Mars In Sagittarius Square Neptune In Pisces

Mars attacks from spaceMars in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces, exact on January 11, 2022. This kind of thing sneaks up on people so I’m putting you on notice fairly early. But not that early! This aspect will come into play over the weekend.

Whenever anything clashes with Mars, there’s potential danger. If Mars energy is well directed you have a courageous hero. But let’s face it. Mars attacks! It’s best you not deny this. Denial is a function of Neptune.

Here are some Mars/Neptune keywords and concepts

  • Sneak attack
  • Endless war
  • Gas attack
  • Gaslighting
  • Misplaced anger
  • Shot with your own gun
  • Avoiding conflict
  • Active delusion
  • Hidden anger
  • Widespread lies

With Sagittarius and Pisces being involved a person can act (Mars) with compassion (Neptune) but you an easily trick yourself into thinking this is what you are doing. I’m talking about your self-interest (Mars) being concealed (Neptune) from you.

This combination can also create scenarios for sexual indiscretions.  You slipped on a banana peel and wound up in the wrong bed!  It’s just easy to trick yourself under a sky like this.  Leap of faith into a pile of ****!

Mars in Sagittarius can be high-minded but it can also be overconfident. It’s possible a person like this actually see their prowess dissipate.

I can’t cover off the trillions of possibilities with this combination but hopefully this is enough to give you an idea what you’ll be dealing with over the next twenty days or so.

One more thing!  Motives may be concealed. It’s not just the person pursuing you. People are inclined to deny their own motives when they do things. Should be interesting, huh?

What do you know about this stuff?

28 thoughts on “Mars In Sagittarius Square Neptune In Pisces”

  1. This Mars-Neptune square in Sagittarius-Pisces will oppose and square, grand square the U.S. Mars-Neptune square in Gemini-Virgo.

      1. That U.S. Mars-Neptune always in the back of my mind. 🙂 Maybe some saving grace is retro Venus sextile Neptune and trine U.S. Neptune.

  2. Leap of faith into a pile of ****!! Happy New Year Elsa I love your way with words (and your endless astro wisdom). Venus 1 Sag here! Don’t let the barstewards get you down! And don’t eat the yellow snow! Nuf exclamation marks I guess 🙂

      1. Happy New Year Elsa!

        Presently Tr Moon and Tr Mars is on my N Neptune, L5 in my 2nd. Tr Neptune is in my 5th. I have Tr Uranus on DC, Tr Saturn just past IC opposite N Merc. I started the new year working; on new year’s Eve I changed the beds, did laundry, vacuumed the floor etc etc

        On new year’s day I discovered someone had tried to break in while I was away, working elsewhere. Bastard Neptune. Made a virtual police report, aborted call to insurer in favour repairing damage (because excess might be more) installing a gate, installing alarms etc. I had tabs with all these info. That’s Tr Saturn in 4th going into overdrive. I also walked 13000 steps during the cause of the day. I had neck deep in laundry, cleaning and putting away stuff when I discovered the potential break in.

        I spent an hour of New Year’s day also in the office doing some billing. I work in a Neptunian field. Ah, the unceasing joys of these transits.

  3. Sounds like everyone’s shadow popping out all over the place! I’m going to keep the above image in mind.
    I have Mercury in Sag at 5 and I had an incident on this scale already with my S.O. just yesterday! OMG! Denial, gaslighting and unending finger pointing. It started out so innocent (or so I thought!)…lol

  4. Hello Elsa
    My Dad passed away in July. 88 yrs old.
    Yes Jupiter in Pisces don’t get fooled young lovers. Very wary time. Shared thanks

  5. I confronted someone I love who has an active gambling addiction. He is still in denial about the extent of damage he is doing to his own life. He has responded by saying I am dead to him and hurling all kinds of insults at me. So… lots of denial and aggression in my life right now but I’m maintaining my inner peace. Sometimes compassion actually requires aggressively combating denial.

  6. Thank you for this very timely warning, Elsa! All these have been, are being, and certainly will be in my life:
    Sneak attack
    Endless war
    Misplaced anger
    Shot with your own gun
    Widespread lies. (And more of the same, no doubt.)
    In 11 days’ time, Mars in my 6th will be exactly opposite my natal 12the House Gemini Saturn. I had better begin 2022 hunkered down and working on my very limited powers of self control, inter alia.
    Have a very happy New Year, then a wonderful 2022!

  7. Thank you for” trip zone”, I don’t need to
    Slip or fall, or loose the breaks !!1week from birthday, for me
    It’s going to be low gear with frequent breaking tests, sounds like steep terrain!!

  8. I’ve been dealing with a Mars square Neptune individual for over a decade. Their Mars squares my Sun and Moon. Undercover competition, sneak attacks, endless war, they will never stop. I don’t participate. I just let their delusional ass do what they do.

  9. Hate people denying their motives! I’m just so sick of this! For once, can anyone be honest for a change? I need honest, straightforward people in my life…

  10. Ha! Someone misinterpreted a FB post I made and is being a real asshat about it. I’m tempted to fight back but I think the best strategy is to let it go.

  11. I think being careful is my mission for this time and controlling my temper as usual. I have Uranus in Cancer in the first! So Gemini in the 12th. Ad hand surgery and cut myself with my very sharp knives this past weekend. I’m a trained chef and haven’t cut myself I. Years. Best thing is my hand surgeon is gorgeous and kind! Quite something!
    Also my double Gemini husband has been sick with some kind of upper respiratory thing since Christmas Eve. Always tests negative for Covid. Think maybe he’ll be ship shape again once the nodes move out of Gem/Sag. Careful! Careful!

  12. Avatar
    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    Neptune has been in my 6th house where both my natal and transit Pisces Jupiter as well as my natal Chiron are.
    Jupiter in Pisces is like an angel on your shoulder, right?
    Well…Im insisting there is a BIG angel sitting on my shoulder.
    Perhaps she is actually now sitting there with boxing gloves(Mars) on boxing my ear trying to wake me up.
    Bless her heart ☺

    1. Much the same for me. My H10 Pisces Sun and 3rd-Venus, and my 0-degree Mercury Aries, should be tickled pink. But no sign of that. I wonder if this is because my 29th degree Scheat is tightly conjunct my Sun.

  13. This is potent. Mars is also in opposition to the Mean Black Moon forming a T square with Neptune.
    The raw – often unconscious – emotive force of creation is involved and available to us right now.
    With some discrimination – Virgo – we can pick and choose in which opportunities to invest ourselves.

  14. Avatar
    Stacie Webb Martin

    Rereading this almost a year later… and yes! He was lying through his teeth and having an affair with his 30 year junior assistant. I’d just moved out over what I thought was an emotional affair! Leap of faith into a pile of shite… yep! Settling now and he’s brought us to verge of bankruptcy. You were spot on, Elsa!

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