Liars Of The Zodiac – They Come In All Types And Sizes

leg wrestling“You think I am afraid of you?” I asked the soldier.

“Yeah, sometimes I think you’re afraid to tell me things. I don’t know why since you can kick my ass.”

“Is that you telling me you are going to lie about me beating you leg wrestling? Are you going to lie about that?”

“Depends on who’s there, I guess.”

I laughed. ‘You have those skinny legs.”

“I know and I’m embarrassed of them. And your legs… well they are something else.”

“Well lie if you must, I was there. And there are things I am afraid to tell you.”

“I know.”

“Why do you think that is?”

“It’s just how you are.”

“Yeah. Yeah it is. I pretty much hide everything I can from you.”

“I know you do.”

“I’m glad you know and I glad it’s not a problem because I am bound to keep doing it.”

“I know, and no it’s not a problem. You just keep being, P.”

Is this lying by omission? How forthcoming are you?

13 thoughts on “Liars Of The Zodiac – They Come In All Types And Sizes”

  1. Ehh, I don’t know where anyone gets the idea that if you care about someone you are obligated to tell them absolutely everything at all times… then again, I’m a a Scorpio, so I guess that explains that response.

  2. I suppose I feel secretive if I don’t tell somebody everything that is particularly on my mind. I have a very great need to feel connected … it is difficult for me to lie and I am no good at it at all.

  3. it depends on what’s relevant. i don’t care what people hold back as long as they don’t keep any information i need or ask for (without a really darn good reason.)

  4. I’ve read that your north node in the first house makes for a liar. Something about the image and maintaining it.
    Keeping secrets is a survival mechanism for the id. The lying ego is a keeping face mechanism we use in public. Maybe if we all went around blurting exactly how we feel and talked about every skeleton in our closet, the secrets wouldn’t seem so bad to others or ourselves anymore and we would lose the weight of them on our psyche. Let’s try it–Everyone, on your marks, get set,— CONFESS!!

  5. to me lying by omission is intentionally giving the wrong impression by leaving things out. but mostly, it’s not like you’re required to say everything on your mind for godsakes!

  6. goddess- sure it’s not required, but what would happen if we ALL did?? Would it break the chains and bring us together?? Aren’t the fears of being exposed what really keeps human beings apart. We all want to be accepted for our good traits and so we dont tell of our bad ones. What if our TRUE face was all we had? Wouldn’t we have to be more accepting and less judgemental?? What a great burden to lift from society!!

  7. I don’t feel like telling everyone everything, not least because a larger percentage of people than not wouldn’t give two shits what really is on my mind.
    I mean, what good is it to humanity if I reveal my fear of being rejected? I feel I would be far more productive in channeling that fear into directing my behaviour in a certain way. Rather than telling people I am scared of being rejected, I just accept them. I don’t reject them. Etc etc

  8. kashmiri
    The point is NOT to care if more or less people gave a shit about your truths. Whether someone cares or not is their choice. The id is your TRUE self, in all its splendor. Your ego is the liar that plays the game of hiding your truths because of fear; fear of people not giving a shit or fear of rejection. If you accept your fears and faults to the point of not caring when they come up in conversation, you are living your truth, not your ego.

    Fear is personal but its universal. Your voice isn’t loud enough to tell everyone at once.

    No one can reject you anyway, unless you choose to be rejected. You’re in charge of your own feelings. If you want to be offended, go ahead. If not, choose another response.

    We are all connected and there are things about ourselves that we love and we hate. We only like to share the stuff we love. Why else would we get so caught up in the right and wrong of everyone else to prove to ourselves over and over that we are ok? Cause everyone else is fucked up too. If we stopped judging each other, there would be no need for ego – or lies.

    The fact that this blog has been up as long as the Scorpio amputation blog proves my point. There are 8 comments here and 33 people logged on to either brag about their scorpioness or bash them. People would rather bash someone or brag about themselves than show a vulnerablilty in themselves.

    “Realize that the other person IS you” – Rumi

  9. Yes, Rhonda, beautifully put, and I agree with you.
    But do you see what I’m saying about not choosing to feel rejected, but instead also choosing to not reject any other person? Thta’s my focus; that’s what I’m saying. I agree with everything you’re saying. But to be honest, I feel I have moved beyond questions of how to break the barriers between myself and others. Frankly, I feel that I have found a choice.
    This choice reflects my 9th House Libra–my North Node is conjunct Pluto. I’m eliminating ‘the chatter’ so to speak. And that is not to criticize what you wrote, because it’s beautiful. I feel I live as Rumi suggests: I have realized the other person is me.
    And so I turn down the volume on the ‘these are my fears’ buttons and instead relate through a different approach: loving others as I love myself.
    Much respect to you.

  10. Kudos and respect to you as well. You are correct. We should all attempt to love others as ourselves. The problem is that most people don’t love themselves. They know that they have faults and instead of accepting these things in themselves and others, their focus is on the qualities that make them good and others not as good. That is why I challenge them to confess. To come to a realization that self is the other person and move away from fear. They are wasting energy on lying and bashing and bragging. It’s easier for people to be about the problem rather than the solution, which is what you say —Love of self and also the other. Peace!

  11. Kashmiri, I’m amazed at the similarities in our charts! My NN misses joining my powerhouse-Pluto-conjunction by one degree. I’m kinda glad it doesn’t, that stellium hits everything but one other planet as is. 🙂

    On topic:
    Personally, I’m not a liar. I won’t tell my every thought, but I live true to my ideals and I’m honest if anyone asks (sometimes too honest, actually). No regrets, no masks. I’m me, that’s all.

  12. I like reading these old posts. I’ve actually switched to equal houses, which puts my NN and Pluto in the 10th. My chart makes more sense to me now. I thought it was 9th House interested in religion, but likely it is my Sagittarius ASC. There is a LOT of Sagittarius in my family

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