Neptune On The Midheaven – You’ve Got No Guarantees

DingyI have written more than 100 posts about Neptune on the midheaven and this will be another.  If you have Neptune conjunct your midheaven or Pisces ruling the 10th your public image is going to morph.  This is inevitable. It is outside your control.  If you want to zero in on what I’m talking about just think of a celebrity whose image is static.  There are plenty of people like that…and there are plenty of people like me.

If you’ve been around here awhile, I am sure you have seen people come and go. You’ve seen people love me and then hate me or hate me and then love me and sometimes they go back and forth over and over.

I’ll never forget the gal who wrote a diatribe about how I constantly pissed her off because my Moon was in “X” opposing hers. She went on and on about how she forgave me for pissing her off because of this moon opposition thing between our charts. She granted me some favor because of this and the only problem was, I didn’t have my moon in “X”.

I probably should have just kept my mouth shut but instead I told her, “But I don’t have an X moon”.  This was unforgivable.  I was either in in trouble for not having the moon where she imagined or for saying so but it was a no win situation for me because if I had let her comment lie, I’d have misleading others.

If the same circumstance were to arise today, I would mislead others. I would pretend I did not see the comment. I would not confirm or deny the allegation and while I don’t crave this so much I’ve been beaten so badly for my honest nature, I’ve learned that sometimes it’s better to just STFU.

I was prompted me to write this because I was thinking about the book I wrote.  Neptune on the midheaven obscures my me from the public but also hides my public image from me except for the rare times the veil lifts which is always shocking.  Last week I posted some stuff about my daughter… I published her own words which really brings a person to life.  This made her real to some of the newer readers around here.  She was already real to old-timers but I imagine reading about her caused a shift in some, as far as how they see me.

Yesterday it hit me, I used to be known (8-10 years ago) by the stories I told, some of which went into my (unpublished) book. I don’t tell stories anymore (to speak of) and if people were to read that book today, I think they’d be stunned. They’d probably also be upset by it, they may even be mad in their confusion and I’ll tell you why. It’s because my public image has morphed and it would be a lot of work to try to merge the then with the now.

I know this for sure because I had to merge my memory of my husband with his persona post his career in Special Forces and it was not easy. I’ve also seen that people who knew him during those 20 years find it virtually impossible to grasp my existence, never mind our bond.

It’s like being a small boat on on the beach. I used to be tethered there and you could see me.  You could see this outline of me and at some point the rope was cut and I have drifted A LONG WAY.

There is no way to judge this.  Things are fleeting, I guess, unless you really try to hold on and even then you’ve got no guarantees.

Who can relate?

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