Mars Conjunct Jupiter In Aries: Fast Action Worldwide

aries girlMars in Aries is sharp and decisive as far a taking action goes. My natal Mars in Libra stares and tries to learn.

Mars has been meandering through Pisces, hooking up with Neptune, leaving everyone to tread water and wonder if they’re lost.  This will change next week when Mars ingresses into it’s home sign.

Last week I talked about “hanging like a loose tooth“. The time to do that is ending.  I spoke with a client today who was looking for relief. Can something improve next week. YES!

The Mars Jupiter conjunction takes place on May 29th, but you’ll feel it and witness the effects as soon as the Mars hits Aries on Wednesday.

This is akin to a baby being born. The second this happens, the baby is active and in fact, yelling his or her head off.  That’s life!  No more swirling around in the womb, wonder when or if. The mother too. Am I going to be pregnant forever? No, you’re not.

One things about astrology, it lets you know ahead of time when they shifts will take place. Next week, the water breaks and the baby arrives.  Find the fire in your chart and align with this as Mars will dominate in the near term.

Watch publishing (Jupiter) as well. I don’t think you’ll be bored.  In fact, the conjunction take place with the sun and moon in Gemini. It’s almost laughable… laughably different then what we have today.

Are you looking forward to Mars Jupiter in Gemini? How does it hit your chart?

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    I have Pisces and Aries in the 7th house and the ticking time bomb you mentioned in another video hit three days ago when my daughter and her boyfriend’s long planned visit to me occurred simultaneously as squirrels somehow found their way into my house. Not my attic – my house. Fortunately, I had booked my kid into a hotel. Unfortunatly I had made the reservation for a king size bed so my partner and I couldn’t even crash them. (OK, we wouldn’t have but I did think about it.) Still we somehow managed to go to dinners, see a Broadway show and enjoy each other. During every break we had people tramping through and around the house trying to locate the entry and catch the visitors to relocate. It is far from over. Our house is a 125 year old Victorian and I don’t know how to trust it to be ever free of this issue again. I expect plumbing and heating but squirrels? No. I never thought of it.

  2. Elsa, what’s the degree of Aries that this conjunction happens? It looks like 3 or 4 to me, but hard to tell on the wheel. I am really curious about the Sabian Symbol for this conjunction if you or anyone here is interested in those symbols; I find them fascinating!

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    Susanne Thomas

    Jupiter Mars conjunct near my DC at 7 Aries but I’ve long switched to whole sign houses because that’s what I observe. Rob Brezsny (the other astrologer I read) wrote of me (Sag Sun) that a situation that’s giving me a tiny amount of satisfaction may be slowing the bloom of a great situation that could change my life. That’s exactly how I feel, but damm it I can’t figure out where to put the handle and in what direction to pull or push. Retro Merc back into my 8th house with the sun in the 9th and Mars/Jupiter in the 7th might br the right combination to find out.

  4. Mars/Jup hits my natal grand trine with Mars, Moon and Jupiter.

    Catapult from my previous year of tunnelling!

  5. Ouch. This explosive stellium is 3rd house for me

    Things I was letting hang out and procrastinating on have turned up to bite me today.

    Had to suck it up and get moving. 5-6 hours of paperwork.

    My empty 10 house resulted in an unexpected month long medical leave of absence from work. Paid.

    I needed it.

    And I am 48 hours free from nicotine! Over the hump.

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