Planets Clustered On One Side Of The Zodiac: Outcast?

off balanceWe’re in “clustered planet season” so I wanted update this post. With the stellium in Capricorn last year, I noticed all the planets were clustered on one side of the zodiac. Having Libra, I notice when things are lopsided!

I tied this to the pandemic. People were either out there, at large; working in a grocery stores for example. Or they were isolated.

As it turns out, the planets will cluster up like this for a number of years… excluding the summer (in the US) months.  It’s interesting and not that hard to track once you see what’s going on.

Right now, the planets all fall on one side of the zodiac so we’re dealing with extremes. This situation will be maintained and in fact, intensify, until it breaks up mid-July 2022.



This is a random chart chunk from April, 2022.

The summer months bring relief as the Sun, Venus, and Mercury transit the Leo, Virgo, Libra and the early degrees of Scorpio. This pattern will continue for years.

This means that people born (roughly) between the end of July through October, will have solar return charts with the planets spread out.

People born between November though mid-July will have solar return charts with a narrower focus.  I can’t tell you if this is good or bad. It just is.

All Lunar Return charts will also be lopsided, most of the year. Through 2025, at least. I’ve not thought beyond that.

It’s the end of the December and yesterday, I started the Gardening 2022 thread in the forum! This is why I’m clamoring for Spring. I don’t like being off-balance. But I also don’t like being restricted, which is what this feels like to me. It’s like having an area roped off. You may feel the exact opposite!  You may feel safe?

Babies born during this period will also be affected.  It’s another interesting aspect to this.

As for what I’m seeing this year; some people are still locked down.  Others aren’t, but they have withdrawn on their own accord or some cases, they’ve been rejected. It’s pretty easy to feel outcast at this time and I think this is why!

I’m not clear on who might be most bothered by this.  The moon is exempt from the cluster because it moves so quickly. Your feelings about this may be tied to whether you Natal moon fall in or outside the cluster.

If you want to look into this or see how affects you personally, here you go.

Get your Solar Return Report here.
Get your Lunar Return Reports here. These are super-cheap, if you buy a year’s worth. Thirteen reports – a Baker’s Dozen.

But you also want to look at the house in your natal chart that are activated by this.  I hate to say it or even think about it, but the cluster is centered on the houses near my ascendant. I am normally a highly social, interactive person. I really don’t like this sort of selfishness or I might even say, autonomy. It’s just not a fun. It’s also like wearing shoes that don’t quite fit.

Do you notice things being off-balance. Do you like it?

16 thoughts on “Planets Clustered On One Side Of The Zodiac: Outcast?”

  1. My grandson was born late November, 2020. I notice the planets cluster from the 9th to the 3rd houses. The Capricorn Stellium aspects all his planets, with his North Node in the 5th Gemini his sole lone ‘star.’ Interesting indeed.

  2. This is v.interesting, thanks! I can now see the planet cluster clearly oscillating between the 4 quadrants….one month everything is up above in 9th & then next month in 5th. Feels like it’s going to be like a stop-go situation, for months. Ugh.

  3. I didn’t quite see the ‘up til 2025’, Elsa ?, will stay tuned to that, but I noticed that the on going global currency-Banks-financial disrupting Saturn⏹Uranus square – that one can say gets activated from today‘s massive ?New?Moon in ♒️Aquarius through to Feb 19th – that it will happen again, and then some, for ***8 months*** on a row, as Saturn stations, from May 2022-Jan 2023 ??. And in Dec 2024 Pluto enters ♒️Aquarius for a ~15 year period with Uranus in ?Taurus?♉️ for a few years still.

    Talk about structure break/destruction/recreation => radical change happening both internal to people and externally.

    Looking back on the effects of Pluto in ☠️Capricorn since 2008, I cannot fathom (yet) how it could express in ♒️Aquarius.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if an effort will be done to try make the financial revolution happen in a way/timing so that there’s an all new financial and currency system in place ready for the start of Pluto in ♒️Aquarius on Dec 2024…

    I just glanced over this, I’m sure you’ll look into this with your ?Eagle eye and we’ll be reading your excellent always inspiring insights on this in the coming future ?

      1. Me too, Jana. I quite liked lockdown. No-one bothered me and I could get on with “doing my thing”.
        On the other hand, my solitary South Node in Capricorn / House 2 was this gloomy, looming thing that kept me from getting too comfortable with my ongoing financial woes.
        All my planets are in houses 7 to 11, from Gemini (Mars) to the start of Libra (Neptune), spanning almost exactly 120 degrees.

    1. You should check out something called the Buttonwood Chart. A chart of the meeting under a buttonwood tree that launched Wall Street.
      Interestingly, while America’s Pluto Return happens at the end of Cap, the Wall Street chart has Pluto at 1+ degrees AQUARIUS, so that should be a time to watch.
      Lots of intriguing aspects…jup conj nep in libra in the 2nd house, sun conj merc in taurus on the MC.

  4. @Mguel Mel interesting observations! I just attended a 2022 Astrology Zoom Meeting and the host was saying the exact same thing! That our paper money will go obsolete and the divide between the have and have nots will widen further- you’ll be fine if you already have money, assets but if living pay check to pay check will be a real hard transit. Of course there’s always people who can innovate- and if you are educated in Crypto Currency and how to invest in Investment Real Estate, you could do well too. This is not advice just what the host suggested these energies could manifest.

  5. This cluster is n has been nadir experience for me. Particularly the 4th house. Going forward it’ll be 4th,5th n 6th houses.
    Evidently my home/mood, creativity/essence n service/health are all up for a revision of sorts.
    I most certainly feel this.
    And as Pluto fades out it’ll oppose natal Uranus and square natal Neptune.
    More generational upheavals but I’m beginning to feel the effects now.
    It’s all pretty isolating n specific.
    And there’s no going back.
    This kinda ‘it’ will likely carry through until I transition.
    In that way things like joy n even’fun’ will be more self generated than anything.

  6. Wow. Just noticed I have NO PLANETS on that WHOLE side of the zodiac. (Unless you count Chiron)
    Will I be irrelevant to society, or will people seek me out for balance?

  7. My Natal Chart is like this. Taurus through Leo is completely empty. I was born in 68 and that was a crazy year.
    I think overall it just feels normal to me. Like Mercury was retro when I was born, so I find things are better for me during a retro than a direct.

    It could be a self-fulfilling kinda thing, but I noticed differences before I learned astrology beyond my Sun Sign.

  8. Yeah, my chart is scattered between the 8th-the 3rd if you count Chiron, otherwise just 8th-through the 2nd. No clusters but is that lopsided? I do have asteroids in the 4th, 5th and 7th but they are only effected by transits.
    The cluster in Aries in March has me concerned-I live in California where fires are out of control most of the Summer.

  9. Pluto is in my 12th. I do have Saturn/Jupiter conjunct in the 12th at 26 degrees Capricorn. My ascendant is 14 Aquarius. I have Pisces intercepted in the first house and the 2nd house holds my 21 degree Aries Venus. So much of this is really going on in my 1st and 2nd houses. My finances are better than they have ever been. My focus has been on myself. I have finally figured out that it’s not in the cards for me to ever be in a committed relationship with another human again and I’m actually more than OK with that. In fact, I have a strong aversion to other people in general right now. 🙂 Maybe this is why I rescue dogs, instead. And, I have become anti-social. Leaving the house is something I dread. As I approach my 62nd birthday, visions of retirement dance in my head!

  10. Interesting. Earth’s perspective is out of balance. My natal chart is opposite, all from Cancer to beginning of Scorpio. With the planets being from Capricorn to Taurus, will I feel more balanced? Or, will I just be in opposition to everything? ? We’ll see!

    1. My question exactly.
      If the planetary lessons are uncomfortable maybe its a good thing they are happening “over there “.
      But. But. It makes for a lot of oppositions!

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