Losing Your Ability To Think Deeply

chihuahua on crack I read a claim, people no longer have the ability to think deeply. “People” were specifically called, “chihuahuas on crack”. There is a lot of truth in this. We’re all distracted.

I started to think about this, astrologically. What are we looking at here? Mercury Pluto?

If you have mercury mashed with Pluto, does this mean you’re a deep thinker? Maybe.  But I wouldn’t bet on it. I say this because of all the possibilities. 

Think deeply or nose around in other people’s business on the internet?

Think deeply or troll Redditt?

Think deeply or follow clues laid out for you, like a kid’s scavenger hunt, to find yourself scratching your head in a rabbit hole?

People as a mass group are very seriously losing this ability all together.  I can’t stand this for myself so I just keep cranking the wheel, hard, in the other direction and I mean hard. I don’t find it easy to do!

The aspects in our charts show potential but your aptitude has to be developed and then maintained.

Do you have something in your chart that would suggest the capacity in think deeply?   Are you working it or have you been hijacked?

27 thoughts on “Losing Your Ability To Think Deeply”

  1. Capricorn Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. I work it by making a concerted effort to venture out of my mental comfort zones. For example I listen to a radio station on the way home that is on the other side of center and a TV program that is on the opposing side of center. I also do my own improvised–do not know–practice…pretty much a targeted recognition and embrace of all the things I do not know or have volition over.

    Capricorn/Aquarius signature really needs to cultivate that humility (I also need to counteract know-it-all Sag Moon/Asc haha)

  2. Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune and sextile Pluto. Mystical and confused. Always been a deep thinker but as a Gemini sun I am not above flitting about with the superficial or skimming over the details. Depends on the subject at hand.

  3. i try to go back reading philosophical books, even simple ones such as “Sophie’s world” which is very good. Or even shaman-influenced books. I used to read alot but over the past decade i read more on the internet, and about people’s writings on the wall kind of thing( even instagram/facebook/twitter) it’s so embedded now that we’re going to and fro with communication traffic. yeah i think sometimes i’ve been hijacked. lol but i try to go back really in depth books/stories. but i do recognize sometimes in the times we are now, that even the manipulation of how people work in business or wartime, or people as a whole/group, try to pit one against the other. I’m also reminded even when i am at my elderly parents home which they live in a low income housing, neighborhood how my son even mentions that they overcharge prices in the supermarkets there so poor stay poor. it’s been taught even in school, socioeconomics. If we dont read in depth books even history and how events repeat itself, with people repeating the same cog and it’s working all the time, how do we get out of that cog? or do we go into another type of cog. Maybe it’s all matrix-y in the whole scheme of things.

  4. A grand trine between moon scorp conj neptune in 3rd, sun cancer in 11th, and saturn pisces in 7th. Deep water at the very least 🐟 It meets pluto virgo in 1st making a lovely kite.
    Also leo mercury conjunct venus in 12th square that moon.

  5. Scorpio mercury 12th house. Deep at times. Analytical? Extremely. My jupiter is in Virgo. Neptune in pisces transit for so long makes me feel like mush. I don’t know how to pull myself out of it It feels like the fire in my chart, of which there is a lot has been extinguished. My asc, mercury and Sun have progressed to Aquarius. Goody for me.Lol

  6. The details are Mercury.
    The big picture is Jupiter.

    My Jupiter, Venus and Sun is in Scorpio with Mercury.
    So, when I dream and think, I like to go big, bold and beautiful. And then sometimes… it all crashes to the ground. My Jupiter-Venus-inflated dream meets reality in the 3rd house where Chiron resides, and it’s not always pretty, cause Chiron is quincunx Neptune in Sag, 11th house.
    At best it’s smashing my ideals, at worst it’s realizing you’ve been disillusioned to your own detriment.

    I once heard the term “Pink Air Castles” – it’s something like that.

    But Mercury in Scorpio goes deep, no matter what, and it likes to broadcast his thoughts too, as the degree is on a world point (15 degrees). And when Mercury is wrong, it’s pretty embarrassing….

  7. Thinking. Thinking over. And chewing on it…Mercury in Taurus 3rd trine, Pluto, Saturn, sextile Venus Asc opp Neptune. Big Jupiter Scorp too retro conjuct MC– part of a fixed square. Too much thinking sometimes. l want to know. l follow treads…clues, symbols that repeat. l also value old school research and libraries. lf l hear or read something that doesnt ‘feel’ right or sound credible l will find out why. I think something might be wrong with our foundations…l am not sure how to put it into words, but l am thinking about it.Lots. My head hurts.

  8. 9th house Sun/Mercury Venus here (in Aquarius) I’m astounded by the amount of people who have nothing to say about anything other then the most superficial things. Busy feathering their nests and idle gossip it’s soul destroying really.

  9. For me the Big picture (Jupiter) and the Small picture (Merc) are the one picture. I can tunnel in with Merc sextile Pluto (Merc is in a rolling conjunction with Saturn at the end, trine Neptune, square Uranus) disposited by an exalted Sun Jupiter in 9th, that loves to learn things. If we want to talk asteroids, Merc also trines Pallas (patterns), Vesta (devotion) on my POF (rising + luminaries) on my 2nd cusp (things I own like talents) and is disposited by Jupiter.

    Mostly I just live my own life. Uranus on AC. What others think is up to them, unless it interferes with my life, in which case, I would have to respond.

  10. The stellium in Scorpio including Sun and Mercury square the stellium in Leo has me digging deep, deeper, deepest. I thrive on the investigation but it gets lonely and can wear my nervous system into tight knots.
    That’s where Uranus in quirky Gemini injects me with a different plan! 6th House escape hatch.
    I’m old but feisty with a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the 11th house, new ventures and creative expression are compost for me.
    I think the depth of thinking comes from the many hard knocks the Saturn has laid down for me: humbling the Leo but not crushing her spirit.
    My ancestors were a band of wayfarers water wind and stars were important. I keep learning deeply and and digging in the dirt to grow good is really smart. I’m glad to be able👍🏽✌️

    1. First time meeting someone with 2 stellium! 😁 What do you have in each? Do you find yourself extra busy around Leo and Scorpio season?

      When Tr Sun goes into my tenanted houses, I always find myself with loads to do.

    2. Morning Moki,
      l remember reading something you wrote a while back about crabs (l can’t remember the name you called them). I recently watched a movie called ‘Mr Pip'(Papua New Guinea) in it a woman tells a story about crabs (we do not hear the details)…l am not sure if they are the same species or the same stories. It might be private.
      I wanted to say l value oral histories and traditions too. There are different ways to learn.

  11. Fortunately, my chart is very supportive of contemplation. Luminaries in 12th and 8th, plus appropriate aspects promoting deep thought (Merc trine Pluto etc).
    In recent times, it has been necessary for me to turn my thinking button off and just enjoy the peace. My problem is I have the tendency to think and analyse too much.

  12. Nice, Dianne I had to think back to recall the story about crabs; I found it in my memory. In that story we/they are called Alamihi, a common black crab, in Hawaiian.

    Oral traditions and the culture that grew from them are often lost to us or mis-interpretation thwarts meaning.

    Yes there are many ways to learn. Astrology and astronomy were once part and inseparable ways of knowing. Wayfarers’ wisdom based on depth and repetition Thank you for the back and forth!

    1. We have ‘Song lines’ here 1000s of years old. People travelling through desert country finding water holes and certain plants for medicine to this day. Life and death knowledge.
      They are not my stories to tell…
      I feel our (western world) foundations arent fit for purpose anymore. So many things becoming ‘words without meaning’ things we say and do out of habit…but to what end…benifit…purpose? Sorry Moki, l am trying to get my head around things. It becomes too big. l have to sit with it until it becomes clearer. l am all over the shop at the moment.And thank you too for a piece of the puzzle…l will go where l am lead.

      1. 🤲🏽🌈Yay we see the miracle of rainbows and the functions of our hands. Thanks for crafting words to connect as you consider meaning!

  13. my mercury is in tight conjunction to chiron in Taurus opposite moon and it’s the apex of my yod. the base is pluto and Neptune. it might help me that I have Venus mercury in mutual reception but not on aspect. it’s a very challenged mercury but I manage pretty well

  14. i have two stelliums. one in Taurus which is my sun there and the other in Sagittarius with the south node there as well. the Sagittarius one is the one that dominates unfortunately as it contains s. node in the mix, conjunct Neptune. I worked in the travel industry. when I was younger I wanted to be a teacher. that was my biggest mistake. i guess it is the Neptune fog to my nodes.

  15. Maybe off topic, maybe not. Heard of several people lately who lost the ability to think deeply (so they had the ability at one point), and get it back by eradicating a mold problem in their house/moving out of said house.

    Pluto/mercury.. wet, deep, earthy sentience? Mold? Sorry, I’m in my own rabbit hole. Have been noticing a lot of people just stopping in the middle of the road, seeming confused, scratching their head like one of those lost souls you described, blocking traffic. Lots of people walking directly into traffic, too. It’s weird! It also happens to be mushroom season, just saying!

  16. Hijacked? Oh, dear, now I’m paranoid. 🙂 Saturn Mercury conjunction in Scorpio square Pluto in Leo. When I was a kid my mother was worried I was having some sort of episode because I could daydream so intensely, oblivious to things around me. I wasn’t really oblivious, but I was definitely “somewhere else”. I’ve been in the shower washing my hair, my eyes closed, and thinking about what I was heading out to do in a bit, then opening my eyes and being a bit startled that I’m still in the shower. It’s how I problem solve. I will focus so intently on something in my head I lose track of time. If someone interrupts me, I have to reorient myself to “now” and sometimes I get crabby about the intrusion. I also need large chunks of time in solitude because I need to think my own thoughts and not feel obligated to interact with people. People are exhausting. They blather. And if they are blathering , then I am blathering too. I can enjoy talking with people if it’s about interesting ideas and learning cool things, or conspiracies, or death. I’m a loose cannon where politics are concerned. All I can hear is how people are choosing sides and not realizing they have been played. It’s so obvious to me and no one wants to hear it. They get defensive because I’m too point blank. I used to love to socialize when I was younger, but I also drank alcohol, that good old social lubricant. I’ve been sober a looong time now so the world feels pretty stark most days. But I’m cool with that. I like honest people, even bluntness is appreciated. It’s refreshing with so much trivial bull spit everywhere. Small talk will force me to exit a conversation in a hurry. I used to be more kind about stepping back, but now I’m out before the first couple of sentences. I don’t have time for it. It drags me down. I had such high hopes for humanity, for myself, as a young person. Now I’m wrinkly and tired of offering insight to people who are more interested in their breakfast cereal than a real human interaction. The current astro energies feel very much like a “self rescue” situation to me. You know something’s up when the richie riches are selling off assets like expensive art work. I pay attention to what’s behind the curtain and I value my time more than I value money. People think daydreaming is bad for you, that it’s all about taking actions. In my experience I’ve called more into my life through thinking about it in detail, and then making room for it. Some might call that manifesting. I just call it getting in alignment. The Big Whatever It Is wants me to have it and there it is. I also know what gratitude looks like and regardless of my edgy crabby moments I melt in a puddle over my dogs coming on a recall completely overriding their instincts to come hang out by my side. I have long term relationships with trees, and that bag of rocks I’ve lugged around from home to home. And books, always more books. Old books with substance, not skinny barely touch the topic books. But. I’m blathering, aren’t I? Thanks for asking.

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