Saturn Transit – Seven Year Reality Check

Saturn will be heading into Capricorn in December. This transit correlates with Saturn’s transit through Libra, seven years ago.

“As an example, right now Saturn is in Libra. People feel a lot of pressure to act as an adult and do right in relationships. If they manage this, in 7 years they’ll be able to look back and see the gains they made by making and effort at that time. They may also shudder at the thought of how things would be had they not made an effort..

I wrote that in 2011.  Here’s the whole post:

Saturn Transit Square or Opposite Natal Saturn – 7 Years Till The Chickens Come Home

Looking back,  I married my husband, not once but twice, with Saturn in Libra. I remain phenomenally committed to him.

I note that satori and I are still working together. I’m grateful for this. We’re older now. It’s pretty cool.

I mention these relationships because they’re partnerships (Libra) rather than “friends” which is associated with the 11th house.  You can see exactly what I was saying back then has played out.

How did you fare with Saturn in Libra? Can you see how this will help or hinder you during Saturn’s transit through Capricorn?

20 thoughts on “Saturn Transit – Seven Year Reality Check”

  1. Such a timely post. In 2011 we were newly moved onto this place we have called ‘home.’ There was SO MUCH to learn about building community and adapting to life with chronic illness. Relationships-Partnerships were definitely the key factor. We have learned what it takes to build a loving and supportive community, and our marriage is more resilient than ever! We prepare to move from this place, but will not move far as we transition. From ‘out of the woods onto the prairie’ we will literally be a little house on the prairie. What we CAN TAKE with us is the lessons of Libra-Saturn. Wow.

    Great food for thought Elsa, as Saturn gets closer to Capricorn. Thank you for this point of view!

  2. It was in the 10th house and I started my career path through school, ended a relationship and started a relationship. Now work is going well, relationship?? Nada LOL. But this time I actually know what I want.

    Counting my blessing for Saturn in Capricorn. 🙂

  3. anonymoushermit

    I read an article once that said if you want to know if you have good karma, wait seven years. The article is somewhat bullsh*t, but it also had partial truths in it too, so I liked it.

    It’s like planting a tree, you have to wait a bit for the seeds to grow.

  4. I became more committed to my husband. I stopped trying to escape, Uranus style! I ran away once, but I ended up increasing my commitment. Go big or go home! The event solidified our relationship and made it stronger. I also developed boundaries at this time and separate “your stuff” from “my stuff” and got more realistic expectations around relationships at this time. The work during Saturn in Libra was super important when Saturn went into Scorpio, and it’s already paid off dividends. I can see how the support will help during Saturn in Capricorn.

  5. Avatar

    I went through a learning process. I started feeling responsible for my significant other’s family, which meant I couldn’t just be employed at any old job (where I was more easily replaceable). I had support myself and my future kids, on top of him supporting his parents, so I went back to school to learn something different. Even though I am not with that partner anymore, this year sparked several processes.

    For the past few years, I’m learning how to face my imperfections, stand up for myself, work with others, gain support for ideas, etc. It’s very painful though, no lie. Everyday I feel like doing a Scorpio retreat nonstop, doing volunteer work forever (hiding so I will never get criticized), but because of 2011, I can’t hide anymore. All my flaws are out for everyone to see. I have been dealing with the ramifications of that decision since.

  6. I feel like I did the best I could have done, with Saturn in Libra.

    It’s hard to say exactly how it will pay off with Saturn in Capricorn, beyond having some extra tools in my toolbox. I hope it does.

    1. This is what I recognize as well Cosmic: “i feel like I did the best I could have done, with Saturn in Libra”…. and so on. !

  7. Like Moki said: so timely!!!

    In 2011 we left the sparkly Bay area for the unsparkly south. There were many factors but not knowing anyone in CA after living there my whole life was the biggie. Am I someone who has no friends or is it just this place? If we move and I still have no friends,no loss. But maybe it’s worth the risk.

    Well, tonight my husband’s recovering from surgery. One friend brought us a whole amazing homemade dinner, with flowers and wine…just dropped it off with hugs. When they left and we were sitting there completely agog, another friend texted she’d just left some get well cookies in the mailbox. I’m stunned to read this post, Elsa. It was such a hard chapter learning how to live with people, in a small town, and there was a lot of agony in the growth – and i’m sure there’s so much more – but tonight I really got it. It was the right move. My moon is full.

  8. First-off, I apologize if I don’t stay on topic, because this gets to be a form of “therapy” for me. Seven years ago I was separated, and with my Moon in Libra, I was not enjoying being alone. Finding someone who wanted to be in a relationship was daunting. Then, after my “current” partner deciding she couldn’t live with me anymore in July, here I am again – living by myself. Ha ha, my Libra Moon still doesn’t like this! Breaking up really does create a grieving process that takes time. Everybody is always telling me, be positive – things will get better. Right now, however, I’m not feeling very positive about it all.

  9. Elsa, more than anything I’m grateful for the wisdom, stories, guidance and website you’ve shared and maintained for the last 7+ years! I am blessed to have found you, thank you for all you do and are. ?

  10. I read this post several times thinking back to where I was 7 years ago. It was interesting to realize that a bit over 7 years ago I consulted with Elsa about some personal issues and I got this in part of her answer: “Saturn is on it’s way back into Virgo to repeat your Saturn return / Saturn transit to your Moon so this is truly THE time to establish yourself as an adult – to define yourself so…”
    Hard reality check on today: I am still struggling with the same issues I was back in 2010, relationships and work. If I get all negative about the whole situation, I would say I have not learned a single thing, but trying to look for the silver lining I would say that even if I find myself struggling with the same areas of my life, the struggles are different (my confidence is a bit shaken up due to specific events) but I am definetely more aware of what I don’t want.
    I do not think I have establish myself as an adult yet, but I’d like to think I’m getting closer.
    I honestly hope to look back in seven years and not to sigh at wasted time.

  11. Saturn in Libra… I almost lost my marriage. I wasn’t into astrology then but Saturn was transiting my 7th. We did all we could and stuck it out though I’m sure the easy thing would have been to walk away. We wanted to keep our family. I’m so glad we did.

  12. I had my Saturn Return in 2011. I got real, for sure. Found a wonderful man that year and committed to him right away. We are married now with two children, a home, and I am growing in a career. Life has certainly changed for the better. I came from being all alone in the world to having a family of my own.

  13. Awesome article!!! Really appreciated!

    Huge insight to my karmic balancing, hell of a transformation, tough as over the last 7 years with the love of my life!!

    Transit Saturn 10th house inconjunct 14:44 to Natal Saturn 5th house….

    Look forward to payday and the chicken finally coming home to roost! Lol – 😉

    Cheers – Shane

  14. 7 years ago, Saturn, Sun, Mercury and Venus were all on my Libra 1st house. Bought my first house and already had my second child. I achieved so much at my age. I was laid off in 2011 at a previous law firm but found a new legal position at a new firm in September at lower pay. Definitely brand new beginnings at the time. Keeping up my image, marriage, family and home was a challenge. I was juggling three jobs at one time, especially in 2012. I suffered Libran health problems with my kidneys and exuasting arguments with my Libra Sun/overgrown man-child Aries Moon husband on a regular basis in front of the kids. I just got fed up and felt that keeping up such an image was not worth my health or happiness. Divorced and sold my house at the same time in 2015. It takes two to tango not just only me taking care of 3 kids (2 kids AND overgrown man-child). Lots of soul searching and searching for my authentic self. Lots of rejecting of new love interests because I know my Libra-ASC will be too accommodating to anyone!! Need to find the right person that is not a selfish little boy but a Man willing to take on responsibilities in a relationship. Hope Saturn in Capricorn will not further punish me as I’ve already gone through a beating with Libra!

  15. I have to say ditto to the above. It’s interesting to look back seven years. So many things have happened since then it’s as if I am another person, almost entirely. I had a very bad episode with my marriage though while Jupiter was in Libra and had divorced the year before. It was too late to work on it. Saturn in Virgo opp my Fourth House, turned my world upside down. It all started in 2008 and two years later, the lessons and hardships kept coming. I don’t think they will slow down with Saturn in Capricorn in my second house squaring my natal Jupiter in Libra in my 11th.

  16. I had my second baby in 2011, a very happening year, full of new responsibilities. I felt like I had finally grown up.

  17. Saturn had his Saturn return in my Libra 8H in 2012. That return was tight with my Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 8H which quincunxes Chiron.

    I lost almost everything I had taken for granted to during a 7 year partnership – Saturn in play here as well I guess?
    I was nearly destroyed by this breakup. So much pain, incredible pain that led to a transformation towards a more empathic and true self that I’d been before. It transformed me towards the better, a more authentic self.

    Chickens coming home to roost in 11th and 12th house. Coming undone in 2012 let me build my soul anew. So this should prove interesting even though I don’t expect things to go easy at all, since Saturn will be squaring himself and my Libra Moon…

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