Taurus, Famous For Their Self Esteem

My son is a Taurus, he’s seven years old. Screen name, Vidroid, he was watching TV before school, eating yogurt.

“You have writing on your head,” I said. The way the lines were drawn on he looked like Frankenstein. “You probably ought to get that off before school.”

“No. People love me like this,” he said.


“They love me with this on my head.”

I stared.

“And they love me in this shirt and these pants, too,” he added.

I shook my head. “Okay then. If this is something you know then leave it.”

To update, Vid is now 10 and these days he wears these ski goggles everywhere he goes. It does not seem to bother him he is the only one with goggles strapped to his head in the spring. I tried to tell him but he’s got no interest in my opinion.

Have you ever noticed Taurus likes themselves exactly as they are? Tell us!

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  1. I’m a Taurus and I had the worst case ever of lack of self esteem most of my life. My Taurus must be overpowered by someting else. I was always used and abused by boyfriends. I mean, how stupid to stay married to a man I didn’t really even like much just because he told me nobody else would ever want me because I was “damaged goods” – 22 years!!

    I wasn’t “re-born until my forties. I guess I’m just a late bloomer.

  2. My son is a Taurus, too, and it always amazes me how centered he seems. He likes who he is — minus his brief period at age 5 where he felt something was wrong with him because he wasn’t fluffy like his sister or me — and he doesn’t let peer pressure get to him. I don’t remember being nine and dropping friends because they wanted me to do something bad, or were acting like jerks.

    Makes me very proud. 🙂

  3. The Taureans I know are comfortable with themselves, have wide/big noses, and love cheese. Many Tauruses I know love cheese. Have you guys found this to be the case? Many of them also like more cloying sweets than I can handle, like dates or something. Some are curvier not fat but as in they have rounder hips, the ones who are thinner as in relatively stickly, I think, still eat in a way to satisfy themselves.

  4. Ha, Dani, I did notice that. My best friend is a Taurus, and she pretty much subsists on potatoes, cheese, and chocolate. I’ve seen her cram three chocolate truffles in her mouth at a time. And when her family mentioned to her that eating like that is kind of gross, she replied, “Well, too bad.” Talk about liking themselves the way they are!

  5. Yeah, I’m a Taurus, with a Capricorn Moon and my Sun Squared Saturn.

    I don’t relate to any of this “liking themselves the way they are” business
    except for the cheese bit Dani speaks of…
    Is that a bovine quality, liking cheese? Because I would live off it if I could!

  6. Hahaha!

    I hate it when people say I need to do this and do that and rush me. EASY PROGRESS. JEEZ. ONE THING AT A TIME.

    Tauruses are calm, that is what I noticed in my Taurus friends and co-workers. I wish I could give long explanation why I like to do things the way I do, but alas… my cancer boyfriend wishes that I was less “tense” or “stoic” and gush with overwhelming emotions when I see him like when he sees me, however… I just don’t see myself letting that happening. I need to “warm up.”

    But yes, cheese! And oh, I made a gratitude journal for the food I love…. mmm… guacamole… cheese cake… mmm…

  7. Cheese? WTF?! I’m a Leo, no Taurus whatsoever, and I absolutely ~adore~ cheese! Cheese is just awesome, I don’t think it has to do with astrology.

    The only Taurus I’ve been close to suffered from “subhuman” periods about once a season. That could have been something else in the chart, though. I never looked at his data.
    The Taurus’ I’ve known all project that “I’m great!” vibe, though, whether they actually feel it or not.

  8. I’m not sure if Taureans like who they are so much as they don’t feel like changing, so everyone better accept it. I think they’d rather change the world around them than change themselves. At least this is very true of my husband and the other Taurus natives I have known.

    Cheese IS awesome. So awesome.

  9. Ha, this is all so funny. As a Taurus, I think that a large part of the being happy with the status quo is simply that it takes *extra energy* to *not* be happy about something, energy that is much better spent meandering through a garden, listening to beautiful music, or eating (for me, cheese is fine; cheesecake? divine).

    As an example of the contentment factor, I have always been slender, but for a year or two when I first went way to school, I put on a few pounds. The only people who said anything were my mother and step mother, and for the life of me I couldn’t fathom what the hell they were talking about. I was perfectly happy and thought I looked great! (Once I lost the weight and look back at the pics, I can see it, but at the time? Not!)

    I also tend to see Taureans’ self contentment as part of their earthy nature. After all, our sybaritic sisters, the flowers, the trees, and indeed all elements natural to the earth except humans, don’t for a second question their beauty, value, and worth. They flourish and blossom just as, and because, they are.

  10. Elsa, I must be flowing over with it, for better or worse… And I can say the same about you for almost everything you write 🙂

  11. As far as self-esteem goes
    My favorite phrase: What you think of me is none of my business!

  12. Alright I’ll admit I have a taurus moon. I love to eat. Cheese yes yum… chocollate yum…
    Tauruses can be complex in that there are different kinds of tauruses. Some do suffer self esteem, some think they are the best things ever. Some of um are selfish others don’t know how to put themself first. They can also be nieve in there thinking that everyone is as good natured as they are. They can also be Jealous. They can also be horders of goods. They can also be concieted.

  13. Another Taurus Speaking:

    Here is the main thing I guess: I like myself just the way I am in the sense that I would never ever ever ever want to be anyone else. I don’t look up to people and wish I was more like them, whatever qualities they may have. I would like to be more rich, yes, but only if I get more rich. If I had to become any other person (even if she was younger, more gorgeous, or WHATEVER) I would not change places.

    And yeah, I dress the way I want, and fuck it if anyone doesn’t like it. One of my former bosses asked me if I am color blind. In my life I have never had a manicue or pedicure, not cuz I can’t afford it, but because I just think it’s pointless. Who the fuck cares? (no offense anyone). But I will admit that my mom, a Taurus, does the whole mani pedi thing, so it isn’t across the board but I would guess she loves herself just the way she is. Ditto Taurus sister.

    Ariel, you are correct. If I don’t want to do something, I don’t do it. Period. Non-negotiable. End of discussion. I know, it’s so mean and stubborn. I can’t help it, I’m a Taurus hee hee.

    Midara, Elsa and Dani: on the food thing, you guys got that right. Else everything you are posting those chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing, I am craving until I get one. I think the 4 food groups are: 1) Potatoes cooked any kind of way; 2) cheese (almost any kind); 3) sweets, especially cake, ice cream and cookies…and candy and 4) ketsup (what are potatoes without ketsup?

  14. My dad, brother and boyfriend all have taurus moons. They looooooove to eat! My dad and boyfriend can be a bit control-freaky with diet and exercize when they aren’t having a blow-out, but. And they’re all possessive, even about stuff that isn’t actually theirs…
    And my brother threw a cup of tea at my head when I was younger, because I had THE NERVE to use some of HIS milk.

  15. Another taurus here – came across this one today (research for my upcoming saturn return 2011) and had to laugh

    The cheese thing is too true 🙂 anybody up for a 17th straight night of pasta with MOUNDS of parmesan? As for the self esteem thing, it goes both ways. I’ve found that my self esteem absolutely sucks, yet others see me as very self confident. I have a feeling this is common among us taureans, especially those of us born at night (taurus is 6th house in my chart)

    I barely ever look in the mirror for anything (usually just to comb my hair once or twice a day) and choose my clothes/dress without even turning on a light – in fact, I wear the same baseball cap and gray fleece EVERY DAY all winter long. It’s not self esteem, it’s just that we really, truly don’t bother – why waste the energy? 😉

    people can love us or hate us and we just keep going along seemingly unaffected, but much more affects us than we’ll ever let on

  16. OMG Vid is sooo dang cute here!!! My daughter is a Libra Sun and is similar very high self esteem,lol, it makes me feel good that see has it.

  17. Busted! I am a Taurus and I LOVE cheese. 😀
    Spuds are another thing I couldn’t be happy living without. Oh and bread too LOL

    Damn now I am hungry >:>

    I can say I don’t have a real bad sweet tooth, but it is unlikely I would turn down chocolate cake if the icing was yummy enough looking. I usually get a sweet craving aprox every 6 months or so.

    On the self esteem thing, I don’t have a great amount, but it is not very apparent to people that aren’t close to me. Flyingdog’s last sentence was a great way to put it 🙂

    Vid is angelic looking in that pic. You can’t not smile back when viewing that!

  18. My grown up TAURUS son was also a solid individualist as a kid. Loved dancing naked in front of his bedroom mirror, with underpants on his head, twirling socks and other items in his hands while plaing KISS music in the background. He was always very creative too–with art and music.

    He taught himself to be a computer programmer and has worked his way up to a management position in the local college where he uses his calm, steady TAUREAN demeanor to straighten out conflict between administration and crazy faculty..he is the “GO TO ” guy for conflict resolution.

    taurus always loves their MOMS too–I can still get the kid to come over eery Sunday for an Italian dinner..

    I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND having a TAURUS kid if at all possible.

    VID is adorable–handsome, with that glint of gypsy in his eyes!! Bless him!

  19. Not a Taurus, but I can see the selfworth factor in many Taurean friends – notably my Taurean stepdad (though his Leo ascendant helps).

    Personally, I’m Virgo-rising and while I’m not particularly partial to cheese, I AM partial to animal protein. Terrible thing to admit these days, but I am. And when I don’t have protein in a meal, esp animal protein in some form or another, I feel really hungry.

    Not that that has anything to do with the original line of enquiry. But hey, everyone was talking about cheese and Taureans, and I figured I could bend the rules a little 😀

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