How Does Each Zodiac Sign Sabotage Themselves?

Sir_Peter_Paul_Rubens_(1577_–_1640)_Study_(tronie)_of_an_Old_ManJames asked an interesting question on Top Ten Astrology Taboo Topics: How does each sign sabotage themselves?

What do you think?
What’s your sign and how to undo yourself?
What have you seen other people do?
Is there one sign that is most prone to self-sabotage?

Let’s brainstorm!

37 thoughts on “How Does Each Zodiac Sign Sabotage Themselves?”

  1. I’m a Scorpio (October 25 1956, 3:10 PM, Terebivl’a, Ukraine). Each time when I have a goal I do a lot to achieve it but when it’s within a reach, I stop. Am I the queen of self-sabotage?

  2. From Sagittarius Sun point of view it’s laziness. My Jupiter is in Capricorn so I should actually work to achieve anything. My other superpower is sabotaging myself with drinking (Mercury/Neptune conjunct 19 minutes orb). I get nothing done for days if I drink. I could be making more money if I didn’t live in denial (Neptune) over the things I should do (Mercury). I imagine getting things done rather than doing them. Therefore Pisces (because of Neptune and Jupiter) might be the most prone to self sabotage from my point of view. Traditionally that would be the case too.

    Another one could be Capricorn and heavy Saturn because of lack of self esteem. Self esteem can be built but if you never even try for fear of failing then self esteem and respect will never happen. I have a stellium in Capricorn so I should know.

  3. Procrastinaaaaaaaaaation. Sez this Libra.
    The various “whys” of procrastination don’t change the outcome…Stuff doesn’t get finished. Hell it often doesn’t get started.
    If I had $5 for all the things I should be working on right this very minute I’d take us all out to lunch!
    CP Griffin

  4. Not sure which planet and where, but when it comes to procrast (didn’t I just invented new shortcut ??) for me it says talking instead of doing. Scorpio.

  5. I’m a Sag Sun but I have a stellium in Libra and Pisces 7th House moon. I sabotage myself by getting too involved in other’s issues. I can listen for hours to someone vent about their life’s problems – all the while not addressing or correcting my own.

  6. Virgo Sun
    Perfectionism. Waiting until it’s ‘perfect’, feeling what you are working on or you yourself (which is a constant life long Virgo ‘project’)isn’t good enough.
    Like not joining a dance or fitness group until you’re in a little better shape. LOL.
    Worry! Constantly worrying. Worrying that you’ll never finish that project so you can focus on losing a little weight so you can join that fitness class!

  7. I don’t know. I usually get what I want, though it takes longer than I’d like. I don’t know about self sabotage but obsessiveness, being unable to let go of things, causes a lot of issues and is my chronic, painful problem. Scorpio

      1. It’s a two-edged sword for sure. Without the will to see things through (not letting go) we wouldn’t succeed. Being able to apply it at the right times while turning it off when it’s fruitless is my sticking point. I’ve been stuck on things I knew would never work but couldn’t detach from.

  8. For Virgo, I realized it’s waiting until that one microscopic detail is perfected, while the rest of the picture is falling apart.

    For Pisces, it’s daydreaming until the whole machine is destroyed, and down to the ground. “I was sleeping,” I would say as a Pisces! LOL.

    Gemini- They’re like that teenager in the horror movie that investigates a weird noise, then gets killed. Curiosity isn’t always good.

    Sagittarius- For some reason, Sadges have this grass is greener syndrome. They run from one place to another.

  9. Aquarius Sun – need to be detached, alone, away from everyone, watching, observing everyone e se’s living. . . . . . OH, Who am I now, then? What am I doing, then? Why am I so lonely. . . . .where is MY life, then?

    mmmmmmm. Gotta live my own life, then. . . .

    1. I second that with an Aquarius AC. I have to detach and keep to myself at times because I can’t be around people for very long. The Aquarian paradox, both loves and hates others. Most Aquarians are not that forceful, but my Uranus is in my 8th house. So LOVE/HATE go hand in hand for me.

  10. Because this is anyway about taboo topics, so I may dare to say it: Self-sabotaging has absolutely nothing to do with the sun sign! Self-sabotaging is the ressort of the bilin (and perhaps trilin) aspect, while the clumsiness, which is delivered from planets in Sagittarius, and the laziness, which is delivered from planets in Pisces (to some extend from water signs in general), may assist in it.
    To distinguish the sun sign ‘astrology’ from other astrology is a huge taboo. I wonder what the others could be because making predictions is the only other taboo, that I know. A serious discussion of minor aspects seems also to be some kind of taboo, but this can be due to different definitions of the term serious. Then the same is true for discussing some planetoids seriously, especially Nessus.

  11. Anyone who goes against Saturn self-sabotages. You don’t like rules, restrictions, laws, bosses, requirements. Guess who succeeds with this? Capricorns, of course.

  12. Being a Virgo with a stellium in Virgo, LOL! I can claim a lot. Being super finicky about things to the point where others want to stick my head in a ditch. I have a way of reminding people of things to the point of nagging at them. Jeesh I could probably list a bunch and that is so Virgo to list things. I have many flaws.

  13. Let me count the ways…First Scorpio Sun in the 12th – It’s like kicking a dead horse. I can’t seem to get enough of my ego on board. It’d rather float down a river, drifting along with rose petals and rose colored glasses. And I never see trouble coming. I leave it up to fate and faith.

    Merc in Sag sq Pluto in the 10th: Do I have to explain? Are you sure you meant to say that? I’m not sure your motives are what you are telling me. I dig and dig for the truth until I find it…and then I find out it’s me with my foot in my mouth.

    Venus in Capricorn in the Second House Trining Virgo Moon: I am an authority in virtue, so much that some people hate my work ethic. And I don’t even like working. Stress and challenges keep away from me! Reference Sun in the 12th.

    I am sure there is more…
    Here is a short list of how I think all 12 sabotage themselves:
    Aries: Can be too rash and this may affect business dealings.
    Taurus: Slow to respond. Maybe can’t be bothered. Being stubbborn.
    Gemini: As someone said too busy talking to hear the small print
    Cancer: Smothers with love and food until people either give up or want to run for the hills.
    Leo: Not delegating and burning out.
    Virgo: Over working and taking on more than they should because the need to be needed is more important than how they feel.
    Libra: Talking about what they want to do but never quite getting there.
    Scorpio: Being too intense and turning people off. Doing everything with so much intensity they don’t see the forest for the trees.
    Sagittarius: Don’t fence me in!
    Capricorn: Trying to prove themselves capable and overworking to the point of that’s all that’s left – work.
    Aquarius: Letting their uniquness keep them from blending in.
    Pisces: Another drink won’t hurt.

    Waiver: these are my musings only and no offense is meant in anyway.

    1. Well done! Yes, we Capricorns want to prove ourselves with work, but it doesn’t work….We should have been networking, joining a fraternity,etc. Capricorns really aren’t joiners, we’re loners…

  14. Taurus – stubbornness … and a tendency to just hoe the row placed before me and never look up and be visionary. Wasted time!

  15. Capricorn… feeling they are undeserving or not having a positive mindset and creating impediment.. feeling too afraid to try or take a risk

  16. I don’t do this since pluto squared my whole chart back in 2016, buuut.

    Trying to please everyone/be liked by everyone=I see this as a uniquely Libra thing. Now, that’s a losing game. And I see it so much these days… Take youtubers for example. They get a following, then they start creating content *for* their followers against their integrity, and end up getting nothing but abuse. Or, you know, politicians who cave in to the angry mob, only to realize the silent majority has voted them out. Media companies who implode trying to appease the latest political activism. I could go on.

  17. Capricorn- never enough. Nothing is enough. I am not enough. Lack and fear mentality. Negative and always expecting the worst.

    Gemini- doesn’t put thoughts in order, doesn’t think much before talking- needs to get serious, not everything needs to be light and fun in life

    Taurus- getting rusty, same old, same old, patience isn’t a virtue if all you do is wait, passive, lack of imagination

    Aries- goes too fast to get where? no plans, hits the wall ,curses the wall, then hits the wall again, two feet in mouth syndrome please

    Virgo- anal retentive, kudos for all the lists but last time I checked your life is still a mess. Just a tweak here and one here and I’ll feel better. That’s a lie.

    Aquarius-🤯 self isolating, loner- tries to stand out but it pains that it can’t fit in

    Scorpio- mistrustful and paranoic to the point of inviting or acting out that dynamic into their life, brooding

    Only wrote for signs in which I have planets in.

  18. As an Aquarian I pride myself on my tolerance and acceptance of weirdness. But I can be very intolerant of other people lack of tolerance. Judgmental as hell.

    Gemini often wants two opposing things at the same time.

    Leo doesn’t know how to let someone else be in the limelight.

    Virgo will try to improve you – even if you didn’t ask.

    Aries: it’s just about “me, me, me.”

    Sagitarius need constant adventure. It gets tiring.

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