Advice For Pisces With Neptune in Pisces

Most people are aware that people tend to look like their dogs, over time. Pisces are particular susceptible to becoming like whoever it is they hang out with. With Neptune in Pisces, this quality will be enhanced, for good or ill.

I was talking to a Piscean client today and told her, if hang around pot smokers, chances are you’re going to smoke pot. She’s particularly permeable and could relate to the statement.

This means, if a Neptune type hangs around people they admire, who have qualities they wish they had themselves, eventually this is exactly what will happen.

It’s common that people say that something keeps happening to them, or they keep meeting the same kind of person, etc. “All the men I meet are X…”

To solve that, try changing ponds.

21 thoughts on “Advice For Pisces With Neptune in Pisces”

  1. Thank you Elsa!
    Indeed, I am very sensitive to the environment I am in. So I do what I can to gravitate towards places where people really have their act together.
    North Node in Pisces, Neptune in Capricorn in the 10th and Pisces Rising could explain that.

  2. Oh not that she has a dog or looks like one haha! I thought I better come back and explain that. It’s just that I noticed she picks up other peoples’ expressions and mannerisms.

  3. I hope I look like my dog. She’s the cutest Westie you ever saw. Everyone wants to take her home, as she is friendly and loving and loves life. Moon in Pisces here. 🙂

  4. Whoa! I came on here to do a search for “Neptune in Pisces” stuff and this was on the homepage! Good going Elsa!

  5. Thanks, I think I’ll take that advice…I’d like to hang around people who do things for their community, and are dynamic.

  6. I absolutely love that image.

    I have no planets in Pisces, but often times listen to advice for Pisces and relate to them.

    Must be a mirror effect, with my sun in Virgo.

    It has been on my mind a lot lately–the people I feel comfortable with, and how it affects the path of my life…

    And I need a dog. Or three.

  7. My progressed Pisces Sun, Moon and Mars are in my 4th, house. I get door to door service. My pond is crystal clear and peopled with good company.

  8. Avatar

    I’ve manifested a beautiful spiritual teacher/counselor. She is an awesome, wise, and loving woman who has agreed to take me on as one of her clients. May her vibrational frequency rub off on me 🙂

  9. Although I’m not a pisces, I do have midheaven in Pisces. I believe that your advice would be applicable to me, at least in the career sense..?

  10. This phenomenon has come in quite handy when I’ve moved to a new place… I can blend well! Stellium in Pisces trine Neptune in the 1st.

    From now on… I’m hanging with tall people. ::snort::

  11. I have neptune in the first conjunct the ascendant, and i have moon in pisces, my pisces moon makes squares with neptune, ascendant, saturn and uranus… i also have neptune sextile sun so i really know what “the neptune thing” is all about 🙂 I blend with the environment and unconsciously i become one of them (persons that i come into contact with) 🙂 and when i think consciously about it i`m like: “Why i do this… every time” 🙂 I`m not phoney i just easily understand people, i can put my self in their shoes, and it seems like i`m the same as the person i talk to 😀 😀

    1. This is something pisces types do very easily and one of our blessings but you also may need to make clear boundaries so you dont get ‘used’ or become a doormat so many of us do. 🙂

  12. since neptune first went into pisces and trined my cancer moon it had been a long few years of pulling away from people I see stuck in materialism and negativity. It is currently trining my cancer saturn and has spent the last year on and off a trine to my mars and coming up top my 12th house Pisces sun and venus in the next few years. Now in my 70’s (same year as DJY) I find I am being more and more reclusive yet yearning to be with like minded others plus a desire to teach sewing skills I have learned from experience and also formally but so far no one sees the necessity of such a skill where I live and don’t seem to be able to see the necessity for it in the coming years. I have stopped giving to takers who have no appreciation of what I give but happy to help when the other wants to help themself and not lean on this giver. Going with the flow of Neptune and learning out what is no longer relevant or is in excess of my needs.

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