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Calvin KleinBack in the 80’s my sister sent me this book, Obsession: The Lives and Times of Calvin Klein. She is interested in fashion but besides that she thought Calvin Klein an interesting study in Scorpio.

Calvin Klein has Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Scorpio which is plenty for anyone and if you want proof just look at his body. Does he not look like an actual scorpion? You see this with anyone (man or woman) who has a lot of Scorpio especially as they age. It’s almost spooky.

As to his other Scorpio qualities… well someone had the balls to kidnap his daughter in 1978. Major mistake, kidnapping a Scorpio’s child. Klein was up all night smoking cigarettes and pacing in Scorpio style and then insisted on delivering the ransom money himself in what turned out to be a successful sting operation.

My sister also pointed out he never had an original idea in his life. (Scorpios use other people’s energy) All his designs were adaptations of another person’s innovationand you also learn in the book, he has a business partner who he cannot do without. As I recall they had already been partnered for a decade before Klein became famous, this reflects the loyalty of a Scorpio’s inner circle.

Anyway, it was the picture that prompted me to write this because just look at that Scorpio body and posture. Next time you see that out there, you’ll know.

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  1. Crazy! He is so scorpion shaped! About Scorpio stealing other people’s energy, Bill Gates is another wonderful example of this. Steve Jobs is a Pisces who prides himself on innovation and creativity while Gates just steals everything Apple has ever done (Vista has many “new” features Apple has had for years). Fascinating how these things play out, esp with high profile people and relationships.

  2. In defense of Scorpio, neither of those people (Gates or Jobs) have had a single original idea of their own. Any supposed “innovation” is good business necessity.

  3. Wow, show me some more scorpio bodies!!!

    I had major crush on guy who stood just like word: S E X Y

    Just oozing coolness and hotness at the same time

  4. Elsa, can we see some examples of Scorpio women? He does fit that standard male scorp type. Seems a little Napoleonic, too. I had a book a few years ago called, ‘What Sign Is Your Pet?’ The picture of the Scorpio was a Pit Bull and it totally reminds me of this body type.

  5. Scorpios do live off others’ energy, don’t they? That’s a very interesting observation. It confirms something I suspected for a while.

    Why do you think they do this? Is it inherent, or just Scorpion strategy? Is it something we should judge them for– essentially being themselves?

  6. LOL @ Charlotte… I actually did that! Then I went to Libra and checked out the male celebrity scorps. Yeah I had a good time.

  7. I don’t think that Scorpio’s are using other peoples’ energy in a vampire type fashion, I have read in other Elsa blogs where she addresses the way Scorpios can feed off of others. I like to think of it in terms of the characteristics of a snake. A snake is VERY much affected by it’s surroundings, it is cold blooded, and therefore needs to be aware of it’s surroundings at all times in order to maintain it’s own energy level. If it’s warm, they are warm, and so on.

  8. P.S. In my relationships, there is a mutual exchange of energy…as a Scorpio, I feel like people come to me for this energy exchange. I don’t think that I leave a person drained unless that is what needed to happen with the energy at that time.

  9. @ the individuals claiming that Steve Jobs is an innovator and Bill Gates is a stealer.

    When was the last time you can afford any apple products without having to purchase and spend more money? Steve is an innovator all right. Innovate to take more money out of your @$$.

    Bill might not be original. But at least he makes said products better and affordable to the masses.

  10. Avatar
    Scorpioland's Synthia

    Yes, Larry King’s body/posture is like that!

    Hey — I consider Scorps extremely inventive. I try never to take other people’s ideas. It’s a great offense. I consider Scorps to be really unique.

    Yes, I know there’s that whole “stealing other people’s stuff” idea but i generally see that with Scorps “taking” other people’s men and energy like you say — definitely energy ..because I get sapped and need to be replenished by vibing or even clashing with someone.

    Perhaps my Sag Mercury and my 4-planet Sag stellium in general would keep me from taking other people’s ideas. That could be it…since I’m idealistic and possessive of any allegedly grand thoughts. LOL.

  11. The body type comment IS spooky. You could put my head on his body and it’d be me (slightly better abs though). Dead giveaway, huh?

    I’d post a picture but modesty overrules.

  12. Avatar
    its in the past

    scorpios inspire and often generate energy in others,- the idea that they typically just steal is kinda single minded in it’s application

    scorpios can be extremely giving people!

  13. God you guys are idiots. How does the way he stand indicate anything about him being a Scorpio? He’s well built and lots of men who frequent the gym stand like that.

    People are always going to see things they want to see.

    So much for Scorpio incredulity.

    If you look at other Scorpio stellium guys like Ed Asner or Martin Scorsese you quickly find your opinion does not stand.

    1. This is from 2010 but thank you Amber. I get so sick of it. I want to see a let’s all trash Leo or Virgo or Libra thread. Never going to happen. Scorpio is always trashed here and everywhere. Puts me off astrology sites altogether. Puts a lot of people off. I will be happy when we start knocking down all the Aqua’s and Taurus’… but this won’t happen. I haven’t seen it happen in 12 years. Scorpio is the target. It’s boring.

  14. As to the scorpio energy I am surrounded by them more and more lately maybe my scorp moons attracting them now that I’m in the public working and school. And when they come to me they stay and I would say its simular in its feel to a generator most of the time we seem to generate energy between us and feild is at times intense no matter what emotion is presenting.

  15. “My sister also pointed out he never had an original idea in his life. (Scorpios use other people’s energy) All his designs were adaptations of another person’s innovationand you also learn in the book, he has a business partner who he cannot do without.”

    100% )) I am a sun, moon, mercury, pluto scorpio, oh and about body posture well the curved shoulders and the big arms i have that too 😀 ready to sting 😉 😛

  16. This is interesting! My favorite tops are often from Calvin Klein. I’m not super tall but my torso is especially long and it is hard to find shirts and jackets that fit well without being too baggy or too short. Plus they are just nice without being too trendy or frumpy.

    I would like to read that book. I think Scorpios instinctively know that very few things are ever really “new” or “original” because of the cycles of life/death, creation/destruction so they just improve on what is already there.

  17. Funny this post appeared as suggested when earlier today I was reading about this brand’s sexualization of girls in ads.

    1. In this case, I think it’s a coincidence. I use a plugin to display the related posts. It only draws data from tags and categories on the site, rather than any data gathering or input personal to an individual. 🙂

      1. This type of “digital coincidence” has been happening to me for a very long time. They have been too many to count but too trivial to mean something lol

  18. Haha reminded me of a bold quote from picasso “good artists copy great artists steal” so funny because he was considered a great artist and his works went on to become so famous and wanted 😄

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