Mental Stress – War Of Information

I’ve written a lot about Mercury, recently.  The planet has been severely stressed for more than a month. There’s been just a few day of respite during this period.

If you’re a Mercurial type; Gemini, Virgo or someone with Mercury prominent in your chart, I’m sure you’ve been busy. Busy thinking and probably busy running around, trying to get hold of people and/or complete tasks. Unfortunately, we’re not quite out of the woods.

As you can see in the picture, Mercury is in Aries, closing a conjunction with Uranus in the sign.  It’s also squaring Mars and Pluto.

Keep in mind, ha!  Keep in mind, Aries is Mars-ruled.  Anyway you turn it, mental processes are whipped up with this and most likely focused on a goal.

I’m working on my site, of course. On a new scheduling calendar, if you can believe that. Talk about textbook astrology!  I’m transforming (Pluto) my calendar for the long haul (Capricorn). I am also going on a short trip (Mercury) with soldiers (Mars).  These are good applications or manifestations of this energy.

We also see this in the news. All the verbal challenges and papers being filed, left and right.  The “deep state” (Pluto in Capricorn); whatever that term might mean today. It’s a war (Mars) where information (Mercury) is a weapon.

On a personal level, paranoia and mental manipulation are seen everywhere you look. In the olden days, this was called, “mind fuck”.

If you are struggling, try to find a positive outlet or expression for this very intense energy that will be with us over the next few days.

42 thoughts on “Mental Stress – War Of Information”

  1. Elsa you’re awesome. I love the way you write. Mind fuck indeed. You have perfectly described my working life over the last month.
    Yours kindly
    Stressed out, insanely busy gemini

  2. Excellent!!!!

    Mind fuck.

    Time to name, recognize and evict the squatters.

    Nobody lives rent-free in our heads…

    1. Well said! I have a dick who keeps leaving dick comments which I delete without reading beyond the first two words.

  3. 11th House 29 Deg Pisces and 5th House 29 Deg Virgo too! Taurus Ascendant & Moon. Eros is 29 Deg in Gemini too. Regulus in Leo is also 29 Deg. Apoll in Virgo at 29 Deg.

    I know something is up but not sure what. I am stressed. (Gemini Sun) I am very stressed! Tired!

  4. I have been incredibly accident-prone lately. I have natal Mars and Mercury in Gemini. I probably need to quit darting around, and sit down to drill through a bunch of boring (however easy) desk work that seems to have piled up. 8 hours on the clock, now go!

  5. “If you’re a Mercurial type; Gemini, Virgo or someone with Mercury prominent in your chart, I’m sure you’ve been busy. Busy thinking and probably busy running around, trying to get hold of people and/or complete tasks. Unfortunately, we’re not quite out of the woods.”

    I’m double Virgo. Its been such a stressful year emotionally and financially. Want so desperately to ground and put my head down and work and get things done. Almost impossible with my Scorpio Neptune and Libra Mercury conjuncting travelling Jupiter.
    My Virgo says”go-go-go…blaze some trails with work” while Neptune says “, stay…meander in the fields, listen to the crickets and read some deep classic Russian literature or a good medieval murder mystery…”
    UGH! Will no one rid me of this meddlesome planet????”

  6. Interesting that so many people including my spouse are lying to me about issues that they really think I don’t know about. And friendships blowing up over trivial matters which tells me that the friendship was in trouble for a long time and that whatever the tip was, it was not really the issue. It is not all that way in my life, but people I loved and trusted are either out and out lying or they are lapsing in to their fog and won’t face reality.

  7. Until I read your post today I really didn’t recognize what I’m mentally doing to myself. Now that I have, I can change it. Thanks, Elsa.

  8. As a Libra WHO WAS WARNED about mental stress via the newsletter, all I can say about this past week is AAAAUUUUGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. That’s interesting! I’m taking a translation course (Mercury)online(Uranus) with a commander(Mars). I’m a Virgo Sun 10th house, Mercury Libra 11th. Uranus is in my 5th house trine my Sag Asc. and I’m liking it, in despite of all the demands, extra work, worries, impredictability I’m facing. Well, in fact, worry is my first name, lol

  10. Ohhh I have actually noticed my mind has felt intensely focused lately. Concentration levels are off the charts but I currently have a headache.

  11. Great post Elsa! As a Gemini rising with Uranus on my Asc, I’m of course immune to this kind of thing–or maybe I just love chaos..:)

  12. On the phone with DirecPath, waiting to disconnect ST’s account (part of wrapping up his affairs). I have to take him off services, then put myself on. Never had my name on a utility bill in my life until this month.

    Oh yeah, and I have to call the rest of his doctors and tell them he’s deceased, get his equipment ready to return to wherever it came from, yada yada yada. Mental stress is loads of fun.

  13. I think for the last 10 days or so I’ve been high on adrenaline, trouble sleeping, deadlines and running around. I took Benadryl last night to see if would help me sleep and it helped a bit, then I conked out at 5 tonight for a nap. I felt much less wired after that. I don’t know how adrenaline really works but it feels cleared out. I need it to be gone because I have stuff to do and I like to plod along checking things off, it makes my Virgo feel good.

  14. Elsa, it’s been awful. Thanks for the reminder about “mind fuck”, oh yeah, it truly has been distressing. Friends, family, everyone under enormous mental stress!! It’s been a prolonged period of time too. I’m seeing misunderstandings, guilting, paranoia, power struggles, betrayals – not once or twice but repeating. . . .

  15. You know. Quite frankly, with such relentless and powerful activity in Capricorn (Saturn, Pluto, Mars,…Lilith!) and the the transit of Uranus into Taurus on the 15th of May, I’d go one step further and lend one more word to your apt description, Elsa. How about ‘Project’ Mind Fuck?!!

  16. “MF’d” by Gemini’s and Virgo lately…my spidey senses told me something was not right and it wasn’t. Not sleeping well at all which is a common thread here I see. I worry about when Uranus goes into my 6th house : 0
    Hang in there everyone!

    @Elsa: These posts are invaluable. I don’t have to search out all across the web “what the F**k is going on astrologically”. I just click on my eletter and voila! That you Elsa!! <3

  17. Yes, it’s been something. I’m five months into a new job and I’m spinning like a top. The work I know how to do and to do well, but I’ve hit roadblocks this season at every turn. I feel like a loser right now, LOL. Oh, and last night, after an utterly shit-filled cluster of a day, I came home, tripped over the mat in the garage, and landed really hard on the linoleum! No broken bones, but I’m home today laid up like a beaten rug.

    1. Be Well, soon. This from a still ‘vertical’ beaten rug. Remember that true healing so often begins with forgiveness of ones-self and then others. Learning how to Love oneself, no matter what kind of so-called evidence is otherwise, provided. Keep in mind that…FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real…!

  18. Uber Gemini Virgo. Cap midheaven. I don’t think I will ever recover. Frighteningly guilt ridden info in my life coming from every direction. Strange days indeed. Some of this seems life threatening. Take this or die but the side effects are so questionable hard to have faith. Hope that makes sense if not…oh well. Add it to the other pile of failures.

    1. Ann. You are not alone per the ‘pile of failures’. I feel that I have been savagely beaten for the past several years. But I have found enough light within to send along. Be Well, with a thousand prayers to you for better days ahead.

      1. Whew,joined not long ago.Love Astrology,and this is a great place!
        Saturn return in Cap coming opposite my Sun/Venus Cancer15’/17′.Teeth cracking,need Crowns,knee went out and couldn’t walk other day,having already had old neck injury and pinched nerve for 5months,of which I then catapultede into a kick-ass depression.
        On low income medical disability,chose to leave group of girlfriends after gossip,betrayal,and just not my tribe anymore.
        As soon as I make headway in one area,another leaky hole in the boat,like playing whack -a mole,Since Mum passed the rest of family in Cali,are money grubbing Trumpites, I’m yes,alone in my apt,buts it’s a really nice affordable one,and I’m in group therapy and go to meditation( Love and self compassion) group.
        I like Nature and outdoors,and Spirituality,and
        animals,and elders,and definitely one of those Empathic Starseed types,Intuitive psychic.
        I find the World in Vancouver any at so intense,loud,and superficial.
        So I elevated w ice pack and had to surrender going through w plans and practice “Radical Acceptance.Whew….

  19. It’s been a week, alright! But since I had a heads up from you and Satori that it was gonna be like that, I opted not to push the river (which I try never to do, but it especially applied this week).

    And yes, mind fuck. Especially bad this afternoon.

    But at the same time, something “miraculous” and totally NOT mind fuck happened with one person while we both swam in the middle of some other people’s mind fuck (which we were smart enough not to get pulled into more than we had to).

  20. Neighbor (Mercury) just died (Pluto). 49 years old. Kin to many around here. The man live(d) close by and I mean, very close to home.

  21. On the road, got stopped on the highway for near an hour. When we finally saw the accident, both cars were 100% burned. No wires… nothing. One car’s charred engine was lying on it’s side, five feet from the car.

    Further, there was an accident on the other side of the highway, no doubt they saw the explosion and freaked.

    I don’t know what else to say about this. I won’t forget those burnt to a crisp cars in a very long time.

  22. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    Total mind fuck indeed. The latest bomb to drop from this week… my son informs us last night, in an email, that he has decided to leave the university and go to a community college… and BTW since the credits wouldn’t transfer, decided to not take finals. WTF… WTF?!?!

    1. My brother did the same, decades ago. Turned out to be the best decision for him. He had a great career that suited him and he retired last year very well off.

  23. I’m totally being mind-fucked by a lawyer, whom I make a mistake of hiring to take my case. He seems ADD or perhaps even drug-addicted, is in over his head, and has totally strong-armed me into a bad legal situation.

    I feel like an idiot for having gone along with him, but am reaching out to other attys who’re being sympathetic. By mid-week, I hope to have another plan in place, and to fire the motherfucker.

    I’m just betting he’s got aspects to 29-0 Aries/Taurus or other (opposition, square), cause he’s going to get bitch-slapped very soon.

    Thanks for this post, Elsa!

  24. Avatar

    Hi Elsa !!
    Totally agree , love the way you write !
    In my progressed chart , The Progressed Mercury in 10th opposites my Natal Pluto in Fourth,needless to say that all my phobias that I have since a kid has been reactivated now 🙂 Also I started therapy, since I am having reoccurring panic attacks… Maybe Saturn Return in my sixth is a trigger also but you can get the picture! Anyway , I am wishing all health and love that are the facts that are truly valuable in this life 🙂

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