The Jupiter Saturn Conjunction In Aquarius: 200 Year Cycle – Age Of Air

saturnOn Dec 21st, Saturn and Jupiter will meet each other in the sky immediately after both planets move into Aquarius. Most of us have heard that this is important, but few people know just how big a deal it is. It’s not just the ending of the cardinal clash of 2020. It’s the dawn of an entirely new era.Jupit

When Saturn and Jupiter conjunct each other, those conjunctions happen in the same element for about 200 years, then move to the next element, eventually creating an 800-year cycle. For the last 200 years, Saturn and Jupiter have only met each other in earth signs. And in just a few days, we’ll begin a new 200-year period in air signs.

These cycles have an enormous effect on the world at large. Think about the way the world has changed since the early 1800s. The Industrial Revolution began, and social structures were built to support and expand the importance of money, business, and the accumulation of material things. From the emergence of modern corporations to the Victorian knickknack craze to rampant consumerism, the last two centuries have been decidedly rooted in the tangible. They’ve been, well, earthy.

And now we enter the Age of Air. To get a sense of what we might be in for, it’s important to look back to the last cycle in the 13th and 14th centuries. During this period, there were a number of innovations regarding communication and information.

  • The Mongol empire spread across Asia and Europe, reestablishing the Silk Road and reconnecting the two continents through trade and exchange of ideas.
  • Manuscript Culture was born in Europe as people became more invested in preserving and disseminating knowledge.
  • In Italy, they even created a system in which people could rent small sections of manuscripts to copy, essentially creating the first mass-market books.
  • Eyeglasses were invented.
  • And in a very literal manifestation, use of windmills exploded in Europe and Asia.

During that period, information and ideas were flying around with wild abandon, connecting people and cultures across the globe. This also roughly coincided with the last Great Cardinal Reset, which I’ve discussed before. The Great Cardinal Reset – Nov 4th, 2020 | ElsaElsa

As we enter this new age, it’s clear that big changes are on the horizon. And these changes bring up big questions about the future of humanity. If the last period connected people across the globe, what might this period entail? At what point do we stop organizing ourselves by nation and start looking to global or ideological bases for our identities?  If the 13th century created a new and lucrative system for spreading information, what does that mean for our economy? Will we see knowledge and information-based labor entirely replace manual and in-person labor? If the last period meant the spread of windmill technology, will ours mean reliance on renewable energy like wind turbines? Will we build on the invention of eyeglasses by expanding into cybernetics? And finally, will we increasingly eschew face-to-face relationships in favor of becoming Zoom Zombies?

With so many epochal changes happening at once, there’s no telling exactly how it will shake out. But one thing’s for sure: Change is coming.

Are you excited for the new Age of Air? What do you predict for the next 200 years?

16 thoughts on “The Jupiter Saturn Conjunction In Aquarius: 200 Year Cycle – Age Of Air”

  1. Let’s all fart in celebration 😀

    I just saw a post that said something like ‘Borders Are Over (If You Want It)’.. ringing in the year with John Lennon

  2. Personal freedom will prevail ~ the crowd will not be followed and the ‘pushed’ social engineering will no longer be tolerated.

    A third political party will be formed ~ out with the two older models.

  3. As an Aquarius Rising, last week, I had a vision of a horizon with dark clouds and the word CHANGE in huge letters out there. This week, the vision returned and the word CHANGE was expanding across the entire sky.

    I believe a lot of rebellion will take place against governments as in people will just ignore them and do as they please. People will find ways around rules and regulations and start taking care of their own business without seeking help from mainstream sources.

    Famous folks won’t matter one bit to the Aquarian ideals and hero worship will fall away. Aquarian is humanitarian and loves humanity, but they don’t really care for people. The Aquarian can exist inside a bubble without human contact for quite a long time. It will be interesting to see the beginnings of these things.

    We are watching history being made.

    1. No human contact like lock downs..

      I think it will not be rebelluon against but some sort of uprise of governments becoming more aware and humanitarian. Things we thought were normal will surface and everyone (in the gouvernement) will be like we didnt see it, why didnt we see it..

  4. Funny actually, because I plan on shutting down the computer for awhile and relying solely on my throw away flip phone. Do you think I will suffer withdrawls? I think disconnect will be okay. With chiron in aquarius, I have always been on the outside. Felt that way, anyway. Walking in silence through the cold air. I like that picture Where Do I Go From Here on this page. I can relate. Not to where do I go, but just the picture. It captures what I am experiencing.

  5. I’m looking forward to this – I have Gemini ascendant, MC in Aquarius, stellium in Libra, but I have no idea how this will pan out globally but from a personal view I’ll be using technology to meet people all over the world on the subject of my artistic interests. I’m air dominant so I’m raising a glass to the Jup-Sat conjunction. Great article Midara, full of info and inspiring food for thought.

  6. The Star: bringing it home…. there is only one humanity….no more blaming or saying ‘they’ or ‘them’…..this is accountability/responsibility (saturn) and with that lesson the future (uranus) – in all it’s glory, including all, excluding none in ways unimaginable to the current ‘bootstraps’ mentality…

  7. Lol! Zoom zombies – great term. I hope we don’t become glued to our screens forever when it comes to meetings and other forms of interaction. I taught a lot of uni courses via Zoom during our lockdown here in Australia. Many of our students are very keen to get back to face to face learning, which I think really does encapsulate that air focus. Our division is also recommending that we also became face to face meetings as well so that we build on human relationships and exchanging of ideas. I must say that the ol’ mosaic effect of watching people on screen with little or no eye contract as distraction; likewise, I am not so sure that seeing into people’s home is that great for privacy. I think my work colleagues have had enough of seeing how untidy my home office is.
    That being said, I am so grateful that we have been able to use technology to get things done and to still maintain some iota of connection, and to also stop the spread of COVID. Big, huge hugs to everyone in the world, I hope things mend soon. Jupiter in Aquarius seems to be all about optimism to me!

  8. Remember people used to say to is airy types it’s bad for you to stay in your head. You need to get out. Bla Bla.
    So I guess we learned that and, we know we love to run or rode a bike, swim, making you feel like flying.

    About communication… ANIMALS. Fi. Google “what about Bunny” or “hunger for words” or acc animal buttons. Animals are quite succesfully able to use buttons to play audio of words.

      1. Not only that, but she keeps saying the only reason it is possible is because the most important thing is listening and the desire for a deep and meaningful connection.
        And that this was possible all along we just weren’t listening.
        Remember when scientist said animals can’t empathize..

        I think we will see the deeper sides of the air signs. Ive read a comment of a man on the forum of linda goodman, long time ago. He said that he was so surprised air signs were portraited as shallow. He said that if you get to know fi gemini, really know you see an amazing soft side and he named them gentle and sensitive.
        So I think this is the same for aquarius and libra.
        Where aq is portraited like humanitarian but does not like people, and libra as a pleaser and vein, or harsh and cocky, I think for air signs to adjust to earth, maybe it makes the air a bit dry after a while. 😉

        So do you think all the elements were led by earth those 200y, apart from other cycles ofcourse.
        So that would mean feelings were a bit muddy, and passion solid,.
        Now feelings will clear up and flames can burn, but what if air gets strong. Big waves, high flames. I am not sure what it does for earth, re-oxigenate?

  9. The resistance to being ruled by global corporations, untra-wealthy plutocrats taking ownership of governments. and corporate lobbyists actually writing the laws passed in the US Congress, has already begun. There will be wars, whose outcomes will be determined by 1. Weapons coming from the air … 2. Propaganda … 3. Electronic subversion. …4. The4 implementation of science based govts and solutions to climate change. Air will generate inventions that protect us from water, damaged earth and food supplies, pollutee air and out of control fires and passiuonate partisan tribal feuds.

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