How Will Pluto In Capricorn Affect Cancer Sun, Moon Or Rising?

Hi Elsa, here is a question that is all about me but I thought other Cancers/Cancer Rising/moons and their friends might be interested too. I was thinking about your discussions about oppositions; they are pretty interesting, and about Pluto in Capricorn. This puts all Cancers heating up at one time or another in the next 15 years, with Pluto opposition Sun. I would love to hear any thoughts on how this plays out.

Curious Cancer
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Curious, I would treat and interpret the transit of Pluto opposite your Sun (or whatever you may have in Cancer) the same way I would interpret the aspect if you had it natally.

In short, Cancers will meet Plutonian (intense) types upon whom they will project their shadow like crazy which will get them burned.

Once burned they will stay that way and fester unless they want to dig in their own psyche, a painful process with reward in proportion.

Anyone else?

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19 thoughts on “How Will Pluto In Capricorn Affect Cancer Sun, Moon Or Rising?”

  1. Mars rising in Cancer (0-1 degree) I’ve been taking the early hit…. projecting shadow, burned, digging deep, lather, rinse, repeat. The Mars-Pluto thing is really hard because I can see it most clearly in my protracted divorce battle, but as far as the psyche-digging goes, I’m really happy with my progress. I’ve been feeling this for about the last year.

    Oh, and in December Mars conjoins Pluto on the exact degree of my Mars… might need a reading on this…

  2. So how does one go about digging into the psyche, barring professional therapy? (out of my price range atm)

    Cancer moon, mercury, venus & rising, so this post set off great big warning bells.

  3. God, this perfectly sums up my Pluto in Sagitarius years.. squared my sun. It was high-flying and stone-sinking. I’m a stronger, more compassionate woman for it, that’s for hell sure.

  4. Korellyn, do you have Pluto in aspect to Mercury at all? Or any strong Scorpio/Pluto at all? I think professional therapy is a great thing and I’ve done it (although also out of my price range atm), but I am starting to realize that really using my Mercury-Pluto conjunction to process my life is about the most transformative thing I’ve ever done.

  5. “So how does one go about digging into the psyche, barring professional therapy? ?

    When you think “they” are horrible, just make sure you’re not EXACTLY like them… and when you find out you are – then integrate.

  6. I find it almost amazing that when you wiki things related to Jungian psychology, you find absolutely zero cross-reference to astrological counseling, even though modern Western astrology seems to be built on concepts like “anima” and “shadow self.” I mean, it’s Wikipedia, not the freakin’ AMA website – can’t figure out why there aren’t even any peripherally linked references to astrology, or even mythology!

  7. Jessica – Yes, I have pluto trine my moon/mercury conjunction. (pluto in scorp in the 4th, moon/merc in cancer in the 12th) I like to think that aspect makes me more comfortable than most ppl with plutonic energy, but I’m not sure how to access it consciously. Any ideas?

  8. I have Venus in Cancer in the 8th. I also have Scorpio moon and ascendant so I’ve got a lot of intensity already. It will be interesting to see how this affects me. I’m a little nervous.

  9. Thanks for the question, Curious Cancer, I wondered too. I’m feeling this a lot more than I did Pluto in Sagittarius. You use the word projection and shadow a lot, Elsa, but I don’t completely get what you mean by them. Can you explain what you mean by them further?

  10. You’ve got to be kidding me!! I thought I was going to get to breath for half a second having almost survived Pluto to my sun, now I have Pluto messing with my Cancer rising. On the upside, I have spent the last 9 years digging and am getting more adept at recognizing when it’s me and when its them (really them, not my shadow).

  11. “When you think “they” are horrible, just make sure you’re not EXACTLY like them… and when you find out you are – then integrate.”

    You just gave me more on one blog post than years of therapy ever did. I think this might be the only thing I need to carry with me for the rest of my life. Wow. Seriously, I can’t thank you enough.

    So, if this thing you find out you can’t stand which is within you is something you don’t WANT to integrate but to divest yourself of forever, what then? Atone?

  12. Seriously, that’s it in a nutshell, isn’t it Del? Elsa, do you take Blue Cross/Blue Shield? 😉

    Korellyn, wow, I have Moon (widely) trine my Pluto/Mercury conjunction, ha ha. I am by no means a master at this, but I have been working hard lately. I do not have a formal means of spiritual practice, but it’s been working for me to just spend time thinking really deeply about myself with respect to others. And to almost meditate – I practice detaching as soon as I feel fear or disgust or jealousy about someone else, like stopping the bad feeling in its tracks. I think it works because that gut negative reaction is what makes me want to push the quality away from me and project it onto someone else. If you can get really detached from it then it seems to lose its shadow power. I don’t know if this makes sense – it’s not something I’ve perfected yet, but to me it’s almost like a mental trick, like the trick of watching the spinning dancer reverse directions or seeing the image in the dot picture. Another thing that works for me is to imagine that the other person *is* me – so, not separating out a negative quality that I’ve projected onto them, but integrating everything about them and imagining that we are the same person.

    This is like homebrew stuff, so apologies for the rough edges.

  13. wow, i am a cancer sun, cancer ascendant, venus, mercury and uranus in cancer…..i’m sort of freaking out thinking about Pluto coming into my 7th house, after reading some of what you all had to say……..I guess i’m in for some intensity, and what else, i’m afraid to ask?

  14. I’ll be having Pluto opposite my Mars in about 3 or 4 months but Pluto goes retrograde around that same time so it won’t be exact just yet.

    But I honestly don’t see myself getting burned or anything like that. Been there, don’t that, and learned my lesson. Plus, I have absolutely no problem with intense. Bring it.

  15. Thank you for this! This will help me help my daughter…she’s got a Cancer stellium (Sun, Mars, Jupiter, & Asc) in the 12th…should be interesting, to say the least!

  16. 20d Cancer rising here, and I have some experience to report back on this topic. I met my Plutonian person while Pluto was closing in on my descendent (and Saturn was on my moon), and I married him shortly after Pluto’s first pass across my angles. We both dig into our own psyches on a daily basis and support each other in the process. Painful – yes, but after 5 years together now, I can already see how the rewards are compounding for even greater long term benefits.

    The growth and healing that has occurred in both of us would be completely impossible without the other/outside of our relationship. I feel that we are a “power couple” although I realize that phrase may mean different things to different people… To me, it means that we are both strong individuals not without our own fair share of flaws, and that our strengths and weaknesses compliment each other in such a way, that when we act as a team, our power is unstoppable.

    Love is a force of nature, without a doubt. It shapes us, and influences how we shape the world. Opening up to love can be a challenge in its own right, but to fail to do so is a massive loss of what the future holds. I hope that everyone who needs it, finds transformative love like what I have found. To those who feel that they are restricted to the stage wings waiting for your moment to shine, I would encourage you to keep cultivating health and happiness in yourself – because that is what is most likely to lead you to the real, lasting, meaningful relationship that you desire. <3

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