Is Love Simple?

A Taurus wrote to remark how simple love was when he was young. I got to thinking about this in terms of astrology and now I wonder how others feel.

Is love simple? Or complex?

What do you think and how does Venus look in your chart?

47 thoughts on “Is Love Simple?”

  1. Love easy? I don’t think so. Loving (as an activity) comes easy to me but love as in love relationships are difficult and painful – deep and exhilirating. Venus in scorpio in the 5th house, conjunct mars, conjunct uranus, square moon, square jupiter.

  2. Love is easy when you are with the right person! And this would mean choosing the best person for You.

    Love is not meant to be complex, however, I think many people disregard warning signs early on because they do not want to be alone. Thus, a more complex and difficult relationship of ‘love’ ensues. Many people do not even know the difference between love, power struggles or co-dependency. The list goes on and on…People themselves can tend to create a difficult Love…not Love itself. Love just IS.

    As a Venus in Taurus, 7th house person (with lots of great aspects), I can recognize that each person has different needs.
    Intimacy needs.
    For each person, these needs are very personal.

    However, how many people can name those needs right off the bat when asked?? And I am not talking about needing sex, love, fun etc…basic human needs are common needs. The more intricate and personal needs within each of us is what is truly important. Know what they are for You.

    To reach the highest pinnacle of Love entails having your intimate needs met and meeting those needs of your partner(which means you must KNOW what the needs are for your partner!).

    Yes, Love can be simple.
    Yet, sometimes Love asks us to Grow along the way if we want to achieve higher levels of Love in our Life. And we must be willing to look within ourselves and take responsibility for our CHOICES! 🙂

    Peace and Much Love…Scorp ASC

  3. Venus in taurus. Love is the MOST complex part of life on earth! But as a Venus in taurus, I NEED IT. Also GOTTA HAVE the satin sheets, the flowers and wine, and yeah, some raunchy sex along with the lovey dovey stuff too, at times. GIVING LOVE is a magic trick, cause the more you generously give away the more it multiplies in your heart.. Can’t live without it! Animal -love, kid-love, husband- love, best-friend-love. Makes the world go round.

  4. Venus in the 9th in Aquarius, trine Moon in Taurus, sextile Jupiter. Love for me is about learning to be open enough to allow others to express themselves and accept them, and to be brave enough to risk being vulnerable myself and allow others the same. It’s about the exchange of ideas and ideals, and about the physical comforts of tender affection.

    I dunno, Elsa. Is that complex or simple? Depends on whether I’m operating from airy Aquarius or earthy Taurus, I think.


  5. Love is fairly simple for me- know me, love me anyway. And support me too… Just knowing someone’s got your back, if you ever get into trouble. Respect. Admiration.& TRUST.
    My venus is in sadge, in the 9th house. Conjunct Neptune, I think.

  6. I’ve never thought love, in general, is simple. Even with the right person, love is a giant give-and-take, and being humans we’re apt to settle instead into complacency, or as someone else mentioned, ignoring the not-so-small stuff hoping it’ll all get better. Whatever.

    Love is work. Love is a constantly evolving thing. With your kids. With your partner. With your friends. With your family. It’s about maintenance and loyalty, fulfillment of need and knowing what to ask for (and not being afraid to ask for it).

  7. I think love is extremely complex and have since I was very young. Hard even, used to make me cry as a kid when I thought of how much I loved someone (usually a family member, and pets, even people on tv!). I had a hard time saying it too, I remember going to sleep every night wanting to say ‘i love you’ to my parents but I just could not get the words out, so I said them in my head. Venus in Scorpio in the 8th house, square Jupiter in 5th and sextile Saturn in 6th. I also never felt fully deserving of anyone’s love.

  8. Relationships are complex. They’re politics.

    Love itself, the feeling, is simple. You just feel it, it’s there, it makes you happy or sad or whatever. It just is.

    It’s simpler when you’re a kid because kids don’t doubt or deny their feelings. And they haven’t learned politics yet.

    Venus in Aquarius, first house, square Saturn and conjunct Moon.

  9. To me, love is pretty complex, because people are complex. It involves a lot of acceptance, but also inner boundaries. I find it difficult, but definitely worth it… Venus in Gemini in the 12th conjunct South Node.

  10. I guess I think that love is what it is. We bring to the table of love the tools we have. Tools of destruction, tools of kindness, tools of rebuilding,what ever. We create the love we have. Sometimes our tools are pretty lacking or busted up. Once I had my kids and realized what real love is, i started replacing my tools. Quality, not quanity. How, not who. etc. Nice thoughts, Elsa. You are so good!

  11. Venus in Taurus in 7th…but completely afflicted, Saturn square and Moon opposition, and all of that forms a T-square. And the Moon is square Saturn. No good aspects whatsoever with my Venus. I have the screaming need inside to have a life partner and a life where any time I try to take one on, it all goes to hell. Love IS hell.

    I think that my life’s battle is going to be learning how to live my life without a partner that lasts, no matter how much I want one. Because clearly, long-term partnership isn’t going to work out for me, and I am not wired to enjoy flings.

  12. Love is simple. People, however, are not. I think I’m saying essentially the same thing as Satori. Except I think we in general make it so much harder than it needs to be.

    Venus conj Mars 2nd house, cancer opposite an 8th house Jupiter, capricorn

  13. Avatar

    I’m still relatively young…. so I don’t think I have secure idea of what it’s like to experience love (as in love relationships) because I don’t think I have ever been in love, though there has been a time was close. So, I can’t really say. But, I guess it’s this beautiful uncontrollable, heartattack-giving, rollercoaster-imitating, creature-like entity that for one reason or another takes over and embarrasses you 15 times over… (Haha, talk about dangerous.) It’s all of that energy that made you recognize another person as another human being who can feel hurt the same way you do, who can feel joy the way you do… that energy is given to this one person because you just feel it’s right. When they hurt, you hurt. When they smile, you feel joy.

    I’m not sure if love is overall complicated… Maybe, at first it isn’t. It’s simple. It’s giving. It’s selfless. But, then, the complications inside start to come out… Then, you just have to trust.

    From my parents, I guess I see that it’s just giving. Still being complicated people, but hoping and prodding and thinking of the other when they need help. And I guess part of it is just… the simplicity of feeling needed. You’re the one they call in emergencies.

    Venus in the 7th house…. conjunct Uranus (ahh!), in Sagittarius.

  14. Love is great :]
    Nothing hard about it.
    (As long as there is reciprocation!!)
    For me it’s intense, romantic, passionate, consuming.. I love being in love ;D

    Cancer Venus conjunct Chiron & Mercury, 11th house.
    Opposite Neptune and Uranus in the 5th.
    Trine Pluto in the 3rd.
    Sextile Jupiter in 9th.

  15. Honestly, I’m scared of love, mostly because I know if I love someone, I leave myself completely open to being hurt by them. I don’t love halfway. I’m also scared that nobody would ever love me as much as I might love them. Most people don’t love without reservation. So I tend to isolate myself because I know I can survive alone as long as I have to, but I really wish I didn’t have to.

    12th house Cancer Venus opposing Mars in Capricorn, and trine Jupiter in Pisces. On the other side I’ve also got a lot of Uranian energy going on in my chart, so I’m scared to death of being trapped, which doesn’t help.

  16. there are different qualities of love: one full of expectations and drama, and one full of relateness and freedom.

    I believe love frees us all. Love can be simple. Accept each other as they are and part peacefully if the time comes. But we are human, so pain and attachments do come into play. However, I do believe that loving yourself is the first priority. When you are full of love, when you are overflow with love, you have love to give.

  17. Venus in leo, I dont know what house. Love is effortless for me to fall into and celebrate. Love is like my lawn, it’s all the maintenance that’s hard. I currently have lots of crabgrass. Good Lord, I should never complain about my real lawn again!

  18. Love Generic is easy for me. Simple. Natural. I can love many people at the same time, I can feel Love for people I never met.

    Love in relationships though? That’s hard for me. Because it involves compromise, and vulnerability and loss and grief and pain. I love intensely but in the valley of the shadow of death and sometimes the love I feel is a love-inspite-of, a love made complex by its intertwinings with my bitter rage. I find love enormously transformative and uplifting and I could not be without it, but I also find it absolutely heartwrenching.

    I have Venus in Gemini opposite Neptune, trine Pluto, square Saturn.

  19. love is easy… it’s impossible not to love! it just is, and i have it in spades for the small group i call my Crew. each of them is such a jewel in their own way, it’s impossible not to love them – and i think many people are like that, if you’re open to seeing them for who they are.

    but relationships can be hard. negotiating the boundaries between ‘me’ and ‘you’ can be very difficult; finding a way to meet all the needs without anyone feeling insecure, or like they’re selling out; being honest with ourselves and each other about if we can really meet those needs, and if those needs are *really* what we need; finding ways around the million and one other reasons why a relationsip can fall apart – that can be very hard indeed.

  20. I agree that love can be simple or hard depending on the people living it, too many other needs are lived through relationships. I have venus in the 12th in capricorn, trine saturn, sextile uranus and square pluto. Totally saturnine venus in a very uranian chart. I used to have nightmares of getting married when i was a kid. When I’m in love i loose all fear of getting married. I have alot to learn in relationships, they are extremely hard and complicated for me (north node in the 7th )My true loves tend to be unrequitted and last around 7 years before I get over them.

  21. I think love, like art, sex and food goes from the very simple to the amazingly tortured and complex. I mean I have love for my cats that’s simple unconditional love. Then I have love for my grandmother which was still pretty simple but more complex; then more complex still was my love for my sisters; more complex still was my love for my parents. Finally the most complex is my love for the Elsie babe! 🙂

  22. another venus in taurus here (what’s with that?!)… it’s the apex of a very weighted yod involving my ascendant, and apart of another yod involving my midheaven.

    love itself is never a complication, a bother, unnecessary, difficult, or boring.

    people’s ideas of what should and shouldn’t be when it comes to “real” love, and personal limitations make the idea of one’s loves or the possibility of love/loving very, very much a pain in the ass.

  23. I think love is simple but people are complicated-as others have said before! Its merging the complicated people that makes love complicated-otherwise its simple and VERY beautiful. I love love. ; ) Venus in 5th, Aries. I do fall in love fast!

  24. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

    I guess I’ll be comment #33 (why not!) I skimmed over all of the responses, but I thought I’d try too hard to be original (Venus in Aquarius in 2nd house) so I didn’t read them all in depth (though I will).

    I was just wondering after reading this what my astro placement might indicate. I was thinking originality, freedom (Venus in Aquarius) plus security, worth, posessions? Boggle.

    Anyway, I need some space, seek out interesting intelligent people, and I do feel much more comfortable not having to worry about material lacks. I hate to admit it, too, since I really wouldn’t call myself a material person, but I do feel like I get a definite major material boost from others (my husband, parents, etc). I’m an artsy person who isn’t really the 9-5 type, so I’ve never really worked in any conventional and consistent way (outside the home).

    Sooo, I think in that sense, I equate material ease/security with a kind of love energy that I get from the marriage partnership, though of course it doesn’t override the love I feel for my husband (meaning, I wouldn’t marry someone because they had money, or not marry them because they didn’t). However, I am acutely aware of the necessity of money and how that plays into a partnership, especially in light of my unconventional attitude toward work and my style of working.

    I value communication and connection above all of course, especially with the proliferation of 3rd house placements (5 in all) all in Aries and Pisces. I just wither away without communication in relationships. I had a bf (fiance actually) who was a Cancer (not sure of his placements) and he would withdraw into his shell and not talk to me about anything too significant-and another right after (another Cancer) who did something similar. This was the ultimate torture to someone like me. I could tell that I was too intense for them communication-wise, so I think that having someone who can connect with you in the ways that you really need connection to is so important. A union is never perfect–nor should it be since I think having challenges strengthens bonds and creates a learning environment (unless it’s just such intense conflict that a connection isn’t possible).

    Anyway, I could go on, but that’s enough.


  25. p.s. I should add that I have a big lack of earth in my chart, so that also explains my needs for security (financial and otherwise) outside of myself. Granted, I am working on being more independent in that way…

  26. Mind bogglingly complex and dirt simple.

    Venus in Sag, probably 12th house, square my Virgo moon, and the midpoint of my mars pluto square.

    But then I’m having a very twisty day love wise since venus is now in capricorn – even though I haven’t looked – I’m attributing it to venus cnj pluto cnj my sun/merc (which’d make it neatly square saturn and jupiter), which got me to open my big (jupiter) mouth (mercury) issue a love (venus) all or nothing (pluto) ultimatum (saturn)

    But I wouldn’t take it back because he does HAVE to have my back and if he doesn’t I’ll love him (because I do) and it’ll hurt like the dickens but I can’t be a relationship like that soooooooooooooooooo . .

  27. Did someone say tortuous and complex already?!! I second that motion. Venus in Aries in the 7th square Saturn, square Jupiter, trine Uranus, trine Pluto.

  28. I think that the actual feeling of love for someone is quite simple. When it’s real and pure, there’s no mistaking it.

    Now, the act of loving someone, I think that’s where it gets complex. I’ve grown the most through my love relationships. The people I’ve loved have seen the very best parts of me and also the very worst and vice versa with them, as well.

    Venus Aquarius, 10th house, trine Jupiter and Saturn (in Libra), semisquare Neptune (Sag)

  29. love was never simple.
    but my venus is my most aspected planet (ascendant, uranus, neptune, saturn, pluto….)

    yeah. never ever simple.

    thinking i’m getting a little better at doing the work. and with saturn. well… it’s heavy work. (oh, yeah, that pluto guy? well, not so easy to figure as a kid…) and a few other things…..

  30. Yeah I think it is simple when it’s committed in some way. I don’t mean marriage, but to me love is as simple as saying I WANT to be with this person. After that, there’s motivation to work for it and accept one another.

    As for making commitment, I think it’s a big “duh” when the person is right. I don’t understand people who can’t decide for too long. But then again, I’m kind of intense lol…

    Venus in Cancer

  31. Love, like life, is what one makes it…
    Midheaven Venus in Scorpio
    – Squares my 4H Moon in Leo
    – Conjuct 12H Saturn in Sag
    – Sextile Ascendent in Cap and 12H Mercury in Cap
    …and I love to make it.

  32. I think it can depend on how you define love, and obsession and hormones and be mistaken for love.

    Personally, I don’t think relationships in general are simple, period, and once sex is involved, it can create much more difficult problems and endings. I can understand why now some people raise their kids with their friends these days, and not their sex partners.

    Venus 5th house, in Taurus, conjunct Mars.

  33. Love is simple! Its a feeling that comes straight out of the heart! Its something more that a word can describe! The actual feeling of love is real, pure, selfless, giving, unconditional! When someone have issues with himself its then that the problems start! THE PROBLEMS START when we have all these ecxpectations from others . Even if we are surrounded by people who care about us, we feel alone because they are not providing what we feel we need or want.
    This can be love, security,trust, sense of worth, appreciation ….happiness…..

    The truth is no one is responsible to provide that to you. You already have it within. We are what we seek..

    Once we realize that we don’t need anyone to provide us with what we seek, then we can love UNCONDITIONALLY

    asc,mars,jupiter pisces
    venus,pluto scorpio

    (used to make me cry as a kid when I thought of how much I loved someone),even strangers

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