Jealousy… I Love This Topic – Scorpio, The 8th House And Those Damned Italians Again!

perimeter_fence.jpgFurther comments regarding my recounting of the green skirt in the liquor store episode, it occurred to me when I wrote that piece that it would probably seem to the reader, I had this conversation with the soldier to make him jealous. I realized some would run with this (mis)information but let it go as always. I realized early on if I tried to cover the bases (i.e. my ass), my writing would be boring and you know my family motto, right?  “It is a sin to bore people.”

I was specifically taught this so when I left the blog as-is. After all, it’s only my reputation which has always been good among the good and bad among the bad my whole life long so as you can see my ass is covered.

So anyway, I did not recount that story to the soldier to make him jealous. I was reporting on the perimeter or what I’d found in the field. It was the neighborhood liquor store I was talking about and if some guy in there is going to start building a relationship with me, the soldier is going to want to know about it so he can monitor the threat. What he does not want is for me to come home in 2 months and tell him how this guy has been doing; this and this and this… and now we have a problem.

He acts in exactly the same way although this has never been discussed. It seems to be instinctual, it is a means to protect the sanctity of our relationship which smacks of Scorpio and the 8th house. If Scorpio loves you they will watch your back as well as their own and the way this unfolds is predictable.

truckin02.jpgWhen someone says or does something that even seems an attempt to undermine or to breech our bond we take stock of it.  If it was a hit and run… well okay.

But if the person thinks they are going hang around and mess with us – well look out because a truck is coming – SPLAT! And it’s comical when you consider our (Italian) roots.  What does the mafia do if you mess with their family? Think you get away with that?

I hope no one thinks I am advocating this kind of behavior because I am not. I am just reporting the way it is and I have no idea how it may or may not or should or should not be judged. I do know this:

It is not boring and therefore I’m a saint. ::smiles::

How do you deal with a person who threatens your family?

23 thoughts on “Jealousy… I Love This Topic – Scorpio, The 8th House And Those Damned Italians Again!”

  1. My sincere apologies if I have stuck my nose in too far Elsa. I re read what I wrote this morning; it seems a little probing on my behalf. You do raise some interesting questions and make poignant statements.


  2. Kingsley – that was not my impression. You were just Kingsley being Kingsley and I like your distinct contribution around here! 🙂

  3. spoken like a true scorpio. I love it! Wise gal…I have found that the current situation of families is not even worth discussing at this time. Where’s the loyalty MAN…

  4. Elsa –
    I find nothing fascinating about the mafia. It is organized crime. Many – too many – Italian families have suffered terrible losses at the hands of the mafia. We Italians have had magistrates and journalists and ordinary hard-working citizens heroically lose their lives in fighting the mafia. It is wrong to equate Italians with the mafia, it is offensive to the vast majority of honest, hard-working, law-abiding Italian citizens.
    It is wrong even as a joke. I hope you understand.

  5. Maddalena – I am sorry you were offended, it’s definitely not my intention but I stand by this blog and as a matter of fact your defending your people illustrates my point! 🙂

  6. Elsa –
    this is not your first blog on Italians and mafia. You have previously written about a supposed “mafia-like attitude” in Italians.

    There are a lot of cliches about Italians – and that’s Ok, we can laugh about them, we can also see some truth to them. But saying Italians are mafia-like is very unfair and inaccurate.

    Yes, I’m defending my people – I guess that’s supposed to be patriotic (and we Italians are often criticized for not being patriotic enough).
    But defending my fellow-citizens doesn’t make me dangerous. It is the mafia (as any other criminal organization) which is dangerous.

  7. Elsa –
    my last comment was trying to convey my opinion regarding your statement:
    “your defending your people illustrates my point”.
    I was trying to point out that I disagree: to defend the reputation of one’s people has nothing to do with mafia-code or mafia-attitude (the mafia couldn’t care less about their fellow-citizens).

    My comments were not intented to extract an apology or to expect you to do anything else – but rather to give my own opinion, which may be different from yours.

  8. This post made me smile or should I say smirk. Im a Scorpio with an 8th house stellium. I’ll defend my family til hell & back. Even if im fighting with them or mad/annoyed at them, if I find out someone has hurt or wronged them you better watch out. In fact in my own family they even joke about fighting with me and im very well known for dirty looks.

  9. Maddalena,

    Can you see this in your chart? What I notice (because I can be the same way on certain topics) is … a tendency to feel so strongly about something that I keep repeating myself. I just kind of hammer it to the point of overkill.

    If I look at I can see where, when I do this, I am wanting something from the person they are not giving me.

    Like, for example, I am fanatical on several topics, and I will share one to give an example of how this plays out in my chart.

    It is my personal opinion that electroshock “treatments” is a hideously harmful form of so called “therapy.” It happens all the time in today’s “modern” medical world, that is fact, but what is opinion, (but is fact in my well researched opinion 😉 is that it just gives people brain damage to the point they can’t remember what they are depressed about. I think that it impairs spiritual development and also ECT/EST serves as a form of social control.

    It is a gigantic conspiracy carried out between the American Psychiatric Association (these doctors make 200, 300, 400 dollars per zap, and a zap takes 5 minutes, they can line up twenty, thirty people, then go play golf all afternoon), and the various other large interest groups involved.

    Let me stop myself right here…and finish my point.

    So like, someone might make a metaphor about electroshock therapy and, say, I could go off on a screaming tangent (I am not saying you, I am saying me).

    And then they might say, “sorry I offended you” and kind of leave it at that. But that might not be good enough for me. Afterall, they did not say, “I totally agree with you Loonsounds, and you have convinced me that I should never have made that metaphor, because, you are so right how dare I make metaphors or analogies about something which is intrinsically evil like ECT/EST.”

    What I see when I do this is me wanting to control that person, specifically how they choose to communicate. It seems like a control thing linked to communication.

    Where I see this in my chart is Mercury conjunct Sun in Taurus in the second house opposite Saturn in the 8th in Scorpio with the Saturn trining this very fanatical Jupiter/ Uranus conjunction in Cancer. I also have like, five fixed placements, I am dogmatic on many topics. Of course, on those topics, I think everyone should be equally dogmatic. They are not, alas.

  10. Loonsounds –

    My original comment was blunt and direct. Although I didn’t necessarily expect to be acknowledged, I was quite surprised at the syllogism: you are commenting therefore you are proving my point.

    There are many ways to control a conversation.

  11. Syllogism? Oh, you mean applying the rules logic?

    However, as to this particular conversation, I don’t have a real vested interest in controlling at the level of the heart of the conversation. I am not Italian and, (thank God for this) have not had contact with the mafia to my knowledge. I am anti-violence; in fact I am a vegetarian Hindu convert. I am like this radical lefty that Elsa allows to speak her mind. So I am anti-violent anything, even war!

    Did I confront you too harshly Maddalena?

    Here’s the way I look at it. It’s an astrology blog, therefore, I want to talk about the astrology of how I interact on the blog as well as the content of what else is on the blog. Elsa allows that, which I think is very, very cool.

    Like, several times I have been willing to examine my own communication on the blog vis a vis my charts. Whomever else may or may not want to do the same, so be it. I love to analyze communication from an astrological perspective, and where better?

    Anyway, to move on a bit, I shall offer one more example.

    At one time, I used the word Nazi at will such as, “She/he (whatever) was acting like a real Nazi (about whatever).” OK, usually it was not a problem until one day a devoutly Jewish woman came up to me and informed me that she did not appreciate my casual use of the word.

  12. Loonsounds– imagine my chagrin at being told something similar by a friend who is the parent of a short-bus rider. yikes.
    ahhhhh, but the taboo is SO FUCKING FUNNY!

  13. One time I was doing someone’s hair and made my remark that the brain surgery gig hadn’t worked so now I was relegated to cutting on the outside of the head… and I realized I there was another cosmetologist working next to me listening to me put down our profession. I felt kind of bad, and said something about all professions being important. then I launched into a bellowing rendition of “go down Moses, way down to beauty school… tell old Pharoah to let my people go.” she just laughed. it’s hard to know where to draw the P.C. line and where it’s just humour.

  14. OMG, thinking further, Satori, I used THAT word in a 7-11 just about a week ago about the person who ruined the car merely due to poor driving ability.

  15. I’m sorry, Typo! What I meant to say is that the person ruined the car WASH machine thingy attached in the parking lot of the 7-11 due to erratic driving.

    Still, using that word might get me in trouble too. Wow, one cannot be too careful.

  16. @ satori – I had a similar conversation with my ex husband, who apparently had ridden the short bus for a while himself. I didn’t know it when I made the crack, and we’d been married for a couple years at that point and together probably 5 or so.

    But yes, the taboo is indeed pretty damn funny. I have to laugh at things or cry about them, and I’ll take laughing any day.

  17. What he does not want is for me to come home in 2 months and tell him how this guy has been doing; this and this and this… and now we have a problem.”

    I completely relate to this. This is what I do.

  18. Interesting timing this got linked today re: loyalty. Loyalty is born and bred in my people. It is just how we operate. I’ll not be testifying against, Ben, see? And he knows that. Etc. the rest of my friends. I am
    Brownsville Girl all the way.

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