Location, Location, Location: Saturn Neptune Oblivious

I chalk this up to Saturn Neptune. When your reality constantly dissolves…

I’m talking to my husband…

“Well I want you to live somewhere where you’ll be happy,” he said.

“I don’t care where I live. How many times do I have to tell you this? It makes no difference. I am a contained person. Or I am a spiritual person. I don’t know what I am but I do know that I am the same happy here, as I am there or there or there or anywhere else in the world. I mean I may have to adjust if I am somewhere new but that only takes about a minute if it even takes that.”

“I can’t see how you can not care where you live. I sure care where I live.”

“I know you do. This is all critical stuff to you.”

“It is.”

“Well to me it’s not. I mean, I like the water but I have been landlocked my whole life and it has not seemed to matter. I like the water but if I lived right on it, what’s that going to do? I’m sure I’d feel no different than I do right here or anywhere else. I could care less. I am telling you this stuff is irrelevant to me. It just makes no difference. I could be working on a chain gang or lying by the pool and that’s not going to make any difference either. I’d know! I’ve done both and don’t recall there being a significant difference in how I felt about… anything. I mean, I still feel exactly like me all the time.”


“Hmm, nothing. Look. This stuff matters to you. You drive into some city and think oh my God! There’s nowhere to set up a mortar!” I snorted. “There is no tree line! Do you think I think things like that? I wouldn’t have a thought like that in a million years. I don’t care if bombs rain down on my head. I don’t care if I live in a city, out of city. I don’t care what country I live in.. I could care less as long as I can get some sun. Okay, I do like sun but hell. Sun is common. It’s not that hard to come by thank God, because it’s really all I need. You however, need an elaborate set up with a perimeter and blockades and so forth, so go ahead. Knock yourself out. Get a moat if you want one, but don’t you worry about me. I have come to terms with this. I have learned it is completely irrelevant where I am at so you may as well learn it too. But who I’m with? Now that’s a different story.”

Is location important to you? Where is your Saturn?


15 thoughts on “Location, Location, Location: Saturn Neptune Oblivious”

  1. i just need to be near water…always chalked that up to my Neptune…my Saturn is in Gemini/4th house

  2. haha what a speech!
    I do care about where I live, surroundings are important, they influence my moods and I think this is due to Moon in the 12th house conj ASC more than anything else.
    But, above all, who I’m with is most important – my Saturn’s in the 7th in Scorpio.
    You mean Saturn Neptune as a conjunction?

  3. joana – I mean Saturn Neptune type people in general and you can get that way by any number of means.

    And on my speech, well thanks! I get tired of his dictating my reality and seeing as he is a Taurus, I have to hit him square or it’s hopeless to transfer information. If I have to tell you something 11 times, I do tend to get loud and forceful. 🙂

  4. I have Saturn in Leo sextile Neptune in Libra – spent 30+ years wandering around then ended up living right back where i started from in the house I grew up in. I have Taurus on both 6th & 7th house cusps. Love the ocean too . . . 🙂

  5. Im fine pretty much anywhere. Ive got Saturn in Aries. I just make do with what I have. I always know I have an escape if it gets too much or too boring.. the car..

  6. Neptune (Sag) in 1st/conjunct Scorpio AC. Water is extrememly soothing to me but I also love it connected to plush greenery. Saturn in Gemini in 7th. I do tend to sacrifice where I live in regards to my partner.

  7. I like a lot of different places (and have lived in loads), but I need people- friends and just to look at ;-). I don’t think I’d be happy in the countryside in the long run: not enough of them. Saturn square neptune…I think

  8. As a child, I started off in city.
    With each move, I have gotten further away. Our latest choice was a country house on a dirt road surrounded by trees. Fixed Saturn in Aquarius and six earth planets.

  9. I can adapt to pretty much anywhere and it’s a good thing because with Saturn in Pisces in the 4th I’ve had to do alot of adapting.

  10. It matter totally where I live, I have to live near water and not just any type of water- water I can go in and feel renewed. I have Saturn in Pisces ( 9th house cusp) trine a 4th house Neptune in Scorpio.

  11. Location is important to me. I like living in an ethnically diverse city (Chicago, where I was born) and it’s good to be within biking distance of Lake Michigan even if I don’t like swimming in its filthy water. I have Saturn in the 4th in Sag & Neptune in the 4th in Scorpio. I have tons of planets in fixed signs and I have dug my heels in. I don’t even like to travel (too much darn security) although I have gone to E. Europe many times and Africa once.

  12. With few exceptions I have always lived near train tracks. I love the sounds that come with that. Location isn’t as important as the actual living space.

    When I first moved in with my SO I was miserable because I went from a gorgeous, unique pad to a mouldy, nasty dump (we viewed it at night and were blind/desperate). I didn’t start to feel comfortable until we moved again and found a space that we both loved. If your plants start to die upon arrival…that is a very bad thing.

  13. Location definitely matters to me. It affects my mood greatly. I have Saturn in Pisces. But I’m also a Taurus rising so there’s that. I don’t like water and humidity. My ideal city is in the mountains, cool weather, lots of trees and green spaces… but I’ve lived in a tropical savannah my whole life.

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