Mercury in Aries vs Mercury in Libra, and Cardinal Signs in General

We’re on the phone…

“Yeah, I showed up at the party, but here’s the thing. All we ever did was everything we weren’t supposed to. Whatever line there was, we crossed it! We broke every single rule….we were completely lawless and then you tell me not to come to a party, and what do you expect? Of course I’m coming. I’m not taking orders from you!”

“I know, I know. You showed up all right. In that green flight jacket and you were drenched! And you were wearing your yellow pants! You had on those yellow pants and everyone felt sorry for you. Poor Elsa!”

I laughed.

“And I just wanted one night with the boys. Because we spent all our time together as it was. We were together night and day. Not that we didn’t have fun. We had all kinds of fun, but my boys were on my ass. Why are you with Elsa all the time, they said.”


“So I wanted this night off, but anyway you walked in and you were just dripping. In those pants of yours with that jacket I gave you. Remember that? It was green. And everyone felt sorry for you, because you were standing there drenched.”

I snickered.

“And I tried to tell them, don’t feel sorry for her! She could have stayed home. She was supposed to stay home. It’s her own fault! But oh no! We all feel sorry for her. Poor Elsa, she’s dripping wet. And everyone thought I was the biggest asshole in the world.”

I laughed. “Well I shouldn’t have done that but on the other hand, it was my nature. You should not have been surprised. I don’t like being told what I can and can’t do and either do you! And you’re still like this…”

Ten minutes later, he’s talking about his (adult) son. Who has achieved a high degree of status…

“He told me not to wear my hat. Don’t wear that John Deere hat of yours in New York!”

I roared.

“I told him I’ll wear anything I damned well please in New York…”

Ha ha ha. We both have strongly Cardinal charts. Nobody can boss the bossy, you know? It just doesn’t work.

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