Mars In Libra… Loves To Fight?

I have Mars in Libra (conjunct Mercury) and the current stellium in Libra has brought me fight.

About a week ago, my friend and long time adviser, HQ  told me I was playing cards, something he knows I am good at.  He told me I should continue to play cards as this thing advanced, even when other people became involved.  The idea was I not rely on others, or relax at all because it is GAME ON.

Tonight, I was talking to my husband, I told him of the days progress as far as my strategizing is going and it is shaping up nicely. “I told them not to mess with me,” I said. “I told them.”

“Well they did mess with you and now we’ve got a war, P. We’ve got a war and we’re going to hit ’em hard and knock out everything they’ve got…”

I laughed because it is true. I am going to pick up a building and set it on top the opponent, the “peep squeak” as my husband says because he speaks too many languages.

Having Libra, I try to be nice and courteous and fair and stuff. I will ignore your attack if at all possible. I will turn the other cheek until I am blue but if you manage to really threaten me or piss me off, I admit I like the mental challenge of plotting an attack. I feel invigorated with the challenge and amused because invariably anyone who takes me on, thinks it will be easy. Er… think again.

Do you like to battle? Where is your Mars?

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  1. Life is a game… right? I like to play and have done plenty of battles…I do love to call people crap. Read between the lines and keeping that smile on my face. Silence can be golden. good lessons to learn…when to talk and when not to.
    I don’t have Libra in my chart…just the opposite, Aries rising. Challenges bring an energy to me…I have learned when to let go and let it fly. It all lands somewhere.
    I am known for being an open book and still keeping the cards close with a smile on my face to confuse and not afraid to look you directly in the eyes when challenged. Let the mystery live. the game is on… Life is fulled with the possibilities of contrast and it is not letting it get to you too much is the best strategy in my book.

  2. Mars conj. Mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 2nd house.

    I fight for what I think is true and right and of value, but with moon in Libra in the 12th, it wounds me that I have to fight people I know over things that should be obvious.

    I have been fighting for child support for 15 years, for example. When I finally got smart and took the fight over myself, I went after it hard. This man dumped this child from the get-go for the worst of reasons, then proceeded, with his family, to actively try to attack me over the years on top of it. To my mind, that is game ON. OTOH, I think I would have been better off leaving town myself, as this seriously wore me out. (Libra seeking balance :-))

    I played attorney myself, and ended up w/so much evidence and so much dirt that I buried his Gemini ass in it so he couldn’t run, and then they read him his rights on the stand because the tax fraud was so clear. His lawyer is also a mom in the community, and I think that’s funny. I run into her, and she has to serve me spaghetti at PTA events and such; after she was on the team that tried to hurt my kid. I am used to the fact, finally, that I won, and handed her her ass, too. If only I had learned to play cards….

  3. **because invariably anyone who takes me on, thinks it will be easy. Er… think again.**

    Mars in Libra — and yes. This. Absolutely.

  4. Mars in libra here as well.. although squared by saturn in cancer.. it hurts to bring out the whip ass.. don’t piss off my mom. Most of my fights have been around home/roommates/lovers.
    Pluto in cap is giving me a structure/words to deal better.. hopefully.

    But I also resonated with **because invariably anyone who takes me on, thinks it will be easy. Er… think again.** People don’t see it coming. 12th house as well.

  5. My conjunction is in the 9th and I told them, bluntly and honestly not to fuck with me because if they did, I produce, x, y and z and embarrass the living shit out them.

    People don’t believe me.I think this is because they lie themselves but I don’t so look out.

    Plus, as my sister just told you, I always sandbagging so you better believe I have 10 times what I said I had so bring your lie against my mountain of truth and see what happens.

    I hate peep-squeaks. 😉 LOL

  6. I haven’t really had to battle people very much, except when I was a kid and didn’t know any better I just absorbed it.

    My fights have been more like situations. And I was very ambitious/big goals on top of it.

    But it looks like I’ll have a people fight forthcoming. Not sure if they will underestimate me or not. Probably. I have a lot of Mars and it is in the 12th house.

    I sandbag / slow play when I play poker too haha.

  7. Uh oh. They prob better check how tightly their asses are affixed.

    And me, I think, hopefully, I’m done fighting for a long time.

  8. I have the same aspect in my natal chart… (Maybe that’s why i sometimes read your blog Elsa, I like the way you write about astrology and I read that with these aspects you “have” to be interested in writing or publishing, especially with the MC, 9. or 10. house, and in my case it is true (editing). Pardon my english spelling:P)

    My Mars conjunct Mercury conjunct MC, all in libra… (houses 9-Mars, and 10 – Mercury) And somehow, even tough I tend and always try to be polite and fair, and see aaall the siiides of the story or a fight, it only happens AFTER i point out my vicious “venom” and hit the opponent hard if I have in any way been attacked/provoked. And then I use libra, then i think (air), then i apologise and see all the shades of gray and all possible feelings and agendas of parties involved. But the person that provoked me is already… sort of “dead”.
    I hit hard and directly to the core of the issue, and I guess it hurts… But most of the times, they really had it comming, since I do have a libra way of trying to avoid a messy fight (because it can really get ugly, like you said:”not to fuck with me because if they did, I produce, x, y and z and embarrass the living shit out them.”), when I can’t or I think something/someone has not been fair or nice to me, libra goes away and scorpio (Sun&Pluto) takes over. And then libra has to clean the “mess” again… It really is a strange place for Mars. 🙂

  9. Yes I love to battle. It makes me happy as along its in good fun or I have to battle for whats right! Mars in Sag. In fact I war with boys over sport and I loooooove it. The male testosterone, the spirit, it sends me crazy/ Oh and I war over LIARS!

  10. If my guess at my time of birth is correct, Mars in Cancer in the 8th house; so with Mars in Fall I tend to take the ‘passive aggressive’ route. I always fight, but by standing my ground and telling the truth. And I’ve had a lot of people pick fights with me over the years, starting with my motherm who really got off on that…

    I never roll over, but try also not to get into screaming matches – and never violence (if a man had ever raised a hand to me, he or I would’ve been out the door so fast you’d never have seen it close!)

  11. I hate fighting. I fight if pushed. Mars-Neptune-Saturn in Grand Trine. Sometimes I just remove/disappear (Neptune). I try to think before I act (Saturn) but sometimes take too long…

    My usual course of defense is giving a person enough rope to hang themselves with. Sometimes that means I hurt myself in the process though. Not sure how to change this.

  12. Oh that’s not good Chrispito. Have you ever taken some time to sit down and really think about things that have taken place, to see if you could handle it differently in the future?

  13. Elsa, you wrote recently about Mercury/Mars, hands, knives, cuts. Few days later, they catch the guy, this serial stabber. (Flint, MI & thru other states too). Did chart on info reported (8/28/76; Israel, birthtime unknown), and this guy’s got tight Mercury/Mars 2 degrees Libra, so fitting in terms of your post. Great example of extremes, how as you say different peeps choose to express the energy….if you caught the stories, you see how his expression of sandbagging is different than yours too….

    Just loving & learning so much from this blog.

  14. It depends,lol. I too have Mars in Libra in the 4th opposing my Aries Saturn in the 10th. I do let a lot of shit go, but don’t get confused about me!! When pushed past the “line” watch out!! I do know stuff and have lots of dirt that would hurt the person so I have that to use for ammo “if” needed. 😀

  15. “Oh that’s not good Chrispito. Have you ever taken some time to sit down and really think about things that have taken place, to see if you could handle it differently in the future?”

    yes–probably at least once a day, every day I’ve been alive.:(

  16. “yes–probably at least once a day, every day I’ve been alive.:( ”

    Okayyy….and I guess you’ve had no success with changes?

  17. Mars in my first in Sag mixed up with Scorpio rising.

    It takes a lot to get me going and people think I am way more aggressive than I am but mess with me long enough and I will cut a bitch.

  18. A part of me likes it, but the rest hates it, so I don’t anymore, ideally. If I find myself in any kind of battle, the fault and blame is 100% my own.

  19. ThankYou Elsa P.!!!

    My Mars is in Aries 9th House and when kid i would fight for almost anything and with almost anyone but i start creating my own life Phylosophy and i begin to try to give other points of view instead of fighting and trying to help saying that fights only make a mess of things and everybody looses with fighting so if You understand things everybody could Win; I mean Win Win situations !!!

    Blessings !!!

  20. Not real fond of fighting. I’d rather dump people on their heads and walk away. (And I’m really DONE with them!) BUT – and it’s a biggy – if it’s someone I can’t walk away from, and they have tried to mow me over, I’m all over them like an atom bomb. (And they usually look like one dropped on them by the time I’m done.)
    I hate getting to that point, but I’ll do it.
    One of my biggest fights is taking care of my animals. I’m an allopathic vet’s biggest nightmare. Gee, I read. A lot. I know too much. And I will fight to help my dogs and horses like a lioness.
    I have no problem challenging the “experts.”
    The only ones I get along with are holistic vets, but sometimes I’ve had to see other ones.
    Mars, Sun, Moon and..gulp! Jupiter all in Libra. Half in the 10th, half in the 11th.
    But – to which an astrologer who read my chart said, “Thank God!” to…..Scorp rising. In the 1st.

  21. taurus Mars on sun square pluto in leo. jupiter & merc in Aries. So I don’t fight. I was a target as a kid so I don’t react unless in physical danger and let me tell you it’s ‘friends and family’ you have to watch. When I have to get rid of some one I plan carefully, get them in a vunerable position that they agreed to, then pounce, have third party help then am vigilant, my house is bristling with security lights and geese raise alarm.

  22. Mars in Libra/4 (conjunct Venus-Pluto) and, yes, I adore a good fight. I excel in a fight. *grins*

    I’ve learned to let a lot slide over the years. I’ve learned to release my anger in short bursts instead of dropping bombs. But, if you step over the line, I will fight and I will win.

    As long as I know we’re fighting, that is. And if I haven’t agreed to tie my own hands (which has happened, in deference to other people).

  23. No. I absolutely hate it, and was just musing on that tonight. Mars/Neptune conjunction in Sag. It’s problematic because others can think it’s just part of life, whereas I feel devastated during/after a fight.

  24. ‘give them enough rope to hang themselves with’ – I love this.
    Have Mars in Scorpio conjunct Moon, so have spent years teaching myself not to wage war with myself, but when it comes to others, I never forget and will wait years for rebalancing and will gloat even though, by then, I have understood the reasons why.

  25. I dislike fighting tremendously, however with Mars in Gemini conjunct the MC, I will not back down. If it is standing up for someone wronged, or if it involves my convictions *Sun/Merc 9th* I will cut my opponent a new anal orifice if warranted.

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