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  1. Not surprised to see it really. 1st handshake: Leo the entertainer followed up with a scrappy/powerful Aries Sun creativity (Mercury/Venus in Aries another version of your Mars/Mercury in Libra!
    Pioneer (Aries sun) storytelling 9th house Sun with a 8th house Venus that loves to probe the darkside. Quirky partnerships with Uranus in the 7th. And there is that energy rich
    Scorpio moon in the fourth…deeeeeep maternal emotions.

  2. Not suprised, but happy to see the symmetry…thanks Elsa for posting it. Do you ever do the blog’s transits, or solar return?

  3. No, jana, I never even loaded it until tonight. I am in the archives looking for this story and scrolled back to my first post which is dated and timed so it is precise.

  4. Jupiter Gemini in the 11th is interesting!

    pf conj Uranus (the internet), which is in it’s sign

    sun and moon in their own houses

    chart ruler is conj mc

  5. Elsa, I think it’s your Mars and Mercury conjunction!

    You’re a pioneer in communicating astrology online, how very Aries of you!

  6. wow amazing. You can see you won’t have to go it alone with all that Western emphasis – North Node in Cancer — seems totally accurate– all the scorpio/pluto/8th energy… wow how it fits…

  7. Mercury Venus in Aries – writing about relationships, warrior-style

    Jupiter in Gemini in 11th – broadcasting (Gemini) stories (Jupiter) about astrology (11th) to lots of people (11th) over the internet (11th)

    Uranus in 7th in Aquarius – your business partner is… the internet

    Neptune opposite ASC, square MC – another hologram, you attract creative types who perhaps have a hard time seeing you as you are, and vice versa

    NN in Cancer in 12th/SN in Cap in 6th – your habit and expertise is to immerse in the day-to-day, practical slog of it all. Your evolution lies in transcending that and moving toward the free flow of the creative side of the blog. This is what nurtures others and feeds your own soul.

  8. I see my nodal axis on the Ascendant/Descendant – I’ve got North Node at 9 Leo 26, that’s pretty cool considering I love astrology blogs! Love that 11th house Jupiter Gemini too – spreading the word across the world.

  9. Chart ruler the sun in the sign of Aries the Pioneer, in the 9th (broadcasting) conjunct the MC (hello, public), sextile Uranus in Aqua (internet squared) in the house of the other and trine Aries’ ruler Mars in Sag in the 5th (creative publishing).

    jupiter (big) in the 11th (group scene)in Gemini,sextile that Merc/Venus conj in Aries – no lack of entertaining stories to tell, many of them about yourself (aries), across the 8th/9th axis, so they are both dark and entertaining. Opposite pluto in the 5th – more dark, powerful & entertaining.

    As tinaroma said, Neptune opposite the Ascendant sticks out as a hologram-inducing factor, course it is in Aqua, the sign of the internet.

    (Funny, Uranus is usually given rulership of the internet, but it sure has a big Neptune flavor to me when I think about it.)

    That little chart is hard to see, and the big ones are blocked, but it looks like the closest “difficult” aspect indicating the challenge of the chart is Moon in Scorpio in the 4th on the IC square the Leo Ascendant?
    Speaks to me that you (as the writer of the blog) could be sensitive (moon in the Cancer house) to how you come across/appear (ascendant)and can have some pride (leo) about it and if wounded may lash out (scorpio). But it is helped my the fact that the moon is trined in an even closer aspect to the Cancer north node in the 12th house. The highest aspiration/evolution is to nurture (Cancer) in a selfless (12th) way.

  10. Thanks everyone, for the comments! 🙂

    FYI, my natal Venus is conjunct the ascendant of this chart and my natal Neptune conjunct the Moon so we are definitely having some Neptune action around here.

    I like that the Chart ruler, the Sun is exalted and in the 9th house – well that’s my ego, eh? ::smiles::

    I don’t mind having an ego, this blog would not be possible without one.

    Anyway, it’s a bawdy, expansive chart with a deep root which does mirror my personality. I like all the fire in the chart. Go, baby, go!

  11. Love the mini-triangle with Mercury-Venus in Aries at the apex and Jupiter in Gemini trine Neptune in Aquarius as the base! The Story Teller supreme! 🙂


  12. That scorpio moon down at the IC is a really powerful anchor – and I love the way it trines the NN in the 12th, it has a sense of bringing things right up from the depths, the understanding of unconscious motivations to light the way to the future. Explains the family feeling here, methinks. Attack it at your peril.

    Mars Pluto in Sag in the fifth – unstoppable, unfettered creativity, trining Sun in 9th, philosphy, publishing. Amazing!

  13. What can i say Elsa P. !!!

    You are the Astrologer and i dont Know what You Want from Your Blog in the future !!!

    But maybe i say something that helps someway i hope!

    Saturn 10th house a lot of work i think U should go for quality instead of all that work maybe people who works with U can keep growing in levels so U can focus on Quality!!!

    Uranus in 7th people like me Uranus in 1st house not conventional i mean !!! Maybe that is something U like !!!

    Venus and Mercury 8th I like that Deep !!!

    Dont like Jupiter Oposittion Pluto i have it on my natal and it atracts some not nice people sometimes i think !!!

    Neptune on 6th to fog on health and work environment or Great intuition !!!

    Nodes 12th house are going to oppose with Pluto next years !!!

    I would like more planets in 2nd house !!!

    I like that Moon in 4th house Family !!!

    I like very much Pluto and Mars in 5th a lot of subtle creativity and strong ways to express it Great !!!

    Interesting I think U could find something better if U want to I am just trying to figure out ideas that could help i am just a beginner !!!

    I think as i was writing all this that this chart says a lot about You Elsa P. !!!

    Best Regards !!!

    Blessings !!!

  14. This chart has indeed a personality of its own! The ruler, Sun, in exaltation and of course in the 9th house…pretty accurate for it being an astrology blog! Jupiter was close to my 1st Jupiter return…interesting! Venus and Mercury conjunct in Aries…it’s all about ‘me, me and me!’ 😛 Just my $0.02.

  15. I think the origninal looks really good! ASC in Leo, pride in what you are doing and in the 9th (teaching and a new begining), Jupiter in Gemini in the 11th mixed with the Aquarius DSC and Taurus MC opp. Moon in Scorpio needing to connect deeply with the common folks in a deeply emotional way. May be it was all about you, but we got the benefit! : )

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