Can You Become Like The Person You’re Jealous Of?

When you buy a report from this site, I enter the data myself. I also look a the chart. I don’t look for anything specific outside of an anomaly, which by it’s nature is random.  While not looking for anything “concrete”, I do have impressions about charts or I might feel something or have an idea.

I just sent a report to a gal who has all her planets clustered together. My chart is the same but the houses involved are reversed. My 7th, 8th and 9th house is emphasized. Her 1st, 2nd and 3rd house is emphasized.

Without even considering the planet signs or aspects, it struck me how different this gal and I must be.  So what if I wanted to be like her or she like me? What if I was jealous of her and wanted to do what she did, or vice versa? It would be tough luck.

It helps to know who you are and also who you are not.  Otherwise, you may look at someone and pine to be like them when you’re just not meant to be. No matter how hard you try! Do you like to cook?

I made peach cake last year; a gal wanted the recipe. I was happy to give it to her but I told her I doubted hers would take like mine because I picked the peaches off the tree in my yard.  Everyone knows there’s no comparison, but this can be further refined.

I have two peach trees. One is a yellow peach tree, the other is some type of white peach. White peaches are sweet and delicious and sold at a premium price. However, they not that good for baking or for canning as far as I can tell.

My point is, get to know what you’re good at and good for. Are you a leader?  A behind-the-scenes, person? An entertainer? An introvert?   Your natal chat gives this information.

Chances are, you could know yourself better than you do at this very moment. If you want to know more, get a Natal Report and study it, rather than reading it with bias.

Tell us who you are.

14 thoughts on “Can You Become Like The Person You’re Jealous Of?”

  1. This was my biggest lesson of Uranus in Aries. How jealousy hijacks my self awareness, something I see as of great value. But also what I am jealous of I can develope on my own. It doesn’t have to be a quality in someone else I feel impoverished by. What I see in them can be my Kickstarter campaign in developing my own. This was big. I never realized how miserable I made myself by not owning my projection in this way. Relationships are a lot freer and funnier now. But I have a lot of Aries and this fell in my first house.

  2. Someone posted on here (probably a couple years ago) about how they focused on their natural talents and kind of ignored their deficiencies, with great results. I pondered that a lot and i think thats what youre talking about. Im not sure how she defined success though, and thats where it kind of fell apart for me.

    For me personally, I think this principle is best applied to positive polarity of the concept. So its good to follow your natural path and use your talents, but i dont think its wise to not try something because you might not have it in you. If you try and fail, then you really know who you are, by process of elimination.

    In kind of casting a wide net, the potential for failure is greater than a more focused approach, but you expand in your scope of awareness. We are here for experiences. Failure is just as valid an experience as any other. For some, their soul needs to kick ass at life.

    It also seems that youre talking about authenticity. Being true to who you are. I think that is a great path to follow, yes. But for me, I realize that I am really just pure potential in all directions and that it kind of funnels through something and Im kind of that pivot point where “I” meet “the world”. And that in fact, the whole illusion of life and any expression here is like a vague essence of who I really am. So theres some expressions that are more in alignment with the Source, and those are closer to authenticity, but they are still like dust in the wind, compared to the infinite being. Even an expression that feels authentic, will crumble under scrutiny.

    So I think for me, it comes down to individuation vs oneness. Both are wonderful. Like Cat Stevens sang “If you want to be me, be me. And if you want to be you, be you.”

  3. White Peaches!?? OMgosh, the best peach I ever ate was a White.
    Sweetest, most delicate taste ever. They do not travel well either.
    That is why you never see them in stores. I can understand why they do not can well. They remind me of a specialty melon, like a Santa Claus or a Jerusalem. Delicate fruit that is best purchased direct from a nearby field. Was so glad to see you mention White Peaches, they are so rare and I hope you enjoy yours on top of crackers with a mild cheese, sprinkled with pepper and honey.

  4. What if you’re very neptunian and have no clear sense of self, or have trouble holding on to a singular concept of self, is that then who you are? I’m seriously wondering.

  5. And….i think typically we are jealous of someone for the untapped potential within our own selves. Anytime I’ve ever been jealous per se, it was because I had the quality I was jealous of within me, but had not found a way to access it, therefore the jealousy served as a fuel to get to it

  6. When I’m jealous of someone it’s definitely to do with something they have, that I don’t, and that I couldn’t easily aquire, if at all.For example, I have very fine, thin, hair. It’s not attractive by anyone’s standards, and there isn’t a person who would see it otherwise. So yes, I’m always envious of women with gorgeous long hair. I admire the beauty, I don’t wish to destroy it, or pull their hair out. Could I wear a wig? I suppose. Would it be sufficient, I don’t think so

    1. Anytime I’ve felt jealous of physical traits, I’ve sooner or later discovered there was something deeper than that I was actually jealous of. That’s just me. But I’m not very surface to begin with and I tend to accept the things I can’t change, so I can’t speak for others. I just think with jealousy there’s often deeper reasons…

  7. Two reports ordered and received within SEVEN minutes !!! Thanks Elsa, you’re a WHITE peach !!! 😀

  8. I’d say i’m a teacher/preacher/leader…..all personal planets plus Jupiter/Saturn in houses 1-3 in Sag through Aquarius. 🙂

  9. La-sirena, I appreciate your perspective. Also, I’d have to agree with Tonya, Elsa is quick on the draw! I can’t believe how quickly she has provided me with charts etc over the years.

  10. Biggest lesson in my life is “be yourself”

    I’ve wasted more than a little time trying to emulate what I admire in others and all it left me was lost. I try to practice self-acceptance as much as possible and it pays off.

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