Jupiter Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius: Effects By House

Aquarius Water BearerTomorrow, December 21st, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will form a conjunction at zero degrees Aquarius.  At this point, it will be official – a new story has begun! 

To fare well with this event, I recommend you align with Aquarius type qualities. It’s all about liberating the free individual.

You may be afraid to try this!  These bodies have been shacked up with Pluto in Capricorn for many months. Some level of despair has been the norm. But this conjunction offers the chance to take a new (adult) path.  It’s pretty exciting!

Check the house in your chart where the conjunction falls.  Here are some ideas for how you might approach this:

  • Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius – 1st house – How do you assert yourself in this world? How to you present? What do you represent? Come out of the closet. Liberate yourself!
  • Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius – 2nd house – Poor self-esteem? Shock people by changing your story. Confidence in regards to building wealth and self-worth. Update what you consider to be “valuable”.
  • Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius – 3rd house – Integrity to preach your truth. Shocking ideas that benefit humanity.
  • Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius – 4th house – Expanding and solidifying your family and your security.  Also, try committing to feeling (cautiously) optimistic.
  • Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius – 5th house – Commit to get out more and have some fun. I’m talking about sunshine and outdoor sports! Creative innovation is also indicated.  As my double Aquarian mother would say, “Don’t be a pill!”
  • Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius – 6th house – Expand your presence in the workplace. Be consistently responsible, generous & helpful. Start a trend!  Also get on on health kick., Come on! Why not?
  • Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius – 7th house – Opportunity for serious relationship, particularly if you’re willing to reinvent yourself and/or look for a different kind of partner.
  • Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius – 8th house – Oh my!  Liberate yourself from your pathology. I’m taking about negative ways that are killing you over time.
  • Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius – 9th house – Expand your knowledge and your reach. Open doors and learn. Open doors for others as well.
  • Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius – 10th house –  You’re on top right now. Set a good example for humanity!  You may reinvent your job or your public image.
  • Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius – 11th house – Do your “wishes, hopes and dreams” need an update? You are not a CLONE!
  • Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius – 12th house – Pray for wisdom and guidance. Expect to be surprised by the answers.

Where does the Jupiter Saturn conjunction fall in your chart? How will you use this energy?

89 thoughts on “Jupiter Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius: Effects By House”

    1. Astrologers have predicted a trump win. Something about his numerical vibration fitting the numerical vibration of America or something like that. And then there is some kind of election day moon/people thing that went on. I could not make much sense out of it.

        1. Thanks for your take. I don’t know anything astrologically about it. To me, the outcome will tell me whether the US presidency is still relevant or not. If there is a celebrity head of government again with unqualified people again, power to get things done will go local. Don’t know how people will feel in the long run about paying fed taxes though. My local focus will be water quality. Perfect for my cancer moon. It’s all about the water with me. So what happens with the election is what happens. Jupiter Saturn in Aquarius here I come.

        2. Jvr, have you looked at pelosi’s chart for around the inauguration in case they don’t get their act together in time for that? No president, then what? That would generate some squawking.

    2. I don’t do mundane astrology. I’m not interested in it. I’m not interested in celebrities, either, except once every ten years or so.

      Matter of fact, I’ve never even glanced at either man’s chart so I would leave this to people who have looked into it.

  1. 3rd. I do not intend to shock though. And I’ve learned not to preach. I value my life in the backwoods. Too much anger and guns. I have to live here.

    However, yes present past is over, present future is here.

  2. Notch, reading the astrologers predictions , it was a mixed bag.
    Some Biden/Scorpio, some Trump/Gemini. However, it seems Harris/Scorpio? chart is on FIRE!!!!
    Side note, supposedly one of the most luckiest alignments is
    Sun Trine Jupiter. They BOTH (T & B) have it, (in different houses)
    Please Elsa, astrologers & fans, chime in!!!!!! I even want to know what Mr. P thinks!
    What a day this is going to be!!!!

    1. Oh dear, Harris is another scorpio? She’ll get put through the wringer just like Hillary. But they still stand tall, them scorpio women, don’t they? They be worker bees. Buzz buzz.

      1. I believe Harris is a Libra, no? I’ve always felt that her Sun sign suits her – she seems like someone who pursues justice and fairness in all things.

        1. Whew!!! If she was VP I would hate to have to witness all the trashing of another scorpio woman. So heartless and painful.

          1. I definitely agree with that! Scorpio women are really misunderstood. I have to admire their strength in dealing with it… 🙁

        2. Yes, Alex, finally took time to look up her chart. She is a libra. I misread what Char wrote. Well, that’s one potential debacle I won’t have to suffer through. And she is one of those uranus pluto conjunct people heading toward a second saturn return. Now that I know she is a libra, I have to look at her partnership status. Can’t imagine an unpartnered libra. None that I know anyway.

          1. Oh goodness! Is the second Saturn Return usually easier? She’s a real role model to me, always seems to be so graceful no matter what she is put through. I hope it will be a positively transformational time for her!

            And indeed, she is married! 🙂 I believe he is also a Libra, Doug. I think they’re an adorable pair – he’s a real cheerleader for her, haha! ^^

            1. My second return just made me feel real glad I made the changes I did around the time of my first return. The time between the 1st and 2nd I found to be alotta work. By the 2nd I felt trimmed down, more defined, and more accepting of who I am. Like, it is what it is. I yam what I yam. Of course, saturn had progressed to sag. And my sag NN had progressed to scorpio. My sagginess grew roots. Took me awhile to get rid of the itch to drop everything and go somewhere new. It’s not even a distant memory any more.

    2. We won’t know the winner This week because mercury is just turning direct this week. It’s direct that day so I would say whoever wins it won’t be overturned. But then again states voted before nov 4 that was mercury retrograde they may need a recount. But the astrology shows last time it was retrograde on the election there was a recount! As for Jupiter /Saturn out of cap away from my 25 degree moon and into Aquarius looking fed to new beginnings . My best friend who just past away this sept Had his sun at 0 Aquarius…it’s my 3rd house I believe unless it’s second /third cusp. But I’m ready for whatever the new world could bring after the shit show 2020 has been.

      1. Thank you so much. I will re-read this response … see what I can do to get and send you a link to *a picture* of my chart, as well as work thru the links.

  3. Please, what if my ascendant is in the very last minutes of Cancer, but whole sign it will fall in my 8th house. Can someone tell me? My whole life has been turned inside out and upside down and I’m really struggling here and I don’t know what I’m in for next. Thank you so much ???

    1. ” if my ascendant is in the very last minutes of Cancer,”
      This means the Jupiter Saturn Pluto conjunction is conjunct your descendent. No wonder it’s been so devastating.

      You can consolidate your losses now and head toward a different future.

      1. Yes, it had been a weird summer, since June, but at the beginning of October it was like a nuclear bomb went off in my marriage. I couldn’t make it all up if I tried. He’s asking for forgiveness, and repenting, but still catching him in lies. I’m so lost here, I can’t live like this, I think I’ll just take the rest of today and cry ?
        Thank you for your Reply Elsa, many blessings to you ?????

    2. I’m in a similar setup. Both planets are conjunct my DSC, and 29deg Capricorn Mercury too.
      My way of thinking and communicating has helped in the upheaval of changes subsuming my life. I hope the same can happen for you.

      1. Thank you DarkAquarian (Aqua Moon here ?) yes, it has definitely spotlighted communication, I’ve realized my husband and I have always been in fight or flight communication with each other, this Stellium has also squared my Libra Saturn/Pluto conjunction and will soon square my sun/Venus in early Scorpio ? more fun and games, I just want some peace, it’s exhausting. Blessings to you on your journey ???

  4. It is my 4th house.double conjunctions of jupiter by saturn in aquarius.transit and natal. I have got my plan for 2021.where is what

    Thank you Elsa Elsa.

  5. 12th house. I have done nothing but try to be wise these past months and am ready for some big action! Have to wait it out I guess.

  6. Just in my fifth house… and progressed Moon just crossed into my fifth house ten days ago… I am SO ready for some serious liberation, creativity, and FUN!

    1. Oops, meant to say that my progressed Moon just entered Aquarius ten days ago… (it crossed my 5th house cusp at 28d30 Cap about a month earlier)… and trines my natal 1st house Uranus on 0 Libra… so yeah… liberation is key right now!

  7. 1st house!

    I know what you mean. Oh, the bomb….. Oh. The. Bomb.

    It will be terrifying and vulnerable to lift the veil – but liberation?

    Perhaps. From my own expectations I guess. Finally free to just be me. Feels a bit like I am Elsa to be honest…. #LetItGo
    Still, I don’t know if people will misunderstand what I am, and still judge me.

  8. Dear Elsa thank you so much! My Asc is 4 Aqua opposite Mars and Saturn. Thanks for indications. Both for 12th house and 1st house it should work for me.

    1. Like Alice, I have a 5 degree Aquarius ASC. The Great Conjunction will also impact both my 12H and 1H. This summer (due to the quarantine), I did a lot of reading and imagining of my “next act.” With the start of the new year, I’ll forge ahead in a fresh direction. It’s time.

  9. It’s my Saturn Return (0 degrees Aqua) and Jupiter is my chart ruler! It falls in my second house and I hope my property sells and I make a killing haha.

  10. This falls in my 3rd House and it will conj Jupiter in Jupiter in Libra in my natal 11th. I have no idea what to expect but can guess something to do with communication with groups that have a humanity bent to them. Funny though as I am kind of a loner so and not big on clubs. With Zoom it has been easier for me to attend group things though that do interest me so maybe more of that coming?

  11. I’m excited because this will fall in my 7th house, and form a grand trine with my Mercury in Gemini, and my husband’s Sun in Libra. I like it!

  12. I love the idea of Saturn-Jupiter in Aq! BUT while still in my 12th, it will oppose nPluto in the 6th at 5*. Then cross my ASC when exactly conjunct at 7*. Then, there’s Pluto opp Pluto to look forward to! So-o-o-o. . .

  13. My son has been diagnosed with MS in July, he was born in 81 with a Jupiter saturn conjunction in his first house. It’s now in his 4th, same as me. I will be caring for him cause his wife moved on. One of my grandchildren had a very serious motorcycle accident nearly lost his leg.
    Ah yes, my progressed venus was retro since 1978 turned FF in 0 Aquarius in March, still there in December to receive the conjunction. I don’t know, it can go either way, I survived a lot of crap and my Sag sun and first house Jupiter have pulled me though. Bless that mercury in capricorn too, feet stay on the earth….mostly.

    1. Good evening, Su! This is to tell you that I have read what you have written, and pray that you are helped in every way and that God bless you, your son and your grandchild. I live in Brazil. I will be thinking of you and be sending you strength with my empathy and sympathy. You are very special Su! I admire and respect you.

  14. Dear Elsa, thank you so much for these “house by house” posts. They are succinct and informative. Very enjoyable. Added bonus, always POSITIVE!?

  15. The conjunction is in my 4th house. No way I can expand, in fact, I must downsize. But this might solidify – less is better?
    I will try to be cautiously optimistic, but it’s not easy.
    A least your interpretation gives a little upbeat hope!

  16. Wow, what a year this has been. First, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is exactly conjunct my natal Saturn at the beginning of this year (what an exciting Saturn return), and now this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21st is going to be exactly conjunct the cusp of my 6th house, which is 0 degrees Aquarius.

    All I can say is, I’ve really been through the mill this year. I’ve been through some difficult stuff over the last 10 years, but nothing compares to the massive Tower moment in January that has caused endless painful ripples for me throughout 2020. I mean, I know it has been unbelievably hard for everyone this year with the pandemic going on. But with the personal things I’ve had happen as well, it’s something of a wonder to me that I’m still here. I’ve never considered myself to be very strong. Really just praying that this exact conjunction isn’t going to be a negative or a moment of utter destruction, as the Saturn-Pluto was at the beginning of the year. I’ve just gotta pray it will be an obvious positive…

    1. Alex I can’t begin to imagine how your year has been with your Saturn stuff. I had some crazy placements but nothing to do with Saturn. I wish you the best and I know for a fact you were not alone in what you’ve gone through. I’m sure you felt alone like everyone else this year because it seems that this year was all about figuring things out on our own.

      1. Thanks so much for your comment! <3 I really appreciate it, and it helped to hear your words.

        I think it was harder for me because I have physically been alone this whole year as well. My best friend exited stage left once the personal disaster started getting worse for me, and I've been alone since. I guess it's true when they say that hard times show us who our real friends are. The trouble seems to be that despite all the people I know, I have none at all. 🙁 I honestly think having just one someone who cared about me would have helped to make it through. I'm really just praying that this upcoming exact conjunction will be a positive, and an OBVIOUSLY positive one – not like one where something awful happens at first, but eventually it gets better. If that makes sense. I just don't think I can handle any more major upsets before something good finally happens. And the reason I wrote here is because while I'm extremely interested in astrology and follow it faithfully, I still don't really know what certain aspects or transits mean, or how they will play out, so I just can't help but be worried.

        Take care of yourself too, because indeed you are right, this year has been so hard for everyone!

  17. I’m curious how this might affect zero degree placements. I feel guilty asking because my natal sun is at zero degree Leo and with Aquarius opposite but I have a good amount of trepidation. Why the trepidation? I had uranus and pluto issues that started at the end of 2019 a major events happened. Terrifying car accident, vehicle loss, couldn’t work and ex decided he couldn’t handle it. It was the best thing that could if happened but traumatic.

    1. Goodness, that’s all awful…unbelievably traumatic. 🙁 I really feel you on the trepidation. I hope the zero degrees placement of this conjunction will be a positive for you, and provide something beautiful to look forward to in the upcoming year!

      1. Thank you for that beautifully positive response. I’m ready to roll with the punches, go with the flow, or just chill and be open to what happens. I’m hoping for a positive as well. I’m doing good now and just getting slowly back into life. Honestly when everything locked down in 2020 it was a relief for me since I was dealing with PTSD and a concussion. Everyone is going through so much and for many this years events have been traumatic. I know I’ve had it easier than what many others are dealing with.

  18. This is my third house, conjunct venus at 1st degree ♒. And later on mercury at 5th degree. I would be so looking forward to jupiter on my venus, but being paired with saturn, I’m not sure anymore. I usually speak the schocking truth (uranus on ac),but didn’t do me much good.

    1. I know the shocking truth problem. 9th house uranus sextile mercury. We can really shred, can’t we? Yikes. Best not to go there. It takes time to phrase. I have a funny friend who has been in high management positions and she will talk about her work disputes and say I told them this or that. And I always ask her, did you really say that? Well not like that, she tells me. Then I ask for how she phrased that. She is a master of mental re-interpretation of what she thinks into what she says so that it is palatable for her audience. I think her mars is in gemini. So she can think on two levels?

      1. She is a uranus trine mercury in aries as well as mercury in aries sextiling mars in gemini. It must be the trine that gives her her mental mastery? That quickeness. But what about the funny? Example, we are all standing looking at a field of sheep and saying how cute the little lambs are. Her response, mmmm lamp chops! It made us laugh. She is also great at inventing new phrases.

        1. Well my Mars is also in ♊, but mercury square uranus, so I don’t have much tact when I talk to people. Thankfully I learned over the years to hold my tongue and speak my truth in a gentler way.

  19. New story @ Zero Degrees Aquarius is mid-way through my 1st House; and mid-way through my husband’s 5th House (conjunct his Natal Jupiter which is @ 29 degrees). Get out of my closet, with my hubby who ought to be having more fun. Sounds like a great new beginning for Winter Solstice, 2020.

  20. A 0 degree unaspected Leo sun in the 4th, so in opposition from the 10th? Would that just give more push to your synopsis?? A little nervous.

  21. The Jupiter/Sat conj. Dec 21, is conj. my Prog. Sun,at 28 deg 26 Capricorn, and my Prog. Juno and natal Lilith both at 1Aq…4th House Natal chart/2nd House Progressed chart.

    Whew..not sure what to expect, but feel hopeful.

    1. I just found out the conjunction will happen at 0 degrees Aquarius in my third house. Sounds like a wonderful new chapter is approaching. So looking forward to it.

  22. Jupiter Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees aqua – same place the sun will be on Inauguration Day. Anyone have any thoughts about this?

  23. Avatar
    Nathaniel Price

    My Ascendent is 0’59” Aquarius. Anyone have any thoughts on what this might mean for me. I know technically the conjunction is still in my 12th house but without it being so close will it effect first house as well?

      1. Ok so i meant 1’59 Aquarius would you still read it for the first since it will still be so close to my ascendent?

  24. This conjunction lands right on my Midheaven!!! I am super excited. I have spent the last 7 years on a wild, painful, magnificent Hero’s Journey and I brought back gifts to share with humanity. I have never felt more free … Eagle Energy!!!

  25. Thank you for your interpretations Elsa 🙂 …

    In Equal house, the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction will be just inside my 8th house. While Pluto will still be in my 7th house.

    I’m hoping for something positive to come of this. ?

  26. 26 degree Cancer rising here with all this crazy happening on/around my descendant. However what I’m really curious about is the 0 degree Aquarius conjunction on the 21st is squaring my natal Pluto in the 4th house at 0 degrees Scorpio. What can manifest?

    1. You and are have VERY similar charts.
      I have a 25 deg Cancer ASC, Pluto in Scorpio, 4th house (2 degree).
      I’m unsure about you, but I have been on a sabbatical from working etc since 2018: unemployed since Feb of last year and more.
      Relationships have evaporated, new people come and go, my life is becoming more public and I more confident in my plans and desires. Taking responsibility is a factor.

      Have you found yourself bereft yet pining for a relationship? I have but it had died down quite a bit.

  27. Hello! I’m a little bit scared for this conjunction.
    It falls in my 3rd house but make a square to my natal Uranus from 11th house.
    Last time , in june 2000 when it happen, was square to my natal Mars and I started a project on that time, which collapsed a few months later…
    Can anybody tell, in a few words what should I expect this time? I think is a little late to ask, but still…

  28. In my 6th. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling more detached from work. Which is probably a good thing in my case. I could’ve had a stroke or something. Lol.

  29. Avatar

    It’s in my 9th house, really close to my midheaven, which looks like it’s at 3 degs ? Would it mean that it’s conjunct? Maybe it means I look at both 9th & 10th house. More work to do…. Maybe I’ve got to stand up & do more.

  30. “Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius – 12th house – Pray for wisdom and guidance. Expect to be surprised by the answers.”
    Thank you, dear Elsa, that’s exactly what I need to do now.
    Sending you love and blessings!

  31. I have Saturn 23°16’03, in Capricorn at the end of my 10 house stationery direct, with Jupiter 27°29’28, also in Capricorn in the 11 house direct,

    I am wondering how this conjunction in Aquarius works upon me? Thank you. I am Libra sun, with Mars, Mercury, Neptune in Scorpio, – all in the 6th house, and I have a loaded 7th house, and I am Aries rising, Leo moon (in the 5th hse), true node leo.
    I am 59 – which report would you recommend I get? Thank you Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!

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