Pluto Transits Conjunct Ascendant – One Year Later

My lumbar spine scolosisPluto crossed my Capricorn ascendant a year ago. My life has changed dramatically.

With Pluto transiting my 12th house I was diagnosed with Lupus. I am not even sure I have Lupus, today.  Yeah, the FOG.

I was also completely undone with bone stuff. Spine, both lumbar and cervical. I also had a hip replacement and a second hip replacement on the same side. I’m pretty sure the second surgery was unnecessary.

On the upside, they fixed my back. That’s it, right there… or at least that was it.

Today, I am virtually pain-free. There is pain it’s just comparably speaking it’s insignificant.

I am off pain drugs outside of Celebrex. I have recovered from the side effects of nerve pain drugs which are damned near debilitating. The choice is to be disabled by pain or disabled by the effects of the drugs.  This went on so long, I can’t say I ever expected things to clear up but they have.

I will see my doctor tomorrow; my first appointment in six months. This is radically different from two years ago when I was in there monthly or even more often than that, never mind all the specialists!  But what’s spurring me to write this is the fact, I intend to tell my doctor, I would like to come in once a year from now on. I wonder what he’ll think of such a thing!

Point here is that Pluto kills. I don’t deny it. But Pluto also heals.

I had to push like a son of a bitch to get to this point. I had to walk around with one leg dramtically shorter than the other for at least two years but today? Today, I took my two-year old little black dog out to run around. I ran with him as my neighbor stared.

It’s not every day you see someone you know to be freakishly crippled begin to sprint.  Little does he know, I used to run everywhere before all this befell me.  Slipped on a banana peel and feel into a well for dozen years – what can I say but I’m back!

15 thoughts on “Pluto Transits Conjunct Ascendant – One Year Later”

  1. *Waves* I feel like I could bump into you in the waiting room at the clinic I’ve been visiting weekly. I am there to unfuck my brain lol. Pluto has cleared past my DSC, and now separating square from Venus. It’s been a rough ride for me, and it’s not over yet, but I see you on this peak.

  2. Pluto tears down to rebuild (similar to rehabbing a house). Whatever it is will be better in the end, but going through it will be agonizing, painful, etc. you just need to focus on getting to the end and how you will get there, Saturn on the other hand tears down to NOT rebuild. Whatever Saturn gets rid of, either you didn’t need it, or you are just plain done with it. It gets taken away, never to rebuild, or come back.

  3. To Elsa, Karen and CocoP, I’d like to say that Pluto on my Decendant squaring natal Saturn on the IC was making my life miserable with neck and back nerve pain til I finally had a session with Elsa! I started on CBD gummies and found a yoga teacher with a masters in neuro science to help me with a healing daily routine. I am damn near pain free most of the time and no more pharma or OTC drugs clouding my awareness! Oh, yeah, and I’m taller—-reclaiming my space and life. Thank you for everything. Don’t have Elsa’s email or I would have thanked her sooner!

  4. Yay, Elsa! Your words, “Energy is neutral until directed,” proven — you’ve directed it to glorious victory!

  5. I had Jupiter and Saturn square my 28 Aries rising a couple of years ago. Now Pluto is retrograde on that degree.

    I found out I have two conditions that are impeding my progress. One may be causing the other, in fact. It’s time to get myself fixed for good. (I have a terrible habit of pushing off health issues…)

  6. Neptune/12th seems to cause weird immune diseases to flare up and then vanish. I had this experience too with Neptune conjunct Mercury. I hope the lupus stays gone forever. I’m glad your back is feeling better too.

  7. Could I ask what nerve pain drug you were on? I ask because my partner takes neurontin for nerve pain. He feels awful and I am wondering if this drug might be the cause.

    Congrats on your recovery! You certainly persevered and worked hard for it. Now you deserve some good times and more time for yourself.
    I applaud the idea of once a year visits.

    1. Yes, I was on Gabapentin (same thing) and a very low dose (300 mg).
      In the end, I couldn’t even tolerate 100mg! I know there are people who take 3000 mg!

      I was also on Lyrica, briefly. Again, a VERY low dose. 50 mg a day, I think 150 mg is a starting dose. It was very effective but side effects are awful. Tried 25 mg and still badly affected.

      Symptoms cleared up once I went off these drugs. They are quite scary, however I know that nerve pain is UNREAL and intolerable. I can’t tell you how many times I have shrieked in pain.

      Get off them if you can. It’s like a sock on your brain and that’s just for starters.

      I see drug commercials very differently these days. They buzz by the “possible side effects”; it makes you think it won’t happen to you. Don’t be so sure!

      Admittedly, I have always been very sensitive to drugs – well, obviously since I can’t deal with these baby doses.

      For the record, my husband still takes gabapentin. Does not seem to affect him like it did me.

  8. Pluto’s also been transiting my major planets and it’s been no picnic..I also am very sensitive to drugs, and avoid them as much as possible…but there has also been healing…

  9. Congratulations Elsa, you made it to the other side of the Pluto nightmare with flying colors! I cannot tell you how helpful it is to me as Pluto is sitting on my natal 12th house Saturn (on the exact degree). Saturn also currently opposes my natal Pluto (to the degree as well). It feels crap but I can feel something I never had much of: resilience and pugnacity in the face of adversity!
    I hope you are now feeling invicible, having gone through the test of fire. Blessings

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