Married Woman Can’t Shake Memory of Virgo Man: Neptune Transit To 7th House

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Dear Elsa,

I am married to an Aquarius. We have been very happy together and have had no problems.

A couple of months ago, I met a Virgo. The first time I saw him, I had an immediate attraction to him. Now, he is long gone but I still can’t get him out of my head. I am very confused to why I feel this way. Is there any reasoning to this?

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Dear Sagittarian,

Yes! And you’re doing well as a Sagittarian to try to find meaning in your experience.

There is no accident here. You have Neptune (fantasy) transiting your 7th house (love and relationships) and meeting the Virgo has woke you up to the fact that love is not something you can control or contain. Love and desire and fantasy… these things just occur.

Does this mean the Virgo is your dream man? No. He’s gone. And this is fortunate because it seems you’re in good shape with your husband. So what to do with all these feelings?

Well the fact is, you have Venus conjunct Neptune and you are pretty dreamy by nature. And I think you must be somewhat unaware of this side yourself. But via this transit, you are going to become well acquainted with it. And having Venus tied up with Neptune and the 7th house myself, I think I can give you a clue as to the magic you’ve stumbled onto here. Try this:

Get yourself some space and go ahead and dream up the Virgo. Inflate him in your imagination. Make him the grandest man… the best lover of all time, a flawless entity. Go ahead and let this bliss come in and once you’re there, put another man’s face on the fantasy. Could be your husband, but it doesn’t have to be. This is an experiment! So go ahead and pick someone innocuous.

Because what I want you to see is it is all your energy. That ultra desirable person is a figment. It is someone you dream up and you can do this with… anyone. But don’t take my word for it. Just start playing and you’ll see what I mean.

See, you and I are drunks! We’re “love drunks”. And this is embarrassing but like a drunk in a bar at closing time… the gal next to him looks like his wildest dream. But if she gets up and leaves, he need only scan the bar and lock on another woman, and now she is his wildest dream!

And is any of this real? Of course not! What is real is your husband. And when you get adept at this, you can put your dreamy love energy on him! I am telling you, this is easy as pie provided you don’t hate the guy and even then it’s possible.

So this is my read. The Virgo walked by you like the scent of perfume. The fact you can still smell him is your own (glorious) imagination and sensitivity. Work with it.

Good luck.


3 thoughts on “Married Woman Can’t Shake Memory of Virgo Man: Neptune Transit To 7th House”

  1. elsa, thanks for this. i’ve got venus square neptune [with venus and pisces] so i can relate.

    i’ve finally come to realize it’s not a problem having the dream/fantasy, it’s whether you do something about it…

    so now i can indulge [briefly] and then recognize i’m happy with my reality, my relationship.

  2. that’s so awesome to having a rich imagination like that. it makes art feel fantastic. lol i can see how Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger and many artists, even sculptures/painters get their inspiration from, from dreamily painting up a vision of something not real/idealized. Also, i can understand why Dante Allighieri never approached the married woman who he wrote about in his books. To touch or approach her would be to break the spell of magic. he was super smart. He didnt want the drama and the doomed downfall of that. I felt he wanted to exalt her, put her up like a virgin mary untouched.

    it’s also fantastic to remain happily married too with this gal having a wonderful imagination. =D

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