Introduction To Black Moon Lilith

β€œFaith is an excitement and an enthusiasm: it is a condition of intellectual magnificence to which we must cling as to a treasure, and not squander on our way through life in the small coin of empty words, or in exact and priggish argument.”
–George Sand, pen name of the 19th century writer who dressed as a man (Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius conjunct the MC)

Researching Lilith is a pain in the butt. There’s asteroid Lilith (#1181), the supposed phantom Moon, Dark Moon Lilith (that has never actually been discovered), and Black Moon Lilith, a theoretical point based on the orbit of the moon. Each position has its followers but as far as I can tell when most astrologers are talking about Lilith they are referencing Black Moon Lilith, the apogee (furthest point) of the moon’s orbit around the earth at a given time.

I really hope that was a good explanation. I took astronomy in university but it was at 8am. I am not a morning person. I did read the book though. In any case, the only Lilith I follow is the apogee Lilith, Black Moon Lilith. If you’re wondering, the Lilith in the additional objects field at is the apogee Lilith.

The mythology of Lilith is that of first wife to Adam. You know Adam and Eve, right? Apparently Adam’s first wife was a handful. She may or may not have given birth to a bunch of demons. She may even have been something of a succubus. Everyone’s got something horrible to say about the first wife, though, so let’s just concentrate on the meaning of the apogee point in the chart.

Lilith is associated with feminine power, feminine sexual power. But Lilith is not just for women; if you are familiar with Jung’s concepts of the animus and anima, women have a subconscious male energy, the animus, while men have a subconscious female energy, the anima. So even in a manly man Lilith position has its merit.

Lilith is often prominent in the charts of women who are noted for being direct and powerful, and in some way provocative. Lilith relates to the moon. It is the feminine shadow side of the moon. What society rejects as appropriate for the feminine, Lilith takes up. I find it interesting that Dita Von Teese has become famous not only as the former wife of Marilyn Manson but also as a burlesque dancer. Feminine, provocative, taboo, successful, Dita has Lilith as part of her stellium in Libra.

I see Lilith as the dark side of the moon. Like the moon, Lilith has needs, though not necessarily needs we like to acknowledge.

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What do you think of Lilith? If you’re feeling bold (or drunk) how do you see your own Lilith manifest?

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  1. Hello Satori and girls, what do you think, I had always wondered and I am unsure of the meaning of my lilith (the others are in libra) : In my 1rst house I have lilith conjuct pluto (29 degree 18′ and 29 degree 27′)venus (28 degree 13)- conj sun (22 degree)in Virgo. Venus form a sextile with Jupiter-Neptune in Sagittarius in house 3- It was hard for many years for me to built confidence in my relationships with other females. I had a very hard time with my mom and my dad was absent for the major part of my life. I feel like if I am ‘on my own’ in life. I feel easily ‘trapped’ (uranus in libra sextile moon in leo maybe? i have a grand air trine with uranus-mars-saturn involved, mars is opposed to the moon in leo – a mark of ‘amazone’ type kind of girl?) in relationships .

  2. p.s. I enjoy the company of men…:) feel warm and secured with them around me! as years passed, I am much able to be around women but I am not close to many. Just only one BFF! πŸ™‚

  3. His BML falls on her Jupiter at Aries 24 deg. Satori, do you think its a good match?? Was doing some google search, couldn’t able to find much.

  4. I’m curious about all my mutable stuff due to Saturn in Sagittarius. I’ve got BML at 10 degrees Sagittarius with Ceres at 9 Juno at 15 GC at 26 Antares at 9 and Neptune at 7. All of this opposes Saturn at 13 Gemini with Vesta at 4 and Aldeberan at 9. Nessus at 20 Gemini. All on my mutable grand cross. I better buckle the fuck up.

  5. From 2010 the first of these comments to now 2016, BML is quite the household name for those of us who spotlight the dark and use it for conscious/unified means. I myself have her on the Ascendent and have found that before I came into direct experience with kundalini energy, BML was just far too much for others to deal with, just too overpowering for others to be around (including myself) that I had to disappear/appear into and out of a pattern of self-imposed exile. Post kundalini and post 42yo the cross over age into true spiritual adulthood and body wisdom, I am now able to finally fully work with my BML in a way that manifests her indomitable power and intensity through a ‘focussed’ point of view (ascendent). The wild take over at stages whereby chaos rules, however, on the whole the slowing down of age has meant my BML has adapted to her own self-governing self-restraint.

  6. Thank you for this “BML” post, Satori. I feel bad saying this, but also feel that it needs to be addressed pretty fast because too many of the posts are getting way off track; the blog has become really random lately, with very little reference to astrology, and much more like someone’s personal journal. I can’t be the only one who has noticed the trend. Your posts are super important to me. I soak up all the ASTROLOGICAL wisdom you share. Please know I am very grateful!

  7. I see the mythology around Lilith, first wife of Adam as part of the patriarchal propaganda of religion. It was necessary for strong, women who knew what they wanted and had the drive and determination to get it to be portrayed as evil demon bearing witches undeserving of gods love and not subserviant beautiful possessions to be had by men. Lilith was “supposedly” cast out of the garden of eden because she would not “lie under adam” she was a sexually awake human who wanted to be on top and didnt want to be told she couldn’t so she chose leaving over living her life as a slave, which is what all male dominated religious groups have admonished to. In fact it is one of the few things they all have in common. Keep the women as cattle and keep them in their place. My daughter’s name is Lilith. She has a leo sun, merc, mars and Jup in the 8th house.

  8. BML in Pisces 11th H.
    I tend to look after women’s spiritual needs. When feeling “bold”, more concerned with justice, people & animals being looked after well and with respect.

  9. I have BML in my 12th house in Capricorn. Sorta Lilith on the bottom of the sea. But like a siren she calls from the depths and sing to me a song about virile men and feminine women, strong and handsome and cardinal take-charge men, soft and yielding women (Cancer opp.) men whom she longs to be swept off her feet by and play with like a… siren.

    From the depths of the 12th house she calls to these men who always ends up being my self-undoing patterns. I’ve realized the only way I can take my power back from her and become free is to become a succesful woman myself, in control. Of course my Mars-Moon square to the Moon in Libra in the 8th house and Mars in Cap on the cusp of the 12th house, makes this dynamic hard to achieve, and I often end up destroying the very things I need because of Mars’ undertow aggression, called forth from the depths of the 12th house. I can’t say it’s an easy juggle to have everytime I meet a guy.

    The men I’ve dated has had some flavour of the Medusa myth, since my Chiron lands on the fixed star Algol. She is one heck of a Lilith to be sure!

  10. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    WOW!! Looked up my BML – couldn’t be more accurate! Thanks for this post… I want/need to learn more about BML. πŸ˜‰

  11. I must express my OMG! moment, for matching the quoted’s pertinent aspect. A special thrill, for I’ve long held George Sand as a personal touchstone of sorts.

    My particular aspect is quite the cozy cojunction: BML @ 9 Sag 58′ 04″ while my MC is @ 9 Sag 59′ 26″ (and in opposition to my retrograde 4H Mars in Gemini but trine to my 12H Aqu Moon and 6H Leo Jupiter so theres that I guess)

  12. I recently learned that I have black moon Lilith in Libra conjunct Pluto at 21 degrees. It is the tightest conjuction in my chart. I also have a Libra sun at 25 degrees in my 9th house. I have read about Lilith and her relationship with Adam. From what I could tell, Lilith did not want to be beneath Adam and left him. It sounds to me like she may very possibly be the first advocate for women’s rights. I don’t know what the tight conjunction to Pluto means exactly. I do know that I did escape a very abusive marriage. I do strongly believe that women deserve to be treated with respect and kindness as all humans do.

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