Under The Scorpio Moon: Best Elsa Advice Ever

I can no longer remember what prompted this advice, I doubt Elsa herself does, but it’s stuck with me for years now: “Don’t pamper your vomit.” I’m sure many of you will grasp the meaning intuitively, but I’ll elaborate. When something nasty comes up, hork it up and walk away. Some things, no matter how affecting, should just be dropped. It happened, it sucked. Sack up and walk away.

Having a great deal of cardinal energy in my chart I have for the most part come to terms with the fact that I am controlling. Since I made this conscious I have decided that the best thing I can do with that energy is to control myself. So when I found myself on the side of the highway last night at midnight (“no, I’m totally serious, let me out of the car right now.”), miles away from where I needed to be, that advice popped into my head. I had a quick cry, probably the quickest of my life, less than a minute, blew my nose and started walking.

A drive that normally takes me five minutes took nearly an hour to walk. Most of it was uphill, unlighted, and with no sidewalk. Drunk teenagers hooted at me. Sometimes it was so dark I couldn’t see the edge of the road, but I just kept walking, fast.

I could have felt sorry for myself but it just would have made it harder to get where I was going. Instead I remember thinking, “it could be worse.” I kept my mind busy thinking about how it could be worse, dark comedy under a Scorpio moon. “Well, hell, this isn’t even the worst thing that’s happened to me this week!” I thought about the grand cross in the sky and how poorly some of the people on the board have been faring. With that Scorpio moon right on my mars I used those thoughts, feelings, as fuel to keep on plugging. Some people would gladly have traded positions with me last night.

I’m practically the anti-Pollyanna but that doesn’t mean I can’t be upbeat, just in my own, weird way. That’s how I’m managing this summer’s grand cross energy: “it could be worse.” And then I knock wood, of course.

How did you fare this Scorpio moon weekend? What is your philosophy for handling barf-tastic times?

24 thoughts on “Under The Scorpio Moon: Best Elsa Advice Ever”

  1. Love all this vomit talk…. 😛
    Great advice Satori and Elsa, and…Daisy, lol.
    Things have been fine for me so far….

  2. (((((satori)))), I’m sorry you have had a tough week. I am so gobsmacked, because I was walking a long way home last night too. Not because I got out of a car (been there, done that though and can relate to the feeling exactly), but because for one reason or another there was no other good way home so I walked down many streets and through all kinds of memory lanes, 4 miles home. Took 1.5 hours when it would have taken 10-15 mins by car. And I had lots of thinking to do while I walked. You and I must have been walking at around the same time. ((satori))

  3. oh man. thanks so much elsa and satori.

    just had to deal with losing something I was looking forward to a few hours ago.

    realized that I was still trying to control the situation after the fact and got over it quickly.

  4. Wow I totally get this!! Sorry to everyone out there having vomit to deal with. I have some cardinal and yes I too can be controlling,hahaha. I have been totally and utterly agitated and ARGH annoyed this past couple of days, like I want to run out of my skin and keep going.

  5. This perfectly sums up the conversation my husband and I just had with my mother. She can’t understand why we won’t “pamper our vomit” and doesn’t really want to understand either.

    Sorry you had such a bad night last night!

  6. satori and Jessica, I’m sorry you guys had to walk home at night, but I’m glad you’re safe!

    Thanks for this post, too. It’s funny, I’ve been telling myself to suck it up all week. Somehow that phrase hits the spot and makes me smile at the same time, like you’re saying, satori. I have a good deal of Cardinal, too, and have to turn that on myself instead of others in my life… That’s been a good lesson this year.

  7. Oh, and it’s not ‘turning it on myself’ – I didn’t use the right phrase. I’ve seen through this site that there’s another way to use this energy – to focus that Cardinal energy in a positive way that moves me forward.

  8. Bananas, while you’re right and make sense and all, I know satori, and don’t know that it would be safe for the perp who decided to attack her. I mean, attack her at your own peril. I wouldn’t.

  9. Gotta love Mercury Retro NOT…
    Just lost my whole reply!
    Basically what I was saying was that we are all exhausted & need to get out of the car!!!
    Can’t say anything to make you feel better Satori, but hopefully by being able to write in here it’ll help a little.
    & how am I dealing with this energy?
    After the weekend we’ve just had? I’m about to give up.
    I’ve H A D it & it’s not worth it anymore.
    There have been so many layers of shit piling up for so many weeks now, in so many situations, on so many levels, I’m on the ground & the Umpire has just reached the 10.
    Anyone that’s managing to stay in there is amazing & a better “man” than I. I sincerely hope it pays off.(McKenna runs away over the hills screaming “But it’s just NOT FAIIIIIR!!!!”) until she’s just tiny inaudible dot on the horizon).

  10. one thing that strikes me after bringing up this quote is the concept of owning one’s effluence. I remember when my babies were ill, how I’d hold them as they sicked all over me (sorry folks) and then would look at me like, “why are you doing this to me??”

    it’s really liberating when I take responsibility for my own situational problems. it was nobody else’s fault I was walking down that road. other people may have played roles but it was MY play and ultimately I was responsible for the whole production (as far as how it effected me). it’s way easier to stop pampering your problems when you take responsibility for them, cos, damn, who wants to dwell on that??

  11. { satori }

    satori – wikipedia:

    a japanese buddhist term for enlightenment that literally means understanding

    many thanks for sharing your soul-soothing buddha nature

  12. The only thing I might add to: “it could be worse.” is that “it can only get better from here.” This last couple of weeks have sure been a challenge, but the lessons that come with those challenges have been both humbling and enlightening, so worth it.

    Glad you gals made it home safe from your walks! Thanks for another great post, Satori!

  13. My jupiter is in scorpio so I consider scorpio moons good luck. OTOH, the taurus people in my house were a little grumpy.

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