Libra Wonders Why’s She’s Unhappy With Jupiter In Her Sign

librapurseniceGood morning Elsa!

When Jupiter entered Libra I thought at last a reason to smile, a reason to live. It hasn’t happened, instead I feel worthless, tired,
hopeless! I’ve been under the weather for about a month, can’t shake whatever has a hold on me, I’m lonely and as much as I’m not ready to die, I don’t believe I’d put up much of a fight with the Grim Reaper were it to appear!

Yet I have a strong desire to do something I’ve not done in years, that being celebrating Christmas. Amidst my feelings of loneliness and worthlessness, I have a strong desire to decorate and cook for the holiday season.

Confused in Atlanta, GA

Hi, Confused. There is a really good explanation for this! What you’re dealing with is life, with all it’s complexity.

Your Sun is part of a stellium in Libra. I can understand your hope that Jupiter entering your sign would bring you joy and happiness. This may very well still come to pass. But Jupiter is not the only planet transiting your chart!

Pluto in Capricorn is squaring your stellium in Libra. This explains your “Grim Reaper” comment. Pluto is messing with your Sun and Neptune in Libra. It’s no surprise it occurs to you to escape (Neptune) via death (Pluto).

Perhaps even worse, Saturn is transiting your Moon in Sagittarius. This is why you feel so lonely and depleted! You also have Chiron in Sagittarius conjunct your Moon. It makes sense you feel it’s all unfixable…yet!

Yet, you see light ahead. And there is light ahead!

By Christmas time, Saturn will have moved beyond your Moon. The depression will be lifting. Jupiter will be deeper into Libra expanding your natural affability, and desire to make things pretty (Libra). So what you really have here is proof you’re (vitally) alive. You’re alive on all these levels. You have to admit it’s pretty cool. And funny, for your Sagittarius, or at least I hope you’ll see it this way…

“I was going sacrifice my life force, give up my will to life, but then I realized, Santa was coming and I’d better make some cookies!”

Here’s an idea. Think about donating food for the poor for Thanksgiving. It doesn’t have to be much. Do what you can do, because this will represent your moving out of the bleak and back into life.

My idea here, is that you get rolling now. Let’s not wait for Christmas, now that you know you’re coming out of this as opposed to going in.  In other words, your optimism is ON, it’s your astrology that’s off.

Good luck!

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3 thoughts on “Libra Wonders Why’s She’s Unhappy With Jupiter In Her Sign”

  1. I can relate to this. I have Jupiter transiting within a degree to my Sun, but also, Pluto within a degree to my Capricorn Moon. Also, Saturn hitting Neptune. I have found something I enjoy doing, but it’s incredibly stressful. And, it does take some of my attention away from mothering, which I’ve been doing full time for almost 8 months. I also have fibromyalgia that tends to flare with colder, windier and damper weather, so I’m feeling horrible, at the moment. A

    nd then there’s my Husband, Jupiter in astrology, who has a Jupiter/Moon/Mercury Aries Stellium all opposed by this transit. So, he is even more prone to giving unsolicitated advice he’d usually be. We had a really bad argument in the front of my daughter – whose Sun is hit too, BTW, since our birthdays are close, and is truly blossoming, coming out of her “terrible twos” now – yesterday when I didn’t feel like taking part to a planned Sunday activity. My Aries Husband has never been sick in his adult life, and, later on in the evening came out with this truly classic Aries Jupiter/Moon/Mercury line, “Has there ever been a time in your life you’ve not had some issues?” I couldn’t feel offended, because yes, obviously, I’m one of those people who have issues. Not by my choice. I’ve had a cancer scare, been diagnosed with two chronic conditions, had a really rough delivery he witnessed. Five years under a boss who, to quote my Husband, was “an idiot”. I didn’t go out looking for any of this. But I have a Capricorn Moon, we kind of draw issues to us, and he should know that, given his Mom is one too.

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