What Are The Effects Of Outer Planet Transits?

Outer planet transits hit hard.  They change your life.

When Pluto transited my Sun, I wrote on an astrology mailing list about my encounter with the business end of Scorpio. It had been years since I ran into such intensity.  I was simultaneously wrecked and empowered, but above all, I was changed.

Uranus transits see me take big risks. I have Jupiter aspecting Uranus in my natal chart. When that thing goes off, it’s a safe bet I am going break free.

As an example, I left home when I was 15 years old. I just walked away, sure that I could make it in the world.

Neptune transits are the hardest for me, personally. Invariably, I wind up disillusioned and hey! I like my fairy bubble as much as anyone. I have a hard time once a veil drops and I write things like this: “There is a crack in everything, That’s how the light gets in. ” I no longer buy this!

In whatever case, when an outer planet transits one of your personal planets (Sun-Mars), or the angles of your chart, you don’t get to stay who you are. You don’t get to stay in place and that’s just all there is to say.

How have outer planet transits affected you?

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  1. Best transit I had when uranus in pisces conj my natal pisces sun…It changed my life for sure. I even think differently now..I almost made some really stupid changes ( I had a consult with you around then and you talked me out of stupid changes) but I really needed that transit. It set me free in my thinking and I felt so alive!

  2. fyi Elsa, you probably have no idea how much your astrological wisdom helps people and changes their lives. You are really appreciated.

  3. Holy Lord Pluto when it went over my Moon and exactly squared my Pluto a couple of years ago at 28* Sadge, my whole internal emotional realm came up and out and almost killed me, seriously I was suicidal at times. I thought I was going crazy swirling around in that mess, all the buried pain and sadness coming up like vomit out of a volcano. Yuck!!! However, after I managed to clear out the complete swill that was my emotional self I dropped the drinking because, hey, I didn’t “need” it anymore. Just like that. They say doing drugs or alcohol or whatever addiction at it’s basic truth is the cure not the problem and that is sooooo true. If you can root out what the real deal is, then one has no need to anesthetize it anymore. Like I said, it almost put me in the nuthouse but I made it through and I am stronger than I’ve ever been in my whole life because now I know myself. Pluto, I love you and thank you but you scared the hell out of me, literally. Now I have Neptune transiting my ascendant opposing my Sun & Venus 7th house. All I can say about this is thank God Pluto woke me up before this one came along to try and fool me. No more bullshit. I’m pretty much a warrior now and I’m not falling for any rose-colored anything, I’ve worked too hard to get to where I’m at. Uranus? I’m a North Node and Mars Aquarius…so shake it up my brotha’!!!

    1. Yes – I have been going through Pluto transit to my Nadir and 4th House now for several years….second everything you said – the last year especially has been mega-hard – really feeling at times as if I’m going mad….all the stuff that’s coming up – like your imagery for that….it is like all the toxic stuff seeping and bursting out – like a boil seeping….pain, grief, rage, resentment….god, it’s hellish ( literally and figuratively!)…..it’s only about a third of the way through the 4th House too….let the Good Times Roll….ugh….

  4. Neptune is dancing with my Sun. I’ve spent all my life caught between what I am passionate about (art, people) and what I ‘should’ do (be practical, work a desk job, make money above all).
    It’s sort-of a Pisces vs. Capricorn thing. I’ve got a heavy dose of each.

    But with Neptune hanging out with my Sun, I’m finding it impossible to ignore my art and creativity. I’m finding room for it in my life, I’m noticing how much happier I am when I don’t stifle it.

    I’m not about to turn around and quit my job to sit at home and paint all day, but this transit makes that look mighty tempting! Due to my environment though, I’ve been feeding my Capricorn all my life – it’s unlikely to allow me to wander toooo far down the path of lazy, floofy, artist.

  5. Yeah, I am going through transit Uranus conjunct mars in the 9th right now… And Uranus is trine Uranus in my chart already… I have no idea what the change is going to be but I know it will be shocking or sudden and maybe uncomfortable with pluto squaring. I’m not sure I can embrace something like this, its just too unsettling. Usually I can embrace a Pluto transit, but this one is extra uncomfortable, especially with Saturn in Scorpio going through my 4th house.

  6. Uranus/Pluto square has been working my Capricorn Moon/Aries VenusMars square. I am stronger. Period.

    My Moon and Taurus placements are also catching the sextiles from Pisces Neptune and Chiron. This has been providing plenty of opportunity for positive changes in my spiritual and physical body.

    I admit that I’m tired but this will bear positive results into old age so I’m okay with it. I am thinking long term.

  7. Neptune has been on my 10h Mars for a year and a half now. Its making me really sleepy all the time and I don’t care about careers. Uranus and Pluto hit my 9th and 12th simultaneously and it was AMAZING. Tons of inner, religious, spiritual changes happened over night. It was so much fun.

    Saturn crosses over my DC this week! And my Pluto. It just spent a year on and off my Venus. If the 7th transit is anything like Libra or Venus Saturn transits I’ll be very happy about it 🙂

  8. Uranus transit cj my natal moon/jupiter conjunction (itself cj my IC). A time of coming out and liberation . Lots of thrill and strong emotions. Coming out of my childhood (self)conditionning and also changing my whole life (crazy unexpected opportunities when Uranus cj my Jupiter calling me into the unkown – but i have to go there – hopefully not being foolish) around but that started with Pluto transit in capricorn squaring my moon. It’s still squaring my MC…home/job/patner and me…redefined. a bit tired though. But is was/is worth it. Everything going slow and very fast at the same time…

  9. uranus transit to IC opposing natal pluto MH. Explosion in every direction. That was a long sort through, gruelling painstaking work, physically and emotionally, but I did find that thing you wrote about in your virgo asc solar return piece. It was oh so slow though. T

    hat stuff cleared just in time for neptune to square natal saturn and then conjunct my ic. To hold onto my horses through it, I went to college and got a degree. It was enough structure to run on and I had alot of fun and got a credential.

    Now pluto is opposing my natal moon and I am so deep in I really wouldn’t know what to comment.

    And neptune will be heading into oppostion to natal sun and jupiter and then to opposition with natal neptune (and that’s what I think this whole deal will end up being about for me: uranus opp natal neptune.) Or maybe it’s all the farther I want to see at this time.

  10. Edit . . . And neptune will be heading into oppostion to natal sun and jupiter and then uranus goes to opposition with natal neptune . . .

    1. You survived it. I think you done good.

      The day pluto went retro on ‘her’ sun she busted both her legs in a car accident. 7 months later on the day pluto went direct she finally got out of hospital. Her sun in sag is sorta opp her mars Saturn Uranus in Gemini. She was a force and often very destructive. Wasn’t supposed to walk again, but she continues to waddle at high speed through life. She takes a lot of pain meds even though she realizes it is hard on her internal organs because not staying active drives her nuts and she might as well be dead then. I get along much better with her now due to the pain meds.

    2. I don’t want to look at ‘her’ accident chart as I don’t like to do that or death chart because I don’t want to focus on that and attract more of it into my life. But the tranisiting saturn in virgo opp transiting uranus in pisces was going on that time too. Alot of variables and sometimes maybe a little bit of luck.

  11. I have a REALLY hard time with Neptune as well. I’m still trying to understand why. When Neptune transited my Sun/Mercury/Venus/Jupiter stellium in Aqua I had a psychotic break and my parents had me committed. I was diagnosed with a form of bipolar disorder and almost failed out of college. I had several friends at the time who were born only a few days before or after me, and none were quite so affected. I do have Neptune squaring my AC nearly exact. I’m told this makes you out of touch with reality… generally speaking. I guess the extra Neptune influence just pushed it too far?

    1. Reality . . . it really is nebulous in itself. I think I just had to decide what mine was and stand in it and for it even though it may not be what others see. Oh and I have to understand that everyone has their very own ‘fairy bubble’ and respect that as best I can. Oh and then there are the socio cultural and economic norms to deal with. Oh bother 😀

  12. Agree outer planet transits hit hard. That’s interesting, Elsa, that you feel Neptune hits you the hardest. Saturn hits me the hardest. So much pain and frustration and failure. Maybe because I have Saturn in the 1st house natally. Hopefully they will get easier as I grow older, but the last 5-6 years I’ve had Saturn conjunct Sun, Saturn Return, Saturn conjunct Pluto, and Saturn square Sun. I did have a little break in there for a couple years while Saturn was in Virgo. The conjunctions to my Mercury and Venus were not so bad, just had to work really hard, which I don’t mind. At least during those transits I didn’t feel like everything in life was completely beyond my control. I was working hard, but it was my choice.

    My outer planet transits are fighting each other right now, so it’s hard to make sense of much of anything. For example, Uranus is trine my Sun and conjunct my dc, so I want freedom, but Saturn is still squaring my Sun and Pluto is throwing in a quincunx, so I’m imprisoned.

    Also, Jupiter is conjunct my mc and sextile my Moon, which are both supposed to be good, but I haven’t felt either yet. Hopefully after Saturn and Pluto are off my Sun I’ll be able to see/feel the good aspects. Maybe they’re just lessening the pain of everything else, but unfortunately no good things have materialized yet. It sucks since you only get Jupiter conjunct mc once every 12 years so I hope I don’t miss out on career advancement because Saturn and Pluto are holding me down.

    I also have Pluto trine my Venus for a few more months, which I’ve read is supposed to be the most amazingly wonderful transit you can experience, but I don’t know, I feel changed on the inside but nothing has manifested in the external world yet. Saturn is also sextile my Venus and Pluto is a few degrees off my IC. I hope this all means the deadwood will soon be cleared away so I can start rebuilding things again, but this time the way I want them instead of having things forced on me that I don’t want.

    Neptune is opposing my Mercury and squaring my Uranus (I guess outer to outer doesn’t really count because everyone in my generation feels those) so that explains all my confusion and uncertainty. As Neptune goes direct and moves out of these aspects it will start an opposition to my Venus for the next few years. I hope that means meeting the man of my dreams rather than more cheating, lies, and deception. I feel like even if Neptune throws a bunch more smoke and mirrors up I’ll at least know from all my previous pain to keep in place healthier boundaries and not give away my power, independence, and freedom so I won’t be tricked or trapped again so easily. Going to try to think positive and hope for the best!

    Now sure where I’ll be when this outer planet cardinal cross is off my natal angles, but it has to be better than where I am now!

  13. Pluto conjuncting my Moon had me lose who I thought was the love of my life (I likened the feeling to being skinned alive, which I hope I’ll never feel again!) and making a huge move in mid life. Right after Pluto Rxed over my Moon, Saturn conjuncted my Desc and is now squaring my Venus (second pass). Simultaneously, Neptune is opposite my Sun. Uranus was a degree away to squaring my MC before it Rxed, and Pluto is inching up there after Rxing over my Moon yet again.

    I have two jobs, and in one the supervisor is playing Plutonian power games with me (and at least one other person). The other one is a contracting job; I’m getting more responsibility, and there is the potential to fully take over in the next couple of years. It’s obvious that the first one I’ll have to walk away from; that one is my bread and butter. The nonsense is just escalating, and will continue. She thinks she has me in a corner, that I’m stuck with that position. Uranus squaring my MC wants to break free from those restrictions, and soar!

    I find Saturn extremely difficult to deal with. It’s restricting and repressing for me. I even lost interest in the arts, something I’ve always been passionate about (Saturn in 7th square natal Venus in 5th) However, I’ve learned the Saturnian lessons of aloneness, boundaries and strategic assessment/recognizing red flags as well. I have a Cap moon, one would think I’d be ok with the energy. However, lots of 5th house planets, Moon in the 9th and Mars/Jupiter square Asc – I don’t like to be limited.

    1. And yes, I am a very changed person because of those transits. I can only imagine where I’ll be in the next year or two when Pluto conjuncts, then Rxes over my MC. I’ve read it often means a change in status, so hopefully, with work and initiative, it’ll mean a step up!

  14. I have been hammered with one challenging transit after another for the past 5 years and am currently undergoing transiting Pluto square my natal moon. I can truly say that I am utterly exhausted by all this “personal growth :-)”. It’s been so overwhelming I’ve yet to tease out what it all has meant for me. I just know that Elsa has told me that things will finally begin to ease for me next year. Yay!!!!

  15. The Pluto transit over the Sun-Jupiter conjuntion about a decade ago, started a period in my life of accelareted learning and growth, significant friendships, intense social and work-life. From a distance of time I see that period as the best in my whole life, although I was so busy I never had time to figure out what happened back then.

    That period ended with Pluto going into the 12th, where it is conjuncting Mercury, while the Uranus is on the Moon. I sinked into relationship which involves constant moving, travelling and displacing, and therefore, gives little opportunity to build something lasting in one place. The switch is from working with others to working alone, which is extremely difficult for someone like me, who has spent the whole constantly surrounded with people. I find it hard to survive (not to give in depression) yet work and be creative…ekk, Pluto, give me a break!

    I read some horror stories of Pluto crossing ascendant, but honestly? I can’t wait till the 2020!

  16. Ahhh, great post, Elsa, these pesky outer planets deserve to get a write-up!

    Over the past decades, PLUTO has hit me with transits from Immun Coeli (conjunct), Midheaven (oppo), Moon (conjunct), Neptune (conjunct), Saturn(oppo), Mars (square), Mercury (conjunct), Sun (conjunct), Jupiter (conjunct)… and it will conjunct my Venus within the next few years (cannot wait… eeeeh!) I know that energy pretty well and as a result I do not fear Pluto too much (it’s more like a good friend now) as I have learnt to work with it (BTW: If all else fails, get a dog that describes your natal Pluto!)

    After two failed marriages, I have also learnt to incorporate my natal Uranus/Venus square, so that I will not have to deal with love triangles anymore (knock on wood!). All these weired people I meet can be pretty annoying with their sudden antics; I have Uranus in 3 natally (neighbors!) and it rules my 7th house; can be stressful for me but hey, it sure makes for great stories 🙂

    However, I cannot stand NEPTUNE /SATURN transits. As I have Neptune Saturn oppo natally, I cannot tell the difference between the two… well, I can in theory but not in reality. Having ones dreams shattered is the worst feeling and I am not sure, I will ever find a good way in managing. With Saturn involved, I tend to become inactive, meaning I become the rabbit in front of the snake, incapable of moving, just staring at the problem.

    Neptune is painful and quite frankly, it SHOULD hurt when one becomes disillusioned; after all we are human. Our dreams are what keeps us going. If it doesn’t hurt you when your dreams are being crushed, then why continue living?!?!

    There are tricks in dealing with Neptune, however, so it wont hurt THAT much: immersing oneself into religion, cast out your ego and become a servant to others; help people around you!

    One thing I have noticed: While others often exhibit confusion and mental issues when Neptune and Saturn meet during transits, I do not seem to have THAT problem (but sure have a load of others). I believe it is due to my natal Neptune/Saturn oppo. It is almost as if I am immune to these transits and I wonder whether this applies to other natal aspects as well?

  17. All three of these planets are working me over now. Literally half my chart is affected–Neptune opp. my lights, and Uranus/Pluto being harsh with my Libra stellium and AC/DC axis.
    Neptune opposite my Moon saw me plunge into the depths of despair and paranoia. But I also realized I have a talent for something I never would have thought of before. I’ve been inspired to paint mandalas, too.
    I’ve had some random things happen with Uranus/Pluto. Plus my role in my family is going to change, for instance, with my sister having a baby. Pluto near my DC has made me something of a man magnet, for good or for ill!

  18. I’m having my Sun/Moon/Mercury squared by t.Pluto and opposed by t.Uranus. : / Yay.
    t.Neptune opposing my Venus brought a much welcomed and needed clarity and sharpness of vision.

  19. Elsa I really need your help. I currently and and about to progress again Pluto opposition venus in 7 th house. Since 2013 Having Pluto in 1 st house I don’t know how to handle this intense transit. I have moon in aries 11 degress, capricorn ascendant 9 degrees you know how that went!!!! put I need your help on Venus in 7 th !!! Oh and about to go Neptune square Sun in 5 th!!!!

  20. With Placidus systeme, when transit Pluto hit my IC on spot, my twin brothers were born, so total transformation at home life.

    When Uranus was in my 6th along with Jupiter in my 1th house
    I got self inflicted buleia for about 6 months, and recovered direct after that.

    When Neptune and chiron hit my 6th house, weird sensetivities to food which eventually made me cut gluten of my diet and I’m so happy for it. Eventually it came out that my “lactose” intolerance at the age of 18 was not lactose intolerance, it was gluten intolerance.

    So much bs and swedish doctors are so bad at thise matters. After cutting gluten, magically I can consume diary without any problems, oh huh did I not have a genetically lactase enzyme problem? Nope, it was gluten. Makes me so mad how bad some doctors are.

    Oh yeah also chiron was in my 6th house during this period, I became my OWN DOCTOR and Healer, but I did shoot myself in the foot along the process, it has been a loong process.

    Also saturn in my 1th wit the neptune chiron in 6th, I got cystic acne. etc etc

    I blame neptune for all my weird “sensetivities”. Even though it has been a painful journey ir made me do a lots of research and I have become healthier and into clean and healrhy food and life style. Before that I was too lazy about my health. Now I see the health as a great investment.

  21. Having Jupiter/Uranus in your chart is the shit, pardon my language. It really is. I have it too — I absolutely love Uranus transits.

    Uranus is always good to me when it transits something in my chart. I like waking up.

  22. Neptune is on my Sun, has been for eternity. It’s squaring my Mars/Saturn conjunction (until January of next year). I’ve stopped trying to grab onto the sides of the chute I’m plummeting down, it’s too slippery and there is no purchase.

  23. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    Since I have learned about Pluto transits, I have the utmost respect for that Sonofagun! My sun sign is Capricorn and I am not the same person as I was in 2008 – when all hell broke loose. There were/are days I didn’t/don’t even know who the hell I was/am! All I know is I like who I am becoming… ALOT. But it was/is HARD AS HELL!! I love who I was, but that’s done now, and it’s time for bigger and better. Now Saturn’s coming through – God I hope I learned all my lessons!!

  24. Am not a fan of Uranus transits though I have Sun trine Uranus… when uranus transited my sun / nadir (Pluto Squaring in) in Aries i went through a terrible and unexpected separation / divorce… Neptune across ascendent was pretty — I was very psychic / intuitive… Uranus across Neptune (focal point of T-Square) when I was 20 had me dropping out hard… we celebrate freedom / change too much in this culture…

  25. Lol – Says a Saturn Ruled Chart! ?

    “The outer planets are my favorites! That’s where the real (forced) transformation begins! That’s where souls are made to grow up and become nicer versions of themselves! It’s where ego takes a serious hit and moves aside to allow the soul to shine through! ?

    Cheers – Shane

  26. Saturn transiting Sun & Venus last year in the 12th. There were serious issues that came up and needed to be resolved. Pluto transited natal Sun & Venus over a decade ago. Felt like you had to let something die in order for something new to be born..

  27. Once Uranus transits into Taurus it will be opposite my natal Neptune and conjunct natal venus for the first 4 degrees. I’m am worried about this one. It’s a good thing Saturn and pluto will be in Capricorn for some grounding.

  28. ALL wars are caused by transits of outer planets. The classic example being the instant Pluto entered Cancer, Germany (and the Soviets) invaded Poland. Unfortunately, people want to think themselves good and the enemy absolute evil. In any case, here is the result of the good guys (the allies) winning WWII and saving Western Civilization.

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