Woman is Smitten With Wonderful, Mysterious Virgo Man

Taurus bull vintage bankDear Elsa,

I met a wonderful Virgo man several months ago while I was on vacation. He lives in another state and our meeting was a surprise – a sweet wonderful surprise. There was a fantastic jolt of electricity that passed through me at the time (it was there for him, too, as he called me not long after the initial meeting) and it was present the next time we saw each other.

We have since had the chance to spend time with together and become intimate. He’s a fantastic lover and a kind man. He’s also rather mysterious and I get the feeling he’s either quite shy and private, or hiding something. I’m fine either way (to an extent), but I want to know how best to deal with his occasional disappearances and reluctance to fully open up to me. Part of his reluctance to open includes his exact birthday, but he did reveal he’s a Virgo.

Deep down, the attraction I have for this man is overwhelming and I am very aware of this. Were it not for geography, I’m afraid I’d be rushing into something. But because of the distance, I feel this is the perfect time to hang back, get to know him, and get a chance to understand what makes the typical Virgo tick. Of course, I don’t believe there’s anything typical about my Virgo paramour, but I have to work in generalizations here given the mysterious nature of this man.

What can you tell this Taurean in Wait?

Dear Taurean,

I have to tell you to beware!! You realize this man may be married or otherwise committed. In fact, he probably is.

Let me tell you something about Virgo that you don’t read in astrology books. They have a secret life! This is true pretty much across the board! And I am NOT saying they all cheat. Just that they are not the simple Virgins who never get in trouble as they would have the public believe! Every single one of them is up to something you don’t know about, and this probably fascinates the hell out of a double Taurus like you. But with Neptune in Scorpio opposing all your planets in Taurus, you are ripe to be deceived! And this guy…

Well I think he’s pretty “Virgo” and a skillful one at that. See how clean he is? He hasn’t lied because he has simply omitted… everything! Pretty clever!

So this is the word from Elsa Elsa: if you’re thinking of a future with this guy, odds are sky high, you’re deluding yourself. However, I love your creative writing and your drama and hope you write with another problem, sometime soon. 🙂

Good luck.

What can you tell this Taurean in Wait?


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  1. The answer is in the question. If you think he’s hiding something, he is, because if you’ve felt something to be off, then that’s there, regardless of his zodiac sign.

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