Introduction (And A Look Back) At Saturn In Scorpio

I’ve got quite a bit of Capricorn in my chart. Consequently there has always a lot of focus on Saturn on this blog.  Slews of posts about Saturn in Libra. Slew of posts about Saturn in Virgo. I expect to do the same with Saturn in Scorpio and I am starting to think about this now.

Saturn in Scorpio will be in mutual reception to Pluto in Capricorn during this transit. This has got to be a real boon to anyone willing to work (Saturn) with dark energy (Scorpio), or anyone who wants to come to terms with their shadow and deal with reality, even it’s putrid.

I want to think about this some more, before making pronouncements. This is not a light subject and I’ve just got to drop down a few more degrees in order to address this properly. Being Saturn-ruled, I’ll be taken to deeper realms, automatically so it’s just a matter of waiting to land there and then looking around and describing what I see.

One thing you can do for insight, is look back at the last time Saturn was in Scorpio.  That would be 1983-85, roughly. Even if you were born during these years, consider the time you were born into.  What were things like then?  If you are older, what happened back then?

Personally,  Saturn in Scorpio hits my midheaven (and Neptune).  The last time Saturn transited Scorpio, I changed careers. I had been tending bar for years, from the time I was 15 years old and I became very disillusioned by it.  You might say I figured out what alcoholism was but in any case, my ability to work in a bar dissolved. I got to a point where I wanted to send customers away just as soon as they sat down which a definite impediment to success in the field!

I wonder if I will change careers now. While it’s possible, I don’t really think it’s likely. Astrology doesn’t hurt people the way drinking your ass off all day in a bar does. I had two customers kill three people back then, while drunk…and some other stories. Luckily, I was not serving these people when the accidents happened but that didn’t matter. I knew if I didn’t get out, it would only be a matter of time before someone did kill someone on the beer I had served them, so I got out.

That anecdote right there, embodies the energy of Saturn in Scorpio.  One way or the other, you are going to encounter death and loss and endings of various types.

This does not mean things don’t end well.  You may be at the bottom of the well for a time, but eventually you do come up.  I never wanted to be an old lady tending bar so if this was the method by which I avoided that fate, I really can’t complain.

What do you remember (or know) about 1983-8, when Saturn transited Scorpio?

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  1. I’m a Scorpio rising so while my Scorpio boyfriend was dying, Saturn was getting towards my Ascendant which is either 13 degrees Scorpio or 18 degrees. (different chart services see it differently.)

    On the day he died, Saturn was at 16 degrees Scorpio. His Sun was at 13 degrees Scorpio.

  2. It was a time of tremendous change/transformation for me. Like Elsa, I have a very strong Saturn signature in my chart (in the 10th in Cap, well-aspected, for the most part).

    1983-1985 were the years I spent in nursing school. That education has provided me with the means to make a decent living ever since. Right now, I am embarking upon another educational journey….hopefully, to be completed during this Saturn in Scorpio cycle….will it prove just as worthwhile? Time will tell.

    I’m so sorry to hear the stories of how this was such a devastating time for some. For me, it was a time of hard work and sacrifice that paid off in the end.

  3. Still in school in 83, it was a dark year. In 83 Pluto & Saturn held hands and had a final grind over my moon, and Neptune wafted back to my sun for a final meltdown. I was breaking, I was so sad. In 84 worked for a year to fund my departure. In 85, moved away from home to university in another town. I wasn’t in any state to study but had to get away. More breaking, lots of wildness. At the end of 1985 I moved overseas indefinitely. Continue wildness and breaking. Scorpio is 9th house & cusp of 10th.

    Lots & lots of changes extremes; all kinds. Those years into the mid 90’s were so intense, I was slammed. But I’ve got a bit of saturn and pluto goin on & I’m old now too. I can use it this time.

    And geez dorchid, that’s extreme.
    Love these saturn posts, really helpful.

  4. I gave birth to my first baby in March 1983. It definitely transformed me and my life but I don’t recall anything bad happening during that time. Now I’m wondering if that has something to do with the fact that Saturn was conjunct my natal Neptune then. I have often said that the 80s went by in a fog of baby-brain 😀

  5. Over that time period, I gave away my power; over and over again. I could’nt see myself and what I brought to the table – therefore, I didn’t know how to ask for what I deserve. I nurtured and elevated those around me, while doing nothing for myself.

    I now KNOW that I ‘bring it’, and hope that a relationship forms that is congruent with this knowledge; one that takes care of me and gives me back what I put into it… which is usually everything. I can’t ‘do’ relationship with any less than that.

  6. I was 9 years old in ’85 and saturn was passing throu my 5th house where i have mercury. At that time me and my little brother got separate fom mom and dad because they had to go abroad (dad’s job) and in my coutry at that time there was a law which didn’t alow parents to take with them kids who were at school, and we stayed at countryside with our grandparents. One year later my brother was retired from school (first grade) and they took him with them abroad and i was left all alone. I missed him so much at that time cause we were very close and we still are, and from what i heard later from my mom he was missing me badly too. And one more thing during this transit i got very sick, near to death got very high tempreture, but everything was ok in the end. After this transit i got reunited with my family and my dad requested to stay in the country and not go for very long periods of time abroad, it was kind of end for him too regarding his job.

  7. er… first grade through third. my connection with my mother broke down (her near death experience didn’t help.) my social difficulties/disorder first really started to show up. i became horribly depressed. the nasty nasty babysitter woman. my second grade teacher was sure someone was abusing me (nope.) had an disturbing interview with a police officer in the principal’s office. had no idea what they were talking about.

    first saturn square. fun times. i imagine i’ve learned a lot more by now. but good to revisit this business because i’m still carrying too much of it around.

  8. Thank you, Elsa. for all of your fine work and for AstroDispatch.

    I am Aries with Leo Rising and Moon in Scorpio. Between 1983 and 85, I left my home in OH to move to Philadelphia, PA, to attend graduate school. During my two years there, my grandmother and first dog died. Also, I ended a relationship with a man I dearly loved who wouldn’t leave his wife.

    What I find so fascinating is I left Oh two months ago for a position in PA. I didn’t want to leave Columbus, OH, but had to for financial stability. To date, my life is mirroring 83 to 85 with a twist – I lived in this part of PA during 87 to 93 and am working with many of the same folks from before.

    Graduate school was very difficult for me as the school’s director enjoyed ‘under my thumb’ tactics. However, I am a older and wiser Aries who has learned a lot and put it to good use during Saturn in Libra. Hopefully, I have more strength and moral resolve to handle difficult situation during the next couple of years,

    Life sure is a puzzle; it will be interesting to see how closely 83 to 85 predicts 12 to 14.

  9. just found out my super scorpio complicated friendship from my teen years… she’s actually probably going to die this time. cervical vertibrae going out and refuses to live on life support.
    i’m glad i’m done being angry, but this is not the next step i was expecting.
    figured someone was going to die with pluto le

  10. just found out my super scorpio complicated friendship from my teen years… she’s actually probably going to die this time. cervical vertibrae going out and refuses to live on life support.
    i’m glad i’m done being angry, but this is not the next step i was expecting.
    figured someone was going to die with pluto le

  11. Wild times. Everything happening at once, but I was young then. Gettin my ya yas out before the aftermath of the 1st saturn return. A big ol party.

    It maybe was a 12th house finish up before I made my big shift, which included change of locale and change of career. I was so baffled that the career that I had worked toward my whole life just fell flat for me and I just disappeared from it.

  12. I wasn’t alive in the 80’s so no memories…but I suspect my grandfather is going to die during this transit.His health is degrading rapidly, and he has been sick for almost 20 years. He’s now in a home and I’m going to visit him and witness his decay and eventually his death, something I’ve never seen before.

    Saturn will be transiting my 4th house and at one point it will pass over my Mercury, Venus and Pluto.

  13. Hugs to everyone who suffered and lost during that time. I wasn’t born then, but scorpio is hitting my 7th house. Beginning to feel uneasy but I hope whatever events happen will help me grow and transforn for the better

  14. Hugs to everyone who suffered and lost during that time. I wasn’t born then, but scorpio is hitting my 7th house. Beginning to feel uneasy but I hope whatever events happen will help me grow and transform for the better

  15. All I can remember was having a hard time trying to pass my classes, my high school boyfriend cheating on me and finally breaking up with him in 1985 the year I graduated from high school.

  16. Avatar

    I was just a kid, 2-4 years old. My sister was born in 1983 (I’m the oldest sibling of the 3) and we moved from a small apartment where we lived with Grandma to a big (albeit in really poor shape) house in the suburbs, with a large back garden. Me and my sister would play in that garden all the time. We also took a dog, I can barely remember him as a puppy, but there are glimpses here and there.
    I started kindergarten but can’t remember the first year or so. Interesting… what could this mean for now.

  17. This is the time we moved from an apartment to a house, and I was really relieved and happy about that. I loved the house.

    My marriage was disintegrating badly and continued until my Saturn return in Capricorn.

    Lots of time spent with friends, and my sister had even moved up from the Keys so a rare time living in the same place. The girls were very young, Feather was not quite in kindergarten yet.

    At the end, in 1985 we moved to Washington State from South Carolina.

  18. I was in 2nd grade-4th grade. Saturn had just entered my 5th house. These were the years I discovered what passion was. I declared “I want to be an athlete” and by golly I was a good one until it was time to do something else. Saturn changed my path as well when it crossed over my midheavenb 13 years later. Looking forward to discovering and pouring myself into a new passion during this Saturn through Scorpio transit. It’s going to be very interesting experiencing this energy as an adult.

  19. Scorpio is in my 4th and 5th houses. 1983 saw me still infatuated with an Aries I’d met the previous year. It wasn’t helped by the fact that two of his siblings were killed in car accidents during that time (1983 and 1985) and I had precognition of both events. My relationship with my boyfriend ended in fall 1983. I spent 1984 single, meeting my next boyfriend at the end of that year, although we didn’t get involved for another six months. I had major back surgery in spring 1985 and was in a body cast for three months, then started dating my boyfriend and moved in with him a few months later.

    I also started counseling during that time. It was rather intense but I didn’t get as much out of it as I’d hoped.

    Some things will probably “repeat” again but in a different way during this coming transit — I may again need back surgery or at the very least a greater focus on exercise, and am also hoping to start dating again following my move to the West Coast as well as get back into therapy.

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    gods left hand

    last time both saturn a pluto were in scorpio at the same time, they conjuncted with the travelling south node too, so no wonder, it was horrible

    this time only saturn is and it will meet up with the transiting north node, while pluto will be in capricorn in mutual reception

    what does that mean

    whatever pluto destroys and transforms, saturn in scorpio will solidify, it`s going to trine neptune and chiron in pisces, so it will be nasty, but not like a car accident, more like a tooth extraction

    example: if you have capricorn rising, pluto will be in your 1st creating a new identity, for the benefit of your 10th, which is in scorpio in this case

    think for a second, you can`t have your new career, while you still hang out with looser

  21. Elsa: How can one encourage/facilitate destruction of outworned structures with this Saturn/Pluto reception??…… How can one aid in a complete overhaul of inner blockages, limitations? for a strong Saturn chart

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