Venus In 8th House – Drawn To Taboo

Pluto cardDear Elsa,

I find myself wanting more than what I have. I am exercising regularly, going out with friends, and working on my art… yet I feel strangely empty a great deal of the time.

I feel like I’m at a huge crossroads in my life. I’ve undergone a great many physical and emotional changes in the past year or two, and have also found my professional calling as an artist. I also recently moved to a new state, with my husband of almost 7 years.

I find myself continually drawn away from the husband, and towards experiences that enhance some darker, more secret part of myself. I want my life to be bigger than it is, but I’m not sure if that means more art, more men, more secrets, more introspection. Any ideas?

Feeling Urges

Dear Urges,

I’d love to tell you that your urges have peaked, and will now recede to wherever they came from. But this is not the case. In fact, as they say, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

You’re heading into a Uranus transit that will completely rearrange your life over the next couple of years. It’s nothing to dread; it’s about being┬áliberated. You’re going to be free.

You’re going to want to experiment, and I expect you will. And you should, because we’re supposed to live fully! And I see your Venus in the eighth house there and the Uranus transit to the same. The eighth house is all about what is forbidden and with Venus there, you’re drawn to what is taboo. Basically you want to look under rocks and see what you can find.

Well, I have an eighth house of my own. I am constantly aware of the depth and the shadow side of everything. I feel rich with this sort of treasure chest to play in. I feel kind of like Canada! I understand the upper third of Canada is rich with various gems and minerals – but relatively unexplored because of the treacherous terrain and cold temperatures. But unlike Canada, I excavate. I get in, get dirty, and get the gold – and this is what you’re going to do.

You’re going to go where people say you shouldn’t, because there’s something there – even just a speck – that you want to possess.

Resist if you like, for as long as you can, but change is coming. If your husband wants to go for this ride, that’s fine. But if he wants you the way you were last year, then he’s in for a shock. Because this part of you is real and it will no longer tolerate repression.

Good luck.

2 thoughts on “Venus In 8th House – Drawn To Taboo”

  1. I’m at the beginning of an 8th house Uranus transit. Wow, Elsa, you make it sound pretty interesting! (Although my Venus is elsewhere). I’m kind of ok with this, being a Scorp, and Uranus Pluto conjunct natally, but this seems almost like something I’d want. Glad I was directed to this post! ­čÖé

  2. What a happy surprise, to have the thoughts expressed here!
    And I’m reading it, with, am awareness, that it’s highly possible to go through such upheaval/ excavation times, while staying true to one’s real values. Nothing “makes one do” anything… And, truly knowing ourselves, who we really are – what we want to do, to become – in my opinion, is part of grownup life.

    There’s a topic, in the forum, about marriage. I hope that anyone who wants to think – actually, think – will weigh in, there. Real people, staying true to who they really are, as they unfold into who they fully are.. is among the things that happen in relationship, in *real* life.

    (I’m wondering, whether I ought to expand some of the above.. but, because I truly believe, it behooves each of us to develop our own thoughts. Anyone befuddled by mine, will doubtless find others, to help them in growing their Mercury function.)

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