The Red String Of Fate

life saversOn the Things That Make You Go, Hmm, front, my husband and I were talking about situations where couples don’t seem to have the ability to separate.  They get together, separate, swirl around and wind up back together. They might be quite sick of each other and truly want to get away, but they find they can’t manage it.   No matter what they do, they wind up facing each other.

My husband suggested they were tied by the red string… the what? I’d never heard of it.

He explained a person was born with a red thread around their ankle, connected to the red thread on their partner’s ankle. No matter where a person goes or what they do, the red thread is there.  Here’s more on the legend: Red Thread of Fate.

I think this is real. I am personally tied with the red thread, as is my husband, but it’s not at all unusual,  I talk to someone in this type of conundrum. It’s not all romance.  There are twists in stories like this.

I was immediately thrown back to the time when my husband and I were getting back together after 22 years apart. I wrote this conversation, back then, but the piece is not easily accessible.  At the time this happened, it was CRAZY.

We got back in contact, and I learned he’d collected all these songs, relating to me and the time we spent together.  The songs related to our combined energy, for good or ill. Some are exhilarating, others are fuming, see? It was very powerful… overpowering, really, when he hit me with the songs; there were more than forty of them.  But at the peak of this period, we’d walked to a Circle K (yes, like my book). He bought some lifesavers and we were walking back, and he was feeding them to me.  You know… one for him, one for me, one for him. It was trance-like, as he explained his view on our situation.

He said he thought our souls were meant to be together; we should have married as teenagers.  He felt, God, did everything He could to get us to see the situation. He threw us back together, again and again… but we were too stubborn.  This was his view. I was listening.

“P, you know what I’m saying is true.  It was true from the moment we met, but we were just too stubborn.  God looked down and said, “Now they’re playing with nuclear energy. I better separate them before some gets killed…these idiots just won’t grow up!”

He worked in a missile, see?  I can’t tell you more.

“So now we’re here.  And we’re this old.   We lost the time we would have had and we can lose some more, if we want. We can get in a big fight and stomp off, but if we do, God is only going to throw us back together. I swear, P, we will meet again in the old folks home.  Someone will dump me off, and there you’ll be, sitting in a rocking chair with no teeth, “Stash…”  I used to call him that. “P!”

Red string, see?


What do you know about the red string of fate? What about the futility of fighting it?

I think this is good to be aware of as the last thing you want to do is try to attach to someone who’s red string is tied to another.

6 thoughts on “The Red String Of Fate”

  1. I’ve sometimes felt like there was a red string between me and the crush. I’ve cut it enough by now, mind you, but he used to snap it back. He doesn’t want me (even if it seemed like he really cared about me) and doesn’t want to be with me, so there’s no point and some day, it will probably entirely fade. But he keeps recurring around once a month with me and I still miss him, sigh.

    In reality, I probably wasn’t meant to have that level of attachment or partnership with anyone. From what I recall of the one time Elsa looked at my chart, well…it wasn’t promising on the love front. I don’t think it’s possible for me to really partner and find someone who wants to partner with me, much less have that level of attachment. I’m still attached to the idea, though, ha ha.

        1. I have always believed in you. Over the years, people contact me from time to time, regarding an unexpected, significant change. I hope to hear from you in this vein, at some point. I will never count you out.

          1. I’ve been at my hell job for 22 years (12 of them being hell) and I’m thisclose from finally getting another job that wants me–just waiting on fingerprints. I asked St. Anthony and St. Expedite for help and they came through 🙂

            I’m hoping after the work drama settles down, I can start asking for real true love. Maybe in 2025 or so.

            I do think my luck has changed, I saw a huge double rainbow on the job offer day that stayed for my entire drive and even after I stopped driving so I could photograph it 🙂

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