Robert Phoenix Free Association Radio Show – Sunday – December 18th

robert phoenixWell, this is unexpected!  Last night I got a text from a client, “Robert Phoenix is talking about you on a podcast…” Oh no! What did I do now?

I hate to admit that was my reaction. But, please. Can I just be invisible?

I waited until the morning to see what was up. Next thing I knew, Robert invited me to come on his show. I agreed! Now I’m excited and nervous, but I’m also amused for no good reason. I’m quite camera shy these days but hey!  Mars is in Gemini, backwards, and I want to talk!

Robert’s Sunday night show begins at 6:00 pm Central, December 18th. I’ll be on around 6:30 pm for about an hour. The topic is astrology but Robert is well versed in… almost everything so I don’t know where me might wander.

He wants to talk about astrology, a decade back vs today vs where we think it’s headed… and various other sundries. Astrological topics, sociology, consulting, internet culture, maybe finance? I think it will be good. I hope so!

I’m terrified like any normal Saturn-flavored person, but I’m mostly afraid of committing the sin of boring people. If you’re wondering, who in the church thinks it a sin to bore people, that would be my mother!

Anyway, if you don’t know, Robert, please come meet him and watch me try to walk the line in regards to my blurting mouth!

We’ll be here: Free Association Radio

See ya!

39 thoughts on “Robert Phoenix Free Association Radio Show – Sunday – December 18th”

  1. I love it! Just be yourself, having a conversation with an interesting person who thinks you’re interesting, too! This could never be boring because it looks like anything goes!

    1. And my goodness, you’ve talked about many of the topics mentioned in the blog, so to speak to someone else and see what they think, well, that’s enlightening.

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    Regina Del Sasso

    It’s impossible for you two to be boring together but you might just need to keep him on track a little bit. Just know it will be super fun and its ok to be goofy and laugh out loud. I personally hope this is the first of many shows you two do together.

  3. Ooh! I’m excited! I would love to listen in! Elsa you do have this! I’m sure Robert will put you at ease. He looks like a relaxed guy
    🙂 Congrats!

  4. Very cool! You’ll be fantastic, as you always are in your quick videos. His site opens right up on YouTube, so anyone can tune in and keep it running like radio while using other apps. Maybe a reminder to all newsletter subscribers on Sunday morning would maximize listeners.❤

  5. Yes, this is great news, well done to you….yes, so very cool. I will definately try to tune in on Youtube. [I’ll have to check out the time zones,- Europe] but that’s a thumbs up from me. Enjoy yourself Elsa!

  6. Elsa I found a radio station on the East Coast that carries the Free Association Radio. So I will definitely be listening on Sunday.

  7. I think you two will be a riot ! One thing is for certain Robert is his own man and you are your own woman —authenticity is all ! I’ll be listening !

  8. This is a dream come true! You and Robert are dear astrologers to me, and having you together talking astrology on his show will be incredible! Be sure to tell your jokes and have fun!

  9. You better believe I’m stoked. You’re the two astrologers I’ve been following the longest and my biggest insp in astrology.

  10. ElsaElsa boring? NEVER EVER, my Dear! How very wonderful. I’m happy and excited for you 🤗 and looking forward to the show… Break a leg!

  11. Avatar
    Tess Charbonneau

    Can’t WAIT!
    I too out of my comfort zone
    Playing djembe with one other friend playing dunduns for a holiday show! Tomorrow too!
    Same time… can I find the replay?

  12. opportunity comes once in a lifetime… I’m new here but love your input.I like to hear a discussion on soul recognition. I’m nearing soul retrival/soul redemmed. Thanks for sharing and caring. jenni

  13. I set my cell alarm so I won’t miss this! Looking forward to hearing Robert Phoenix too. Always love your videos and our phone consultations.

  14. Quite enjoyed your live interaction with Robert. You performed amazingly well for a self-proclaimed novice. I totally related to your nervousness. He interviewed me during the live-cast from his October Harvest Moon Event. I think I sweat the entire time!

  15. Enjoyed the full spectrum of conversation and the setup required to get the show started made it real from the beginning.
    Virgos at work, and your roots showing on all levels.

  16. I listened this morning. What a great show. I love the topics covered. Really heavy, thought-provoking, and forward thinking.

  17. Checked for a bit live and listened again this morning. So appreciative of Elsa’s authenticity. My Mom was an Aquarian and blessed me as well with the lesson to explore and really set one’s compass beyond the expected. I have been so addicted to watching Netflix et al for several years, numbing out. I believe I have a shield, from Mom, for the manipulative forces Elsa so eloquently described. It’s beautiful to understand how one Can be an individual with community building skills Elsa abounds in, her gardening share skills for instance and the story of community in Colorado in 90s. Your partipation with Phoenix will bring good results, I have no doubt. Another garden for the communal good well worth watering. <3

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