows I’m not going to sugarcoat anything, willing to give him ample space should he need it, and in the end, he spends pretty much most of his free time with me.

  5. DO TELL. I am hooked but they don’t notice me. Being unique is not enough. They do their own thing and don’t really notice whatever you’re trying to be. If you have a tete a tete, their gaze is always much wider. Come on guys, HELP.

    1. Dina – they notice EVERYTHING – they just don’t show it ? I don’t think you can ‘hook’ an Aquarian – they either like you or they dont. Best thing is to move on and try a new person.

  6. Honestly when an Aquarius man likes you he acts in a traditional, masculine way: he pursues. They come close and retreat repeatedly but they still pursue in the relentless way a fixed sign tends to do. Ask yourself if you’re just in it for the challenge, you might be…

  7. You have all been so helpful, and almost all of your comments seem to apply to my situation. He is someone that I knew in high school so we have been friends. However he currently lives in another state. Even though I have a lot of signs in Sagittarius….I have Cancer rising. I believe that he has Pisces moon, but am not sure about the rising sign.

  8. I would 1. be his friend. I mean his REAL friend. Aquarians are hooked on friendship. 2. do your own thing. Share whatever it is. Don’t talk about yourself… well not in any sort of detail. Leave big gaps. Something to intrigue him.

    Share your more arcane or oddball interests with him and don’t explain yourself… they go for the proverbial closed book. Natural detectives. If they get bored they leave! Which is why you see them hooked up with Gemini women since they are so changeable the Aquarian dude’s head just spins and they can’t figure her out which man they are hooked. works with Scorps too, sort of.

    But be prepared because Aquarian guys tend to be pretty old-fashioned about who does the dishes and all that. A lot depends on where his moon and venus are, though.

    1. This is also true for Uranus-aspected Moons. Thanks for your insightful thought, Aqualyra!
      Launching an intro lesson in astrology, on the middle of a long conversation (because, Of Course, *Everyone* benefits from having a working understanding if astrology – Obviously!) to someone who had until then scoffed at it… (Who knew? Not I. Not did I suspect it, because, he’s otherwise well informed.) Since then, he’d read Carl Jung (an obvious smart guy) to find validation for this oddball subject.

      Thanks, Elsa, for rebooting this topic!

      1. I missed a few typos (autocorrect doing it’s stupid presumptions).
        *understanding of, and, since the he bas read…
        On my side, I maybe should have put quotes around “oddball,” because astrology is a language that clearly expresses us, and what’s going on, in our lives (transits, progressions, etc.)

  9. Aqualyra…..thank you SO much for the good advice. I am his friend, and have been so for 30+ years….and am good to go on doing my own thing. I don’t talk about myself too much….but think I need to be a tad bit more mysterious than I am right now. So it will be hard for a Sadg is be close-mouthed, but I will give it a go. The old fashioned thing is fine…because I have Cancer rising…so I like to cook, etc. I believe he has moon in Pisces and venus in Pisces as well.

  10. I forgot to mention….unfortunately for him….he is twice divorced…so this makes him gunshy (I think!). My impression is that he has gone on many first dates with people and had a number of short affairs, but other than his marriages (one of which was a rebound)….not too many long term relationships (or ones that I would classify as long term.)

  11. Aquarius people are so hard to get close too. My dad is one and he has problems sharing his emotions.

  12. Oh lord, this is so relevant to my interests right now. From what I recall of when I had one hooked, about what everyone else said here goes.

  13. Be non-conventional? I think they like originality.
    Also, things shouldn’t be boring.
    Aside fromt that, don’t expect effusive show of affection, or mushy emotional stuff.
    Perhaps the Aqua is interested, but might not express it in the way you like/want/need.

  14. Give them space
    Pretend you’re not prioritizing heavy commitment at the start
    Give them a wide berth but have a keen eye and tell them about your observations about them
    Keep up with quirkyness and funny stories
    Take them somewhere fun where you can hang out and preferably to somewhere which is good for the planet – an bar with icecream made from bananas for example
    Tell them about your weird folks
    Let them know you have a lovely tribe they can be a part of if they went to hang out with you more
    Don’t try to force commitment or another date.

    Intrigue – don’t chase…

  15. My son an aqua, is almost 32,only has had one long term relationship that lasted 4 years. He is always put in the friends zone. I feel for him, want him to find that special someone. He is a little quirky, never wants to have children which makes it tough finding someone his age that does not want them. He is not very “ambitious” which caused his last breakup. She was a Virgo and thought he should have all these big “plans” for his life.
    I also have noticed he is very unaware when someone is attracted to him. He cant read the signals.

    1. Hope your son has had luck attracting a partner since your last post. I will admit to having many female Aqua friends and my teenage daughter is one too. I’ve never tried too hard to understand them because I am strongly Uranian (on AC aspecting every planet except my chart ruler); I tend to find Aquas to be either Saturn-ruled (as per the traditional view) or Uranus-ruled (as per the modern view)…more the former.

      They tend to give off that “friend”, loner vibe. They don’t typically have ambitions to be parents and this can cause trouble with partners. Our connection is primarily mental, which to them is emotional. I have a Cancer Sun so for me emotional is something else altogether. I can be emotional about and with people who don’t appeal to my intellect.

  16. Very honest and straight forward about how one feels about anything which might be shocking for others who are trained to pretend to feel about it one way or another. Without blaming anyone. Paradoxically, it means cutting the ties with group consensus and the emotional pretense.

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