Introduction (And A Look Back) At Saturn In Scorpio

I’ve got quite a bit of Capricorn in my chart. Consequently there has always a lot of focus on Saturn on this blog.  Slews of posts about Saturn in Libra. Slew of posts about Saturn in Virgo. I expect to do the same with Saturn in Scorpio and I am starting to think about this now.

Saturn in Scorpio will be in mutual reception to Pluto in Capricorn during this transit. This has got to be a real boon to anyone willing to work (Saturn) with dark energy (Scorpio), or anyone who wants to come to terms with their shadow and deal with reality, even it’s putrid.

I want to think about this some more, before making pronouncements. This is not a light subject and I’ve just got to drop down a few more degrees in order to address this properly. Being Saturn-ruled, I’ll be taken to deeper realms, automatically so it’s just a matter of waiting to land there and then looking around and describing what I see.

One thing you can do for insight, is look back at the last time Saturn was in Scorpio.  That would be 1983-85, roughly. Even if you were born during these years, consider the time you were born into.  What were things like then?  If you are older, what happened back then?

Personally,  Saturn in Scorpio hits my midheaven (and Neptune).  The last time Saturn transited Scorpio, I changed careers. I had been tending bar for years, from the time I was 15 years old and I became very disillusioned by it.  You might say I figured out what alcoholism was but in any case, my ability to work in a bar dissolved. I got to a point where I wanted to send customers away just as soon as they sat down which a definite impediment to success in the field!

I wonder if I will change careers now. While it’s possible, I don’t really think it’s likely. Astrology doesn’t hurt people the way drinking your ass off all day in a bar does. I had two customers kill three people back then, while drunk…and some other stories. Luckily, I was not serving these people when the accidents happened but that didn’t matter. I knew if I didn’t get out, it would only be a matter of time before someone did kill someone on the beer I had served them, so I got out.

That anecdote right there, embodies the energy of Saturn in Scorpio.  One way or the other, you are going to encounter death and loss and endings of various types.

This does not mean things don’t end well.  You may be at the bottom of the well for a time, but eventually you do come up.  I never wanted to be an old lady tending bar so if this was the method by which I avoided that fate, I really can’t complain.

What do you remember (or know) about 1983-8, when Saturn transited Scorpio?

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  1. unfortunately, my dad committed suicide in ’85. i was 2 years old. and this became the biggest taboo my family ever had to deal with. so, scorpio signature all over it.

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    Peace Be With You

    Elsa, this scares me. I was told that October is when things will get better for me. Saturn will be leaving my 9th and going into my 10th house of career a little before it goes into Scorpio. How will this be for my career? I am a Taurus sun and Capri Rising with Sagi Moon. Please help! This year has been so exhausting and difficult so far. I really need some light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. Also back then, my grandfather (Saturn) died and I took responsibility of the aftermath, cleaned his house out and such. I dealt with his will and his legacy. This event wiped my family out (from my perspective).

    I met my (still) friend, Ben and was very close in when AIDS emerged in the collective.

    I lost a man I loved in a way that was devastating and humbling for me.

    Ultimately, I left the city where I grew up at this time as well, leaving what I thought was a bombed out shell behind.

  4. Peace, Saturn is at home in the 10th and unless you’ve been a rotten thief in the night who lacks integrity, you should fare well.

  5. My parents moved us into a camper without water/electric in the middle of the driveway while they built a house that they could not afford. My grandma passed. Things got pretty dark, and I grew up far removed from “normal” society.

    Smirks…darkly dreams of running away to deep woods with my survival skills and my camera…realizes it might be the urban jungle, this time around.

  6. As for the death of my bar-tending job, I had some fits but wound up being hired at Frito-Lay (ahead of a man with a business degree) and becoming very successful (#1 in sales) in my new, grown-up job.

    I slowly rose to the top like cream, in Capricorn style!

  7. two weeks after i was born in 1983, a murder spree started in my small town. they tracked it to a band of 3 fugitives from alaska who were hiding out in my dad’s motel, just a few blocks from our own house. my family was evacuated by the national guard and a swat team descended upon the motel room. there was an all-night shootout between the fugitives and the swat team. finally in the wee hours of the morning, two of the fugitives did a mutiny and surrendered. either they shot the ringleader or he was shot by law enforcement.

    my family was really scared (my grandmother, mother, and three older siblings and i an infant hid in our bathroom, which was the only concrete portion of the house to protect us from stray bullets) and the retelling is one i heard a lot as a kid.

  8. here i am enjoying my jupiter lifestyle as an adult. guess i’ll have to ‘go home’ back to those darker days. hopefully i can handle it better this time around.

    ((((lucy)))) sorry to hear of your loss. i hope saturn delivers you a permanent peace this time around.

  9. thank you, dorchid :)!
    although, i think i have found my peace, or at least thought myself how to talk about it. my family didn’t. maybe we decide it is time to bring it out into the light 🙂

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    curious wanderer

    This passes over my 3rd House and IC. From 83-88, there was a lot of upheaval in my family; death, estrangment, my parents divorced. I was a young un, and I took it in stride. I’m Sun-ruled, but Saturn is a heavy hitter in my chart and rules my Sun.

    This time, I’m going to settle into a comfortable distance from my family. All my life there has been family (or at least in-laws) within 30 min of me. Once my sister moves out of state, the closest will be my parents, 2 hours away. When my dad retires, the plan is for them to leave the state as well. That might be during Saturn in Scorpio.

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    Lucy, I’m so sorry for your loss.

    In 1983 – 1985 I was probably the most intuned with who I truly am in my entire life, although I wasn’t aware of it at the time. Making this statement now, looking back on where I was then and what I was doing. I was my authentic self then, but I didn’t know it. Then Saturn moved into Sag, my first saturn return and I was determined to change my life. I did and it all led me to where I am now. I wish I had everything going for me now that I had in 1983 – 1985! Recently, while driving through an area that I spent time in 1983 – 1985 I was thinking to myself, look at this, this is all I ever wanted. You didn’t have to move away, you didn’t have to get married. Everything you’ve ever wanted is right here.

    Saturn in Leo was my 12th house. Saturn in Virgo was my 1st house. Saturn in Libra is my 2nd house. I’m really beat down by now. I have a ton of Saturn natally. Saturn in Sag will be my 2nd Saturn return of which I’m hugely dreading. I’m hoping Saturn in Scorpio will be a couple of years of a break so to speak…

  12. I was born at the tail end of this. I remember the 80’s as a dark, sad, almost Neptunian time. The music had a sad ethereal twinge to it. I remember crying at the news because a 12 yr old girl had been abducted by security guards and they played “Wind Beneath My Wings.” That song has always been so sad to me. I remember having bizarre encounters with strangers on the subway. The worst one being when me and my dad were approached by the Zodiac killer’s copycat and he asked my dad what sign he was- not making this up!- my dad had just seen this guy’s face in the newspaper and was scared shitless, but didn’t show it, in Scorpio fashion. He told the guy he didn’t know his birthday since he was adopted (lie) then we ran out of the subway and to the police! I was around 5 at the time- NY was pretty crazy back then. We also had a drug addict living with us when I was around 2, because my mom had taken her in and was oblivious. Luckily nothing too bad happened. Dark times.

    @Dorchid, holy crap that’s intense. Glad your family made it out ok.

  13. I was 3-5 years old. That phase started off idyllic, then did a 180. Transformative, definitely, but not in a way that I can easily articulate at all.

  14. I have Capricorn Rising with my Sun/Moon in Capricorn. I also have my mid-heaven in Scorpio (22nd degree), so I don’t doubt it will all be interesting.

    I can see the change in occupation, but I’m pretty optimistic about Saturn in my 10th.

    I was 9-12 the last time – fortunately, I have a diary from that period that I can check up on. 🙂

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    Peace Be With You

    Pluto will be in the 10th for my father. Is that really going to be bad for him? He has been going through a horrible time health and business wise already. Pluto is around his MC. It’s bad all around.

  16. ((Lucy))

    I was in the first years of a climbing career; my father died during these years; priorities would shift … attending to my son would rise to the top.

    It’s good to look at Saturn from this angle. I have plenty of the energy as well and see how those climbing years and losses have been a continuing theme in my life. I’m into the ought-to-be-retired years but find a wonderful new sort of energy to blend the lessons of the natural zodiac as Saturn energy parks in the House with my Sun/Merc/Chiron. An era of healing and understanding the power of depth and words.

  17. “I’ll be taken to deeper realms, automatically so it’s just a matter of waiting to land there and then looking around and describing what I see.”

    This is how I have been feeling too, I have a large stellium in cap, so pluto is transiting all that, plus with saturn entering scorpio it will be travelling through my 8th house and conjuncting my natal pluto. I think this will give a preview to my saturn return when pluto will also be on my natal saturn in cap. Going to the depths for sure…who knows what I will find?

  18. I remember a lot from that time. It wasn’t pleasant for me even though I was only between the ages of 11 and 13. This occurs in my 9th. I’ll be learning..just like I did then, even though the lessons were really tough and not so pretty. I’m ready this time. <3

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    i was 6~8 years old… unfortunately i carry no memories of those days. But Saturn was starting to enter my 7º 3rd house. So i guess my immediate environment had gone through many changes. I know i didnt talk much, and had phonology issues. My natal Sat sits at my 12th, and natal Pluto on 2nd.

  20. My family moved house and I had to do long walks and biking to get anywhere. Venus, Sun and MC in Scorpio, I guess I started to be responsible for myself.

  21. I am so sorry for the people who had such tragedy during the last Saturn in Scorpio. Actually this post relieves my mind a lot.
    since saturn will be conjunct with my natal jupiter and neptune. I was in law school in 83-85. I was living with my husband. Life was good. In the summer of 1984, my husband was diagnosed with melanoma 4th level. But he survived!!!

  22. 1984 saw the divorce of my parents and the destruction of my family. It was not a pleasant time and I am concerned about what that means for me this time around. I spent every year of my life since then trying to rebuild myself a family and I hope this doesn’t mean another loss of equal magnitude. (not that I’ve ever been successful at rebuilding it) Maybe it will just mean the abandonment of that dream.

  23. I was 8-10 years old. I plan to heal delusions I’ve had about my family and family history — this is in my 3rd/on my IC. I’m really looking forward to digging in and dealing, though I am sure it could suck at times — I get a trine to my sun and a sextile to my Asc but then I get Saturn/moon and Saturn/Venus.

  24. I’m so sorry for everyone who went through tragedies the last time Saturn went through Scorpio.

    Would someone with a lot of Scorpio energy be more at home in the period when Saturn goes through Scorpio?

  25. Cecile, not necessarily. I would say no, actually. Exceptions would be people with Capricorn or a strong Saturn signature.

    Also, the condition of natal Saturn has play.

    Someone like me is sitting pretty well. I am comfortable with Scorpio, Pluto, Capricorn and Saturn and I am old.
    Also, Saturn is very well aspected in my chart.

    So you have to consider the whole picture here.

    Also, I met my friend, Ben at this time 28 years ago. He’s a 10th house Scorpio Sun, Saturn ruled (Aq rising) and he was really devastated at this time. Profoundly.

  26. in 84′ my boyfriend who who was 33 was dying of cancer. I was crossing back and forth into Tijuana to get medicine for him while he pursued alternative therapies in San Diego.

    That summer I took him back to my apt in Portland OR and watched him slowly die before my eyes. I have never felt so cut off and alone. The world of dying seems so far away from the world of life.

    He died that October. By the way, he was a Scorpio with Venus and Mercury in Scorpio.

  27. I was recovery from a Pluto wipeout (family, home, pets, job) and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Saturn entered my twelfth house and I switched majors every month, lived in a crappy apartment (I hade no idea how crappy Neptooon transit natal Moon). I was alone. More alone than I had been or ever will be, I think. I learned how to trust my path….even when it wasn’t obvious. I learned to trust that it was there; it had meaning, and I could count on that fact.

  28. Thanks for getting back to me Elsa 🙂 That’s pretty helpful. I have a lot of water in my chart and scorpio too – so I expect to be very much affected by this. And I draw in a lot of pluto, scorpio and saturn too. Overall I would say my saturn is fairly well aspected, so we’ll just have to see whether this energy agrees with me.


  29. ((Lakshmi)) and all those who lost people in that time.
    I was 10-12 in those days. Life for my family had already been turned upside down about two years earlier, my father had huge problems due to a politically connected powerful enemy – to the extent we had to leave our home and country. ’83-85 was when he was able to go back home to reestablish himself and our family started settling down a bit. I grew up a LOT.

  30. I’m so sorry for the losses expressed here. here’s to a better transit this time around.

    I hadn’t really looked back but I just did: lost my virginity with Pluto on my Mars, Saturn on my Neptune, both in Scorpio. shhhh… this is buried here in the comments, right?

  31. (((everyone)))

    It was some of the worst, most depressing days of my life. It’s a miracle I lived. I don’t even want to remember.

  32. Last Saturn in Scorpio totally transformed my life – and boy did it take big prisoners though. Marriage ended, lost custody of my son, lost all my friends, animals, property – moved to the big city, started a new career and fell in love for the first time just as Saturn moved into Saggi (first Saturn return).

    So looking back, there was the good, the bad and the ugly – an horrendous 3 years, then followed by bliss (with a tinge of sorrow).

    I figure this time I’m stable, am happy, and will heal on a very deep level.

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    marilyn haynes

    Scorpio- Sun Moon Merc,Capricorn- Venus Jupiter Virgo- Mars & Saturn Pluto- Leo. My 2nd Saturn return.
    I have just put a new plan in place to re-build my fiscal & creative life after 14 yrs of disaster caused by a spiteful ex.
    This was a surprise development/idea just like 1982-85 when I discovered I had talents I never thought I did and ran a successful business.

    Its going to be hellish and hard but so profitable…I’m restless with excitement but trying to get really healthy & clean mentally & physically before Saturn arrives.He rewards effort afterall.

    We should but never get used to Death and losing the ones we love!

  34. Well, it appears that’s when I lost my virginity — when Saturn crossed my IC in Scorpio! It was way overdue. I had to get over my ‘saving it for love’ apparently ‘cuz that wasn’t happening. Got it over with, which led me into my first real relationship with someone else. Probably had to have my ideals shattered first (Jupiter/Neptune at 0/2 Scorpio). Plus Saturn in early Scorpio sextiles my natal Venus/Pluto, helping that be fulfilled. Anyway, this time around I can’t lose my virginity again. 😉 I’m in a relationship, so we’ll see what else Saturn has in store.

  35. Wow, reading all these comments is making me worried!
    I was born in ’86 so I have yet to experience saturn in scorpio.
    But, come november it will conjunct my scorpio pluto 1H and square my leo sun 10H, I’m a little nervous:-/

    I’m a Libra riser, with aries moon 7H, so I’ve been going through saturn opposite moon and surprisingly it hasn’t been bad at all! I’m not sure why? I graduated college, got licensed, moved back to a town I love, and now finally have a job I love! More responsibility I guess, but in a very good way, I feel like I am where I am supposed to be.

    I hope this up coming scorpio transit brings me greater success in my acupuncture private practice I have been in the process of building up.

  36. My parents divorced and I was thrust out of my home and into a series of rough neighborhood where violence and drug abuse were everywhere. A series of babysitters who abused and neglected me. I personally had to learn to fight for survival, both literally and figuratively. Then both of my parents found new spouses who, though from complete opposing socio-economic backgrounds, where both raging alcoholics and extremely resentful of my brother and I leading to hidden abuse(Scorpio) of every kind. My parents were swept up with these people and they just stopped being parents because it “wasn’t fair” to their jealous spouses. The worst thing was that the other adults in my life didn’t believe me until years later. Left to fend for myself and younger sibling; the thing I remember most was helplessness and hopelessness. I have hope this transit (9th house- sun/ Mercury) will bring healing as I have paid my dues and learned my lessons very well.

  37. my solar return of 1983 had saturn and pluto conjunct my asc,I gave up on ever being allowed by my family and society to ever be me, that the gifts i was born with were unacceptable to the world and i went overseas plus down a very dark tunnel at the same time, its been a very plutonian, lord of the rings type adventure the 27 years ever since,but i did find myself again and with the first square saturn made to my asc again I began believing in myself and used this dark quest to find the way to serve best and ethically, I have been very successful in doing this journey, even though to the outside world with my current homeless etc situation i look to be a failure, it is only now as saturn finished giving me the emotional maturity exam 3 times over my 12th house libra moon and completes 3 passes over my asc that I am moving towards being fully back in the light at the end of that tunnel and all will be revealed. I have neptune in scorpio in my first house so been very successful at being hidden in plain sight, very well known for the work i do, without anyone knowing its me 🙂 with the uranus square pluto both hitting my 9th house merc plus saturn squaring 3rd house sat in cap and 10th house nth node leo, publicly revealed is most likely, not sure whether famous or infamous yet due to the plutonian influence, but hey its a bit like, Bruce Wayne/Dark Knight example to me 🙂

  38. Going into my tenth as well with mercury Neptune and MH. I’m hoping it means a career change! In 1985 graduated high school. Broke free from my family! Had some horrible sexual experiences! Not a good entry yet did fall I love for the first time. So if that love comes back in that would be great! Still healing the sexual trauma of those years.

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