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beautiful venusian bullThis is strange love but it’s very smart. I am posting this because I am inundated right now with people who are trying to make their relationships work and last (at long last). I figure someone can use these tips… this one and the other one I have on my mind for tomorrow. I got these tips from Venus-ruled Taureans who by all rights ought to know something about love.

A couple days ago the soldier told me something like this… “I really love living with you.”

I turned around and looked at him quizzically because it’s not how he talks.  “What?” I asked.  “You love what?”

“I love living here with you, Elsa.”

I stared at him just completely flummoxed.   “I don’t understand. Why do you..? That doesn’t sound like you.”

“Yes, it’s me. I love living with you, I’m very happy,” he said, stiffly.

I raised an eyebrow.  “I don’t know what you’re doing.  Is there a punch line..?”

“No, I just thought I’d tell you that…”

It sounded like bullshit but he would not tell me the punch line so I just let it go and the next day he did it again. Again, it just sounded so strange, almost wooden coming out of him so I implored him to explain and he did.

He said that he had figured out that I was extreme. I’m an over the top person where as he is just “regular”.  That’s what he calls himself… “Regular”.  Like this:

“How are you doing?”

“I’m regular..”

And he decided that I did not register regular behavior. He said he loved me but I could not tell at times because he was just regular when I was bigger than life so from now on he was going to try to express and convey his love for me in this way that is tailored to better register to me so that I can be happier and this is my point: Act like this and someone is going to love you.

What can you do to make your partner feel loved tonight?

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  1. I’m beyond demonstrative when it comes to love. I’m like that constantly, I’m not happy unless I’m expressing my love in an extreme way.

    For example, I can’t just say I love you, I have to deliberate and explain and go into details about how I love you. It’s complicated I guess, but it feels great to express myself.

  2. With respect and hopefully you will take it as a stroke Elsa. If the Soldier is living with you, he is not “regular” lol.

    I like the way your “wooden” detector lights up. Perhaps you are the most sane person in the house Elsa? Well, at least for some of the time you are.


  3. Well, he thinks he is as does my son, Kingsley. They both use that phrase and it was not rocket science to think as he would say, that “something ain’t right in the milk.” He just does not say things like that, however a couple night before we had the “argument” and I was whining some. 🙂

    As for the sanity – that would be my son. He is far and away the sanest around here – It’s a puzzle as to where he came from exactly. 😉

    one more thing:

    I am part time sane, just like I am part time smart but as I said before I can help others like crazy. People get happier and healthier just by sitting next to me so what the hell? I think this is quite a trick!
    ::takes bow and grins::

  4. ps – it occurred to me I could fall over my own ego and I would think that was a cool trick too. I say you oughta blame those Aquarian parents of mine – The freaks!

  5. Kingsley – I asked him and he confirms, “Me, Vid and Clucky – We’re all regular.”

    They are all Taurus I can tell you that, so maybe just maybe I need to be stabilized. 😉

  6. I would DIE! My first husband was a Taurus. God bless my Aquarius boyfriend who is even weirder than me. 🙂

  7. I am Taurus ascendant, so I know how good it feels to be regular! I am glad that he has confirmed his “regularity” Elsa.

    I know of another family (quite well actually) there are two Taurus boys, the grown up girl has Taurus ascendant Aquarius Sun, the mother is Cancer Scorpio rising. All children have been born to different fathers, the most recent one being Taurus. The household is crazy at the best of times and I alikenned it to a Spaceship. That all of them have Dad Dad issues.

    Occasionally I get a text message saying that the “spaceship” is flying around as usual, in a regular fashion.


  8. After an exasperating (for me) conversation with my dbl. Libra ex-husband, I called back and explained my impatience and assured him I felt completely confident he’d make the right call and that he has the situation in hand.

    Context: A little neighborhood boy likes to come play with our girl, but LNB is already a messed-up manipulating turd; both parents in jail and living with his grandmother. Dbl.L doesn’t like making waves (You Will Not Play With Our Daughter) and that drives my Aries Moon CRAZY because, as a teacher, I work with 137 fifteen year old teenagers EVERY DAY and spend most of those days making waves in their world: hard calls, defining limits, encouraging, challenging, looking out for their best interests (even if they aren’t), etc… You know the drill. So his inability to handle one six year old boy kind of blows my mind.

    Buuut…my Mars in Libra kicked in and I made the call. I figure it feels good to hear an “I know you can do this” no matter what your sun sign is.

  9. Ha. I’m Taurean. I often say little things like that, and it always sounds stupid on the way out…almost sarcastic. But I mean it. It just sounds like I’m saying it with dry mouth or something.

  10. The way I show my Aquarius Sun/Venus and Cancer ACS/Moon that he is loved is by cracking him up as much as possible and allowing him to see just how weird I really am, and also making our home as cozy as possible. A good time to us is sitting on the couch in a clean/cozy house, with some ice cream cracking eachother up. That should satisfy his sun and moon huh?

  11. awwwww, that was so sweet of the soldier to make an effort to let you know how he feels (not so easy for most guys, right?

  12. “I love living here with you, Elsa.”

    Thanks, Ana and Vid said this again last night. “I am just so happy I live with you guys,” he said. I can’t believe it. My luck that is. Do you know most boys reject the new man in the family.
    I am grateful beyond words.

  13. I’m demonstrative physically, but not verbally. My love comes out in hugs and kisses, but “i love you’s” not so much. It seems like stating the obvious, I’m almost embarrassed to do it! Don’t want to get caught looking too mushy either. I prefer to do something with/for/to them instead 🙂

    “I love living here with you, Elsa.”

    I agree, very cool move from the Soldier! I betcha you can’t be just “regular” to do Special Forces…and to make a statement like that.

    Taurus energy is so calm and peaceful. They always leave me feeling great just by being around me. And I love their food sense! Food shopping, restaurant exploring is so much fun in the company of a Taurus. They know all the best stuff!

  14. I am three planets Taurus: Sun, Mars and Jupiter and there’s nothing boring about me! (I just HAD to say this) LOL

  15. My Taurus likes to say, “Want to know how I know I love you? Because I’m doing X.” (something I thought it would be good if he did, or asked him for).

    I can’t really argue with that kind of logic!

  16. Taurus Sun conjunct Venus, 8th house. I don’t express my love in words at all, and I’m actually uncomfortable with men who do. But that has to do with more than my Taurus placements. I grew up in a family where, on an ongoing basis, words were not the truth and a lot of times were used for manipulation. So I have an odd relationship with words in my own life. On the one hand I take them very literally and know how much they can heal or hurt. On the other hand I see that healing or hurting words aren’t always the truth – sometimes it’s all bull.

    But from everything I’ve read about him on the blog the soldier is a great guy and it’s clear how much he loves you and cares for you, Elsa. I agree with Cassi that he was doing a check in and that’s awesome.

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