Importance Of The “Flyover Signs” Of The Zodiac – Libra

flyover“Flyover Country” is a pejorative term for the American states, located between the two coasts. We do the same thing with zodiac signs. Some signs are elevated while others are denigrated or simply seen as irrelevant for any excellent, uplifted person.

The problem is the main functions of all of the signs are inordinately important in life. Thinking, saving, striving, learning, beautifying, etc. If you were to remove even one of these abilities, it would have a significant negative affect.

Libra is the sign on my mind this morning. I’ve been thinking about this since I wrote about Mars in the 7th house – Doomed To Date Forever. I state, if partners keep leaving and the person doesn’t know why, they have to reach to understand how the other person is experiencing them.  This is a Libra function!

Most everyone has heard the phrase “confirmation bias”.  If you’re stuck here, seeing things from a perspective that conflicts with yours is the ticket out.

What do you think?

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  1. I am always the one in a relationship who needs to address the things the other can’t see, don’t mention and whatnot.
    My Scorpio Mercury, Venus, Sun and Jupiter + Moon in Libra won’t let me do otherwise. Often, people are surprised by me going for the throat of the matter, addressing the “thing” and speak up about it.
    That counts for all kinds of relationships…

    If it concerns my relationship with my boss with trust being on rocky grounds (and she did nothing to address the situation in a constructive way, mind you), or if it’s my own role in a bad situation where I screwed up…. I adress the ugly with words and I do it without hesitation. I can’t live in a way where we hide our true feelings, cover them under the rug and then have everything blow up later.
    It’s one of the most unhealthy and unhelpful way of coping with emotional stuff.

    If I meet a confirmation bias,I stop to mull it over before deciding to stick by my own view. So many people are so bad at this, it really takes some balls to admit you’re wrong. But you can’t grow relationships without going into this.

    That’s why we need Libra to present it (diplomatically) to us. Unless she is in the 8th house. Like mine is LOL. Then it’s right in your big face 😀

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