Is Scorpio Compatible With Scorpio?

A reader asks:

This question has been racking my brains now for many weeks, you see, there is this wonderful and caring friend of mine. We seem to get along really well and both understand the things we as friends both need. We rarely disagree with each other and we have NEVER had a fight.

But I just wonder how that is possible because I am a Scorpio and she is also a Scorpio. I have heard that two Scorpios don’t get along at all and they just make disaster when they are with one another, is this true? Do Scorpio and Scorpio get along??

Yes Scorpio gets along with Scorpio because they understand each other. But as far as romantic relationship, while I have read that Scorpio frequently partner with each other, I have not seen it. This is a gross generality but I think Scorpio is cagey enough that they are more comfortable in close relationship with a non-Scorpio

In my experience, the Scorpio wants to be the Scorpio. Basically, they want to be the one holding these specific power cards, so while there is a definite respect for other member of the same sign, there is a tendency to maintain some distance. It’s like a turf thing!

This is not to say two Scorpios cannot get together and last a lifetime.  I am sure there are plenty of examples out there but I have personally never seen a (long or longish term) Scorpio/Scorpio couple in my life and I think this is why.

Does a spider build a web to catch another spider? Er… no.

Anyone else got ideas?

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53 thoughts on “Is Scorpio Compatible With Scorpio?”

  1. Actually a friend of mine is a Scorp, as is her husband of gosh I dont know HOW many years. I myself havent ever dated another scorpio, however my mother is also one. Made for an interesting time growing up!

  2. Well..I’m a leo and have yet to date another leo…though I have dated leo moons and rising to great effect. Another leo might be too much and I’m a ‘quiet’ leo…it would combust. At least with the leo moon/rising gents it did. ..creating genesis. Maybe it’s the same for scorps or other like signs. I suppose it depends on individual development and personal needs. I don’t want to date someone just like me…too many pluto aspects…I need challenge on a level.

  3. Scorpio moon and Ascendant, Venus in the 8th here. I tend to partner with non Scorpios but every close friend I have will have some Scorpio prominently placed in their chart.

    I think your theory that it is about power and wanting to be the one with that kind of power in a relationship is dead on. Definitely is for me.

  4. I think this (partially) has to do w/the fact that Scorpio was once ruled by Mars. Two warriors can respect each other, but do they really want to be spending time in each others beds? Where secrets could spill? Yikes!!

    My experience w/Scorps is that they let you in by degrees…and where a non-Scorpio might take ages to understand them & find out all (ok, “some”, not all! lol) of their secrets (and what’s more precious to a Scorp than their secrets, eh?)…another Scorpio would have an easy time of it b/c of the natural understanding between the two. I could see two Scorps pairing up for sex, maaaaaaaybe…but a romantic relationship? No…

    Scorpios are too much the “undercover warrior”…they are ninjas…and ninjas don’t pick other ninjas to love. 😉 (IMHO)

  5. I tried to see what would happen if I introduced two of my best friends, both of whom are Scorpio. I think if they’d gone to bed together they might have been ok for a little while, but in the end they didn’t get along AT ALL. I think there was just too much Scorpio, especially since She’s a competitive one who probably doesn’t know anyone other than Him who’s more Scorpio than she is. *lol*

  6. I’m a Sag with Venus in Scorp, so is my b/f of 4 years. The rest of our charts are different as can be though, so it makes a good enough match I guess. Most men I’ve dated have been Saggies too, but I do have a sag moon as well.

    I have noticed the dynamic you wrote about, and there definitely is a turf thing going on.

  7. I used to know a pile of scorpio guys. All of whom were excellent friends with eachother. Straight, so no potential to date there. I was always amazed as I’d think that they’d get competitive about the women they went after but somehow they managed to keep things sane.

    Thankfully they were just friends to me. Safer that way I thought!

  8. My experience has been different as I’ve known several Scorp/Scorp marriages that lasted forever – that Fixed sign tenacity kicking in I guess. Also I have lots of Scorpio including Mars and my S/O of going on 17 yrs also has Mars in Scorpio. I always worked best with others w/Mars in Scorp and attributed that to a subliminal understanding that if we went head-to-head, no one would be left standing . . . 🙂 I have Pluto in Leo squaring my Mars too – the “nuclear explosion” aspect. Power does tend to recognize and respect Power, I guess.

    Now people with Mars in Leo drive me RIGHT UP THE WALL!!! 🙂

  9. Both of my parents are Scorpios, though I haven’t run charts on either. They’ve been together now for around 30-35 years, with no sign of that ending any time soon, despite, well, them both being Scorpios. 😉

  10. Both of my parents are Scorpios, as well. They celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary back in February. They have a pretty great relationship, as far as I can tell. I’d consider myself pretty darn lucky to have a relationship like theirs some day. One wouldn’t know what to do without the other.

  11. Both my parents are Scorpios (born 2 days apart, same year, same country).

    They were meant to be together. A mix of passion and idealism. Vibrant!

    Well now they’re getting a divorce. For some “incident” that happened 10 years ago!
    They are finally letting go of each other.

    It was painful to watch. Two praying mantis on a tiny leaf trying to bite their heads off. I don’t ever want that kind of relationship.

    Alas all I’m attracting is Scorpio energy (co-workers, lovers, friends).

  12. Hello every one! I come from a scorpio family and my experience is that sooner or later there takes place a war of scorpions, for whom of them is deeper, or more authentic. I was tired of that believe me. Still more, If my mother was right at my birth time I am a last grade Scorpio that would turn me into an ill-disposed mule, more than a pure proud sadge horse. It does’t matter, I am happy with that situation.

  13. My mother was a Scorpio. Her 2nd & 3rd husbands were also Scorpios.


    Definitely power issues. And neither marriage lasted very long, or was pretty.

    The love of her life? A Gemini. And her longest relationship? Another Gemini.

    Her father, also a Scorpio. The love of HIS life? His third wife, who was Gemini. Her untimely death nearly took him down too. In fact, he never really recovered fully (emotionally).

    My best friend’s Grandfather is a Scorpio. Her Grandma is a Gemini. They’ve been married about 60 years, and it’s been a good match, they’ve had a good and happy life together.

    Who would ever guess???

  14. Wow, I’m glad to know I’m not the only Scorpio with a lion’s share of Geminis. Over half of my friends are Geminis and I’ve dated 4 Geminis. Its like being a giant vortex for Gemini energy. In any case, my other friends seem to be paired up too, 2 Aquarians, 2 Libras, 2 Cancers, etc. are drawn to me specifically because I’m a Scorpio (or so they say), but back to the subject at hand. I have a one Scorpio friend and my mother is a Scorpio. We have to have some distance or things build up and then blow up with nasty results.

  15. Oh pls wot do url knw anyway! I’m a scorpio, my boyfriend is one to . My bday the 2nd &he’s the 3rd! We compatible in every way physically ,mentally!! On all levels! We plan to get married next yr! I rest my case 2 scorpios together a match in heaven!;-)

  16. Its funny most of these people aren’t even scorpios and still manage to think they know how scorpio relationships are. Well here it is…They are filled with passion and strong chemistry. Everyone knows that we are known for our sexuality and whit. We keep each other on our toes and therfore wanting to be better for each other. Although our competitive spirit may casue some rivals and at times we need simple reminders that we can still attract others…our love for each other never dies and even if the relationship has been separated we still seem to find each other to give the passion that we so deeply desire.

  17. Capricorn dating a Scorpio, it’s very intense.. My sister is Scorpio and my best friend is Scorpio. Scorpio/Scorpio they are incredible compatible sexually, but they will have problems mostly jealously issues, it will become destructive, violent. cus they are both very passionate and intense. I think any relationship can work as long as both persons involved are open and honest with each other. Love my Scorpio, so hawt and extremely magnetic, intellectual, sexy. Great at debating, we have arguments a lot, mostly on religion, I’m Christian and he’s Atheist, these arguments are incredibly sexy. the more intense the argument the better.. It’s also hard to understand him sometimes, but I know it’s not me it’s just that Scorpios need space, solitude more than others. Want it to work with a scorpio? Be hones, open, don’t bs them cus they’ll see right through it, dnt try to control them. Respect their privacy, have discussions with them, they like talking, having debates stuff like that, and keep the mystery alive, dnt put everything out there, leave some thing there for them to investigate. Scorpios like research, investigating, analyzing. And most importantly make them laugh.

  18. I find this very interesting…for I am a Scorpio,(Oct.23), who was married to another Scorp.(Nov.1). We were together for 18yrs..married 15. For the most part we got along fine, UNTIL our son was born in 1991, and I became a stay at home Mom, by mutual decision.
    Well, a power shift kicked in, and he acted like he was the only man on the planet who’s wife didn’t work…yea, that’s funny with a newborn.
    Anyway, he started abusing me mentally and verbally, wanted no household or childcare responsibilities outside of what he felt like doing, and basically treated me like I sat home and ate bon-bons everyday.
    I left him in 1999, and he was devastated, but I was done. He has since remarried to a double Capricorn, and they are a perfect match.
    I remarried to a Gemini, and that was the best relationship I ever had with a man. He was so sweet, but unfortunately he passed away last year, at the age of 49 from cancer.
    I would not even entertain the idea of even dating another Scorp. ever again.

  19. “Does a spider build a web to catch another spider? Er… no.”

    Hahahahahahahaha LOL

    It got me thinking of that movie “War of the Roses”

    Anyhoo,as a Scorpio stellium person in the fourth house,whose mother has 5 planets in Scorpio most of which are in the 8th house,I would say she definitely fulfilled the prediction that there will be power issues in my home.

    But I think 2Scorps stand a chance just like any other couple

  20. A couple-friend of mine are both Scorpios, but what I see is that the female Scorpio seems to embody the deep emotional bond that Scorpio is capable of, while the male embodies the bitchy, moody sting of the Scorpio. Frankly, I think that their relationship is kind of gross, because it allows him to stay in a mode of a lot of the dark Scorpio qualities, because she is so invested in him and so deeply emotionally bonded. I’m sure there’s something else in her chart that also allows her to let him be the “child in charge” (which is how I see his selfish, moody, bitchy, stinging behavior), but I’m not sure what it is since I’ve never done her chart. All in all, they seem like they’ll last a long time, but I find their entire dynamic gross, as I said.

  21. von, what you’re describing with the men being miserable because of the women’s manipulations, is actually the opposite in the couple I know. The male is the manipulative jerk, and the woman is…well, I won’t say miserable, because I think there is something in her chart that allows her to live in a lot of denial about him, their life, etc. She flat out ignores anything that isn’t “pretty, perfect family” and that includes his emotionally manipulative and childish behavior. I really can’t even stand to be around them together. *shudders*

  22. Cripes, I almost married a fellow Scorp. Young love and all that. Thank goodness I bailed on that finally before any marriage happened.

    I’ve known one scorp/scorp couple and they were not my idea of good partnership. He was a creepy no-boundary sleaze and she was cutting and manipulative.

    I’ve had several BFF Scorps and while it’s good while it lasts, I do feel the competition vibe from them at times. I don’t like that part of it. That’s when I disengage for a while to let her/them settle down.

  23. Avatar

    I’m thinking it must really depend on the rest of the chart and planets. And the aspects they make. Not cut and dried.

    Very interesting thread!

  24. i think pluto types tend to be drawn together.
    the one time i dated another aries was a disaster (not really because he was an aries, per se) but i get along really well with marsy types.

  25. My brother in law is a scorpio married to my sister a cancer. Those two can sting each other -but mostly happily married. My brother in law has mars in leo and moon in gemini. Interesting thing about this is they are conjuct my mars in leo and moon in gemini (same degrees) and I can see through his BS – I know what he thinks. I have sun in Taurus – watch it all – and his sons – my nephews are the quintessential aquarians. We love him (my brother in law) but we call him on his stuff …

  26. I personally know of 2 Scorpio/Scorpio long term (15+ years) partnerships. It seems that neither is happy in the relationship but neither will let go… it’s like a ‘fight to the death’ scenario in both these cases. The husband says I’m leaving and the wife says “no you’re not. I want you”… then the wife says I’m leaving and the husband says “no you’re not. I want you”. It’s more about control than love I think. A third couple I know finally split after years of one leaving and the other pulling them back… it was like he had to have his arm pulled off trying to leave.

  27. Considering that Scorpio is really three signs within one, the chances of a Scorpio/Scorpio union succeeding for the long term drastically decrease. But I think the key to success lies in the positions of the other planets, rather than just the Sun. But then again, any relationship in these modern times, of any sign combination, that stands the test of time should be cherished.

  28. I know of more than a few scorpio sun married to other scorpio suns, as well as scorpio moons with scorpio venus or asc. Common denominator in all these pairings is that they all knew each other for YEARS!! (the trust thing) before they hooked up. being a scorpio moon, i get it. my ex was also a scorpio moon….

  29. The love of my life was born ten days after me in the same hospital. We both have the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Scorpio. Our charts are nearly identical of course. We realized this about 10 years in. Wow, we had a good laugh about that.

    There’s definitely something to the ‘knowing each other for years’ thing. The trust thing is massive.

  30. So funny… I have a friend who is a total (80%?)scorpio- ascendant/sun/moon/venus/mercury/pluto. She dated another who had sun/moon/venus/pluto in scorpio tightly conjunct. They had a VERY brutal relationship. I think if they were still together one of them would have ended up dead. She tells me stories all the time of the stuff they did to each other, and it’s almost like they liked it. BUT who knows?

  31. Sorry, off topic, but just another hey hey for the Scorpio/Gemini mix. Though I have Gemini in my chart, my Scorpio moon finds it comfortable to open up with Geminis. I’ve had two relationships with Gemini suns, and my father and several of my friends have Gemini moons.

    On topic, two of my dear Scorpio friends have been married for almost 30 years. Their relationship is deep, they’re loyal — but they battle all the time.

  32. I am a scorpio sun, moon in sagittarius and sagittarius ascendant, my husband is a scorpio sun moon in aquarius and gemeni ascendant, we both have venus in scorpio. We have been together for 14 years, I love him to bits and will not change him for the world, we have our disagreements like any normal couple, but we always come to a mutual agreement. So 2 scorpions can make it work.

  33. “Most scorpions are nocturnal, and one of the most common ways of collecting them is through the use of a black light which makes them flourescent in the darkness. This reminds us that light can be found within darkness if we channel our passions correctly.” . . . Ted Andrews

  34. On the non-romantic side of relationships: my son is a Scorpio (ditto his dad, and his dad’s dad – who had an Aries dad… Mars all around in their lineage). My son loves my Best Friend (also Scorpio), with whom I share a home. He wants to come cook supper for him, as a thank-you for meals with us. Note, I’m inclused in the diners, but both of them understand one another, that this is a gift to BF. I find this incredibly sweet.

  35. What about Sun Scorpio with Moon Scorpio, or two Scorpio Moons? Is the energy in either of those combinations a better flow than two Scorpio Suns?

  36. My Scorpio parents have been together for over 30 years. I don’t know everything about their marriage but they seem to have done pretty well.

  37. i personally know of four scorpio sun men, in the family and friend circle. one is married to an Aquarius sun, the other Pisces, the other Scorpio (these two are not married they live in a living together situation. they are like from two different culture backgrounds the way Nick Lachey is with his half Filipina Vanessa Minniello and yeah he also has Taurus moon. his history, he dated a pisces but couldnt deal with her so he got with a lovely foreigner (she is asian background too, indonesian full.). she’s really super cool. the one with the aquarius sun is also foreign, and he’s an airy scorpio man.

  38. What you should know about a scorpio is they value trust more than anything else and if a scorpio who is known for there loyalty and trustworthiness meets another scorpio with the same treats its a match made in heaven.

  39. My brother (Scorpio) was married to a Scorpio woman for about 18 years. I don’t think they were ever happy, and in the end they “stung each other to death.” It was a long drawn out divorce with lots of ugliness.

  40. Avatar

    I was married to another Scorpio for almost eighteen years and I don’t have any real very bad things to say about him other than we just didn’t work out in the end. I don’t have any grudges or anything.

  41. I am a Scorpio 10/26 and my husband is also a Scorpio 11/19 and we have been together 30 years and are as strong, and compatible as 2 Scorpio’s can be. I think it works for us because I am at one end (the beginning of the sign) and he is at (the other end of the sign) ♏️?❤️??♏️

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