My Aquarius Moon Mother

my aquarius moon motherI thought my double Aquarius mother the other day, just out of the blue sky. Sounds Uranian, I guess. But Saturn in Aquarius is conjunct her sun at this time. It coincides with the timing here.

My mother died in 2011. And the thoughts that came be were regards to the home. To our home. To my home. The Moon.

Having both the sun and moon in Aquarius, when it came to mother, WYSIWYG. She appeared unusual and eccentric and she was unusual and eccentric. One of the things she used to do is get bored. My mother hated boredom. She used to tell us that is was “a sin to bore people”. Yes, she was Catholic.

In whatever case, whenever she was bored, she’d move the furniture. She would move the hell out of the furniture. She also painted life-size bullfighters on the doors and walls of our home but about this furniture…

She moved the furniture but so did “we”. “We” being her kids. I shared a bedroom with my two sisters and we would flip things around all the time. Yeah, we had tape on the floor to block off areas where the youngest (me) was not allowed to step. But those lines moved.

We shuffled bedrooms as well, in more ways then you might imagine. You could say the home was in upheaval but what I realized yesterday, was that I need to move the furniture. That’s right. I need a need lease on life.

I’m thinking %&*&# where everything goes. I’m going to put it where it doesn’t go!

I am doing this now and I feel so free. I can’t even tell you the extent of it.

That’s her in the picture. I’m the little girl standing on the crossbar of the swing-set. And here’s  another peek at her.

Did your mother have her moon in Aquarius? Tell us about it. 

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  1. I loooove moving furniture and I love that feeling! My mom and I did this a lot too! She taught me about Feng shui when I was young (which I haven’t heard about in a while now that I think about it) Her Cancer sun is mashed with Mars and Uranus. I have Mars tightly opposite Uranus. My brother would tell you that I used to pick up furniture and throw it at him, ha! Seriously though, I love arranging furniture and I design furniture layouts for clients. In the other window on my computer right now, I’m designing an electrical/lighting plan around a furniture layout. My Mars & Uranus also aspect Venus.

    1. Hey, I just read your post, that’s exactly what I did, I am Aquarius I did the same way, I’ve been moved our furniture many times if I felt bored.

  2. My Mom was an Aries sun with an aqua moon.
    She also moved furniture.Alot.
    She also would refinish furniture, make clothing ,crochet, grow a garden;anything to keep her busy. She had a masculine energy but she could be very pretty when she cleaned up for church. The rest of the time she had her hands in dirt or paint.

    1. My dad is Aries sun with an Aquarius Moon. Sag rising. He’s a curious blend of very sensitive (loves The Messiah by Handel, for example) but also is very rational and low-key. Type B personality. Everyone loves him. He knows he’s led a charmed life. I was born at his Saturn return, and there are other Saturn contacts between us, so I was his challenge and to a lesser extent he was mine but we always had a very good relationship and still do.

      I move furniture a lot! I get frustrated when I can’t LOL.

  3. Rock and rollers moved furniture, too!!

    Some, my heroes, nailed it to the ceiling.

    And, quite paradoxically, threw t.v.’s out the window.

    Now, that, is as futuristic as you can get.

    Riding the crazy train of Uranus automatically gets you a free pass to the Neptune spaceship…

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    Stephanie Riegel

    I have a Cancer Sun, Aquarius Ascendant and Moon. Had a Leo grandmother who always loved rearranging furniture! My Virgo mother, who recently passed away, had an Aquarius Ascendant. She was an interior designer. Needless to say I love switching things up around the house!

  5. Saturn is smack dab on my Aquarius Ascendant right now.

    There has never been anything ‘normal’ about any of my homes, or about my appearance.

    And yes, the furniture gets re-arranged, but not because of boredom; more like there is a new infatuation (i.e. project, not person) that has, usually suddenly, taken me over.

  6. Moon and Rising Aquarius. Moved all my furniture around just a few days ago! And I’ve loved moving stuff around as far back as I can remember.

  7. My grandma who was mostly raising me until the age of 7 had her Moon in Aquarius. I really loved her, I miss her a lot. Her idea of love was way different than my Cancer Moon’s idea though. She was blunt and a bit narcissistic, I felt hurt many times, but still was chasing something she was never able to give me. She was a Capricorn Sun, which at least resonated with my Virgo Sun.

  8. My father, my two brothers and myself are all 1-8 degrees Aquarius sun. This thread is such an auspicious omen with Elsa’s mother and a baby Elsa. Today is the day she says yes.

  9. Moon in Aquarius and Uranus tightly square the sun. Whenever I re-arrange the furniture I think this is the last time – and then a few weeks later I come up with something different. I’ve just accepted this is my way now – and so have my family!

  10. I am Aquarius Sun, Venus and Jupiter. My partner is Aquarius Sun, Moon and Mercury.

    It’s the best relationship I have ever had. Feel like I found one of my “tribe” – I don’t need to explain a lot, and I get lots of space.

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    Angelika Vetter

    My mom has sun, mercury, venus, saturn, northnode in Aquarius. (My dad sun, mercury and venus.) Yep, even if she hasn’t moon involved, she is constantly adding and re-arranging things in the house. Not so much moving furniture around, but adding and changing. 😀
    My parents both where very religious (catholic). O god, what a course that they got a rebellion like me 😀 :-D.
    My mom used to say, “you’ll bring me into my grave”. Now she is 85. And now I use to say, I haven’t made it so far. So maybe I’m just not good enough. Looks like I’m running out of time. 😉
    My moon is conjunct pluto and uranus.

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