I Envy Aquarius

Aquarius water bearer with symbol vintage gold
I have Aquarius envy and I admit it. Today I saw one of them at the gym. Had to be. He was about sixty-five and wearing a dish towel around his head, knotted in the back.

No one else is going to be seen in public like that. It reminded me of my old pal, the double Aquarius who went out with a chunky turquoise bracelet draped over her ear. It worked too.

The guy’s head towel was baby blue and I wondered if he might be a Cancer rising. A kitchen towel on your head, as a first handshake? Could be. I was amused.

I watched as he popped off his treadmill and crossed the gym to have a chat with someone thirty years younger and of a vastly different skin color.

Yep. Aquarian all right.

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