Purging The Other Person’s Energy After A Break-Up

My husband held onto a sweater I gave him when we were teenagers, for twenty years.  We were talking about the energy of inanimate objects, specifically clothing.

My friend, Alexa likes to wear other people’s clothing. Do you?

Let’s say you go out and have a really awful horrible time. Would you wear the same outfit again?

Also, if you break up with a lover do you purge their energy from your environment? For example would you buy new sheets?
Would you get rid of articles of clothing or jewelry they gave you or change your hair or the perfume you wore if they’d admired it?
Or would none of this be necessary?

Do you have Scorpio in your chart? What about Pisces?

55 thoughts on “Purging The Other Person’s Energy After A Break-Up”

  1. I’d get rid of everything — and then regret it because I’m sentimental. Scorpio rising and Pluto conjunct MC in Leo.

  2. i really don’t know. i have had one serious relationship aside from the one i am currently in, and when we broke up i fled the continent.
    all i have left of the ex is some photos with him in it, and i won’t get rid of them because we travelled alot together.
    he was actually a nice man. just a drunk.

  3. For me the energy can be altered. You can make your reality whatever you want, so no I dont discard of items.

  4. It would depend on the relationship and breakup. If I was feeling footloose and fancy-free afterwards, no, I wouldn’t. But if I was having some issue moving on, I wouldn’t hesitate to scrap:

    *pictures of us
    *small, inexpensive gifts


    If I’m doing that I also get something special for myself, like a new haircut or piece of clothing or something.

    Scorpio Pluto trine Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon and AC, Neptune Square moon and opposite Sun.

  5. Yes! Get rid of it all or, at least, get it out of my sight and put into a box (one never knows, there may be a reconciliaton haha).
    No Pisces, but stelium in Scorpio.

  6. I once gathered up every scrap of “him”, destroyed each item, placed them in a box, gift wrapped it and left it on his doorstep. I’ve always regretted that, because he had some really cool t-shirts I wish I had kept…
    Now, I don’t find getting rid of stuff all that important. Unless the next guy is offended!
    I’m Sun-Gemini, Moon-Aries, Venus-Taurus, Leo-rising. Not sure where my attitude springs from…

  7. usually by the time I end a relationship things have gotten so bad that I WANT OUT and seeing his stuff really doesn’t faze me much. It takes a lot, but once I let go I’m gone…

  8. I have 1 or two photos of my ex and that’s enough. I still have some jewelry he gave me but i would never wear it again. To be honest: purge, purge, purge: out of my life you!

  9. I don’t change my sheets or my appearance but all the sentimental trinkets I’ve ended up keeping over the time (ticket stubs, small gifts, etc.) get put into a box and hidden away. I can’t quite make myself dump them because they are, after all, memories of happy times and even though the relationship has gone sour, the positive energy and happiness attached to those objects remains for me.

  10. To anyone with Venus in Scorpio–if you divorced, would it be hard to continue to live in the same house you shared with your ex if you had other options? Would it mean you are expecting them to come back–or you just really like the house?

  11. L.A. nothing’s straighforward but if I divorced it would definitely be a painful, nerve-wrecking, gut-wrenching event…the house would have to be really good, no, forget that, if the house couldn’t give me good vibes, I wouldn’t stay there. I don’t see Venus in Scorpio really liking a house, unless there are some Libra influences 😉 But that’s just my humble opinion!

  12. I’ve stopped getting rid of everything because I decided the loss was more painful… But I do get rid of some things, tuck others away for safekeeping, and take steps to remove their energies from other things.

    No Pisces or Scorp in my chart, though I do have a busy 8th house.

  13. I probably wouldn’t wear the exact combination of outfit again, but I would wear all the pieces in other outfits.

    After a breakup I purge piece by piece and it can take quite a while. I find I like to hold on to the stuff and I’m not exactly sure why because I definitely have trouble wearing/using it (generally I hide it there’s an entire box of uselessness in my closet) . . venus in the 12th. Keeping my old lovers in a secret box heheheh.

  14. I keep the things that have meaning and positive vibes, purge that pieces that have no meaning or bad feelings attached. Although everything eventually will be purged one way or another (ceases to be pleasant, fire, flood, etc). My Pluto is conjunct Venus and Mars. *lol*
    And, yes, I would totally wear that outfit again especially if I thought I was rockin’ it!

  15. I’d never wear it again, but I wouldn’t throw it out either. Wearing something like that (or even having it around) would make me feel like I was reliving the whole thing over and over again. I like to put stuff like this away in a secret box and keep it out of sight. Inanimate objects, anything belonging to the other person, can have this ‘lingering’ energy about them that I find very disturbing. I can’t be around it at all, can’t concentrate, but can’t let go of it either, hence the boxing up and storing away. Supersensitive to energy – Pisces Mercury, Neptune conjunct Moon.

    On an odd note, I’m uncomfortable leaving my energy lingering around others as well. Usually, I gather up all the bits and pieces of my ‘self’ and take it with me. I disappear 🙂

  16. I’ve been wanting to get rid of the shoes that I’m wearing right now – that I received in 2009, for Christmas, and I’ve worn through various nightmares. I was only so-so on them anyway, but they carry too much negative energy for me now.

    funny, I feel guilty looking at them and thinking about throwing them out or giving them away.

  17. I do have Pisces and Scorpio, but you know what? I’m JUST NOW learning to do this. I had vacation last week and that was my “new moon” project..to go through my house and gather up anything that reminded me of a past romantic relationship. You..would..not..believe..the amount of stuff I found. Everything from picture frames to personal letters and I thought, good grief, no wonder these corpses keep showing up they are all over my subconscious!
    Imagine a Libra relationship addict that hasn’t DARED throw anything that may have been a mere remnant of a relationship memory away FOR OVER 19 YEARS (at least).
    The relief and freedom I have felt from this purge have been sooo liberating. Crazy..

    and..for your poll question, this Pisces would never remember what the heck she wore that day anyhow

  18. I don’t get too sentimental about clothing. I do have photos from past relationships that I could never throw away. All the wedding photos of me and my son’s father got bundled up and given to my son years ago, so I no longer have them, but I couldn’t have ever destroyed them.

  19. Only one time did I purge. The boyfriend and I had a very deep bond – as I look back, I know he was the one I loved deeply. When we stopped seeing each other, I was desolate, and couldn’t deal with looking at things he gave me. Too painful. I burned most of it. Almost cut my hair off as well. I grieved deeply, even though I knew it was for the best.
    In hindsight, I wish I’d taken everything over to a friend’s, and left it there for a couple of years.
    Libra stellium, but Scorp rising.

  20. No way. My earth grand trine likes continuity too much. I’m getting divorced and have no problem living in the house I owned with my ex with all the objects of my past intact. Purging would feel like a denial of my history. Then again, I was ready to move on, so the breakup didn’t scar me a lot psychologically. I could see wanting to burn his shit if I felt like I was burned by him.

  21. I’d probably wear everything again.. because I’d probably won’t remember what I was wearing!! I can have a pretty bad memory for my clothes but if I have pictures then I’d probably get rid of them!! Lots of Pisces in my chart

  22. It depends on what the item is and what I experienced. I like to “reclaim” places where bad things happened or I was with someone who is no longer in my life if I really love that place. If I don’t, I’ll stay away.

    Same with items of clothing. I have certain items that I love and am not willing to part with. There’s one particular item that I wore on a very bad day and I am superstitious about wearing it again. I have debated on giving it away because the memory cannot be erased from my mind.

    My Sun is in Scorpio but that’s the only planet I have in it. No Pisces.

    I stopped wearing certain items of clothing or scents after a breakup with a particular beau but I ended up wearing them again. I love the scent of lilac too much to give it up. I just gave it a rest to let me lick my wounds without making them worse.

  23. I have Venus in Cancer, and I’m ridiculously sentimental, especially about clothing; it seems. I learned how to neutralise another person’s vibration, if I was really attached to an object and wanted to keep it. If anybody cares to know, just PM me and ask ! : )

  24. I wait for a year or two before I think about wearing it again. Other things I purge. Other things I stow away for years and I only revisit them after like 5 years.

  25. Clothes don’t really resonate with me, so can’t identify with that part of it, but I’m surprised by how many people throw out the stuff from their past relationships.

    I’m no hoarder – in fact quite minimalist – but I keep all the love letters and mementos, especially photographs. Why would I want to throw away my own history? That was my life!

  26. Avatar
    Blessed Place

    Stephanie: “No way. My earth grand trine likes continuity too much… Purging would feel like a denial of my history”

    This is pretty well how I feel too, and I’ve got two grand trines in Earth (Asc, Sun/Venus and Moon). I’m a terrible hoarder for sentimental reasons – things which a part of my history stay with me for ever: I believe in the ancient Roman idea of ‘lares et penates’ – the Household Gods!

    I have got rid of a few items of clothing when the occasion was spectacularly negative and destructive of an important relationship, but not very often. I’m more likely to keep clothing associated with important moments in my romantic life.

    As for photos, on the rare occasions I’ve destroyed them I’ve always regretted it

  27. I voted “so what” (Yes, items can be separate from anything that happened.)

    Likewise, I will not dislike a person because they have a similar name (or appearance, or whatever) to someone who behaved badly towards me.


  28. anonymoushermit

    I only do it if the person’s a total dick, like on a scale of 0 to 10, they’re like a 40!!!

    Even my bad exes had good things about them, but a raging psychopath, or a selfish jerk, needs to be purged!

  29. Ha! Is this a Scorpio
    Thing? I am Scorpio rising (cancer sun)
    and yes, I do this! I am in the process of moving right now and I can’t tell you how many trips to the goodwill I’ve taken getting rid of anything from
    my old life, but mostly now desolved relationships. What a hoot!

  30. I do believe that energy from the original owner is somehow attached to the object or clothing in question.

    I go to thrift stores all the time, and I always stop and think about the person who cared about something enough to spend their money and purchase the item I was looking at. Clothing, accessories, books, games, toys, kitchen items, you name it…I always wonder. If particularly strong energy comes off of something, I don’t get the item or object. I don’t want another person’s bad juju coming at me!

    With break ups…yes, I have to purge everything that embodied that other person from my life. Even if a friendship sours and goes bad (something that has happened to me recently). With this friendship that ended, I have found myself doing what I would do if it were a romantic breakup; I am removing any and all traces of this ex friend. It makes me feel better, and it does give me a feeling of emotional control over a sad situation.

    And yes, I’m Scorpio rising, with an 8th house Sun.

  31. I m a little cold on the emotional front after a break up. Tend to disconnect on all levels

    Mars conjunct moon in Capricorn and Venus in cancer

  32. I dont even hold onto their energy when im with them. I think its a combination of my mars in scorpio (sensitive to energy) and my venus in virgo (like clean). My own energy even needs to go sometimes. I purge stuff all the time. Ive thrown out diaries and a book of poems i wrote, because i was stifled by them. You can imagine how i will erase another being from my energy field.

  33. Not pictures but gifts yes. There is a cognitive bias about this, that objects hold the energy of the person, which I can’t find atm- it’s like the reason why people would have a problem ripping up a photo of their child even though it’s logically not hurting them. I was reading about it when I was purging stuff from my ex.
    I say, anything you can sell from an ex, do it and make some cash. I don’t care if it’s $20, lol.

    1. I sold a ring and a pendant that my ex gave me. It must be a scorpio energy thing to transform the item into something better. There was no way i was going to keep them but i sure as hell was going to get something out of them. And it did end up being a nominal amount of money but it was something

  34. Is that why I stopped painting? He’s a lawyer who took my painting class…he’s crazy about painting. Ive been a visual artist my entire life with a regional following. But since we’ve been broken up, I’ve lost interest in painting. I hadn’t thought of it as purging til I saw this…

  35. Elsa, your post on Scorpio may have answered my question: “The Scorpio wants to be the Scorpio…the one holding these specific power cards, so while there is…respect for other member of the same sign, theres a tendency to maintain some distance….like a turf thing!…not to say two Scorpios cannot get together… but Ive never seen Scorpio/Scorpio couple. Does a spider build a web to catch another spider? Er… no.” Did I build a web to catch another painter? Er…no.

  36. I kept a shirt my evil gf had given me. I wanted to throw it away, along with ALL memory of her but to me that was biting my nose off. So, I wore that shirt until it became totally worn-out and then I wore it to do yard work and car work. Finally, threadbare and see-through, I put it in the rag bin. It’s spent and I wrung every bit of use out of it I could. That was my revenge. Odd.

    1. Nice:) It reminds me of that scene in “Singles” where she cleans her toilet with the shirt of a guy who slept with her and then didnt call her.

      Gosh, the more i think about it, the more examples i have of how ive symbolically eliminated people from my life. In one case, i let a plant die, when betrayed by the friend who gave it to me. Shed given it to me about ten years earlier, so it was a really good representation of our friendship when it was thriving. I didnt consciously let it die, but i just couldnt give another ounce of energy to anything that had to do with her.

  37. I am a sun in pisces with moon and sun aspected by neptune, and I’m scorpio rising with mars and the moon in the eighth house, and moon trine pluto.

    I delete their number from my phone after a break up, and delete their messages and emails gradually. In time (years or months, depending on how the break up and relationship unfolded) I would sell the jewellery they gave me.

    Pretty much get rid of everything eventually. I like to have things that remind me of good stuff so if something doesn’t, I get rid of it.

    Even with a good ex boyfriend, one time I emailed him before I deleted him from my linkedin contacts: I told him that I would cherish our memories yet didn’t want to know what he was up to so I needed to delete him from my contacts. He said he understood.

    Got uranus rising (in the 12th house) too, and venus in aquarius. I move on yet eventually, with time, due to my water.

  38. Scorpio Pluto square Venus…..Scorpio Moon/Saturn tribe Cancer Venus. Pisces in 5th. I will cling onto old lovers and memories for dear life so I have to burn everything even my own image of what I looked like when I was with them. I have to change my hair and wardrobe after a break up on top of getting rid of all traces and evidence of the love now lost. I don’t want to suffer from longing or clinging.

  39. Get rid of it, stuff definitely has energy. I recently started over in a new home after a painful divorce and I got rid of almost everything when I sold my old house. Out with the old, in with the new! Jupiter in Scorpio, 2nd house.

  40. People who don’t realize the unconscious pull of others stuff are really in denial is how I see it these days. It muddies the present with ghosts. Some ghosts are good but I have under played the power of other people’s stuff especially their clothes. Only good ghost clothing for me from here on in. That goes with stuff too.

  41. Is that why I quit painting?? My ex is a lawyer who took my painting class and loves painting, but we’ve broken up and I have lost my interest in painting…it’s hurting my income!! Maybe I should I go back to school at my advanced age?? Maybe I will force myself to pick up a brush, because this association of him with my art is hurting me.

    1. My ex was a keyboard player like myself and I was in a dead marriage to another Scorpio when I got involved with this situation. Because I was getting no feedback from my then husband, I ended up getting into what I am calling an emotional form of affair as it was not physical. Sexual anyway. But it was definitely reaction to me. I was just going through my own issues and this guy was doing a form of what I am now aware was like a fake psychic doing a cold reading. I didn’t hear the stuff that was way off base i. e. “You are a liar. You hate your kids and that is why they hate you.” (After his 4 year old niece was begging me to go with her to trick or treat instead of her mommy) but I heard him say You Are Never Going to write music again.” And I started to believe when he was saying I’d never do music with him or on his own recordings because I can’t be counted on.

      I have never in 25 years had a studio session booked where I didn’t show up and play well. I have played a show with a fever of 103 and I was just believing this seriously abusive alcoholic asshole. And I was the one that had put multiple records out before I was even 30 years old, but he’s 47 and never finished the solo concept album he’d quit four bands to complete over a 14 year span.

      I let him poison my mind for 8 years. He was so f+++d up that he was jealous of a guy who assaulted me sexually in highschool or so he said on a drunken bender and I was like, that was my ENOUGH but I don’t have any songs in me. I had to get police involved when in Nov last year he physically destroyed property, attacked me, and the judge put a protective order on. In the months following, I couldn’t believe how much I had been accepting as normal and as for the Scorpio husband? He compounded it by inviting m5 piano goat to live in our spare room as a tenant and when he was acting out, now ex husband told me to go to his room and lay with him to calm him! Because I had lost a child and suffered consecutive miscarriages, my ex was just bringing me these misfit broken people to Mom and then he resented waking up to us sleep hugging. OMG I am so song constipated ? but I don’t want him to have that. He was already punishing me for the other Scorpio he’d dated for years before I was in my emotional abusive affair and he projected all the shit she did in those’cold readings’ on me because I was a Scorpio too.


      Do you paint now?

  42. Yes, I purge their energy. I dont change my appearance but yes to the sheets and the clothes. I would only keep some pictures and maybe a few momentos, only if they were attached to strictly good memories and it depends on how bad the break-up was. If it’s really bad, I’m getting it ALL out.

  43. Yeap. And it’s not even just tossed out. It’s BURNED. That helps to sever those energetic cords. Funny story— I had one long dead corpse arise after burning a poem they gave me. I’d held onto it as a memento until I decided to burn it. After years of no contact, they were suddenly writing me again. Bizarre how those things work.

    1. Primrose, he was leeching ✨Life??Force✨ out of you like a ?vampire? so when you ⚔️Cut that ⛓Cord? off he stopped getting that milk from the ( . )( . ) tities and popped up to see if he could set the ⛓Cord? again. You wouldn’t believe how ?vampirical? most people are… or maybe you’re now starting to get an idea…

  44. I get that ?Scorpio likes to absolutely kill things when they die, so to speak. I remember that many years ago, no matter how long the relationship had been, I’d kill it and move on instantly, I didn’t need any mourning period and be immediately available — and, after I aligned with the Universe and only then, the next partner would show up instantly too! ? I’ve never been frivolous or even *able* to do one night stands, always long term, I’d always give it one more chance, sometimes too many, and usually would not be the one calling it quits, I would only kill it when I realized it was dead. If it’s dead, it’s dead. That’s it.

    But about doing a purge over things that remind you of past relationship (because they’re still carrying that energy), after reading these comments, I realize why it’s so much harder for people to restart and try again as years go by, and they all end up at ?heartbroken lovers cemetery called FB exchanging memes of love & light and ‘all you need is love’, etc.. I mean, it’s crammed of 50yo and up who given up on dating and don’t know what to do with their lives so they just lay there defunct passing the time… because they’re so full of past relationships junk!

    If people do not Clear themselves from past relationships, they cannot ?Present themselves as a clean slate and the next person will have to put up with all that past filth as if s/he’s like a free therapist! Plus people can sense that filth and they just pass, look for lighter candidates.

    I should be a coach ?

    Primrose was spot on on how stuff needs to be ?burned? and the ⛓Cords? need to be severed. If there is stuff you definitely cannot get rid of then it needs a full Clearing and ⛓Cord? ⚔️Cutting treatment until it’s a neutral object. As a matter of fact, the ⛓Cord? ⚔️Cutting and emotional Clearing should be done upon receiving stuff — accepting things from others should never be so that these things may serve as portals for the presence of their Spirit, which always means their demons and bad energy state.

    Yes I avoid receiving objects, I prefer ??money ?

    Feng Shui states that things that have not been used after a year should be disposed of. Read that again.

    Remaining objects need to be neutralized energy wise and the house Cleared regularly.

    I can see how people strong on ?Cancer♋️ and ☠️Capricorn tend to be emotional hoarders and collectors, like the Egyptian scarab that makes balls of dunk and drags it wherever it goes. You’re not taking all of that with you when you die, you know. It does not enrich your Soul, actually the more emotion carrying objects occupy your energy space, *even if they’re tucked out of sight*, the less ✨Life??Force✨ / Joy is there for your Soul to have. Remember Jesus eh.

    PS: people who convert their ex-loved one’s gifts into money, then go buy something else with it, the energy is transferred to the new object. Also, investigate the Root-Cause of need to be paid for relationships and the obvious satisfaction coming from it

    Disclosure — I have lots of ?Scorpio and ????Pisces?, relatives that are hoarders.

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