Last Chance For A Happy Marriage? Venus and Saturn in Aspect

Taurus Art Bull

Dear Elsa,

I was engaged to a foreigner until he broke it off in March of 2004 (Beware the Ides of March) because he wasn’t ready to remarry so soon after his divorce. The lesson I learned was that despite the unhappy ending, there ARE men who treat women with respect, love and generosity. However, they seem to be few and far between, and I’m not getting any younger.

I was happily single until that relationship. Then I discovered what I had been missing, and now I want more of it. I really loved being part of a couple, caring and being cared for, sharing common goals for a future together. Now I feel like I’m back to square one, with no direction, totally stuck.

Was that my last chance for a happy marriage?

Marriage Minded

Dear Marriage Minded,

No, hell no. I don’t care how old you are, that was not your last chance for a happy marriage. But you have a Taurus Moon and I do think you’re stuck. So I am going to try to un-stick you if you don’t mind. And I am going to do this by erasing your reality and replacing it with mine, like this:

In your reality, this last relationship was “a chance for a happy marriage”. In my reality, it was not that at all. How was that a chance? The guy was a nice guy but he did not want to get married! So obviously there was no chance for a marriage. So the idea this was some boat you missed… well to quote astrologer, James Braha, it was a “mistake of your intellect”.

So now that we know it was not a “last chance for a happy marriage”, then what was it?

Well in my reality and in my language, this guy was an agent of the universe. He came into your life to let you know that yes, in fact you do want to be in a relationship. You do want to love and give, and get and have.

And it sounds like he taught you a little about this as well, so we can thank him for that. But he was still just passing through. He is not the man for you, but the man who shows you that you want a man! Get it?

So now here you are. And if you will release the idea this guy was the one who got away and embrace the idea that he has delivered you to the doorstep of the next man, the right man… well things start looking very different, don’t they?

So this is my advice. Let go of the man that’s gone and look to the horizon. And do so with confidence and I’ll you why. It’s because you are wide open. It’s clear from your mail that you have an open loving heart and I have to believe someone is going to want a piece of that. And you’re going to have to believe the same!

And this task is one of the major lessons in your chart by the way. You have Venus (Love) mashed up with Saturn (delay, restriction, fear). And if you let it, this will manifest in a negative way. “No one will ever love me…”

On the other hand, if you work it what you get is real (Saturn) love (Venus). Mature love. Committed love… etc.

And judging by your mail, you are quite prepared for the latter.

Good luck.


3 thoughts on “Last Chance For A Happy Marriage? Venus and Saturn in Aspect”

  1. There’s so much in this that is reflective of me right now, even though I wasn’t the letter writer. I’ve always believed that people can pass through our lives with a lesson, but I kinda excluded myself and found myself mourning each and every loss.

    I’ve grown up a little bit, and I’m really beginning to see.

    Excellently done, Elsa.

  2. Keep your chin up, there are a few good guys left who will commit!It probably seems to you like none will.You just need to find one who is looking for the same things in life.DONT GIVE UP!!

  3. i found really good love, and respectful men after my first saturn return. currently married to a good man.
    but i’m glad to have found the bad type of men too, the cheaters and drug addicts and wife beaters, because it gave me a sense of understanding others in that situation as well.

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