Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: What Did Your Mother Say?

When I was in New York, HQ’s wife, the mega-Scorpio mentioned something her mother told her which I thought was very potent. She said whatever a person’s age is… this is the speed their life is traveling at. You know. The older you are, the faster your life moves. 10 years old? 10 miles an hour. 54 years old? 54 miles an hour.

I thought this was very astute and I mentioned it to another friend who liked it a lot. And today is occurred to with my Pluto Moon transit, to come on the blog and ask what your mother told you… and invite people to share so others can benefit and I’ll go first.

My mother told me, “You know you’re in big trouble when decent people wanted nothing to do with you.”

Being highly Capricorn I took that at a definite warning. I was very afraid these “decent people” wouldn’t like me, but Capricorn outgrows that stuff, thank God and these days I know I am “decent people” defined. And there are people I want nothing to do with!

And whenever I run across someone like this I always think of what my mother said. “That person is up a creek!” I think. “Because I want nothing to do with them and I am a decent person…”

And I truly think this is worst thing that can possibly happen to a human being. To have decent people turn their back, I mean. How can you possibly be more screwed? Can you imagine? Decent people want nothing to do with you so all you can so is powwow with the indecent people, like yourself! To me this would be a fate worse than death!

Your turn!

20 thoughts on “Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: What Did Your Mother Say?”

  1. Thisis not so much what my Mother would say – but how she lives her life. She is always worried about what the neighbors and ‘other people’ will think! Not sure if this is a Virgo trait – but drove me and my Dad mad (he was Leo and i am Aquarius). neither of us thought is was any body’s business but our own, no matter what the ‘thing’ was!
    Can you imagine living your life as if every one is always watching you??????? Big Brother???

  2. yuh, my mother said, “by God, if I tell you that the sky is pink then when we’re in public you say that the sky is pink!”

    I learned to check the sky twice before I tell my kids what color it is. And they can say whatever they like in public.

  3. My mother always told me I should do what I think is right for myself, whatever the neighbors might think of me. She taught me to be considerate of other people’s needs and feelings and be polite, but to be an individualist. She has a stellium in Scorpio and the Moon probably in Aries. She’s a free spirit herself and never tried to tell me what I should do with my life, she always treated me as an individual with a mind of my own. I really appreciate her wisdom, I’m very lucky to have her as a parent.

  4. Avatar
    Strawberry Fields

    whoa f-ckkkkk… [insert lightbulb going on]

    my mother said a number of things, but one just surfaced and bowled me over because… it echoes an excruciatingly painful reenactment i’m working through at this very moment

    f-ckf-ckf-ck (no, that’s not what she said)

    oh man………….

  5. My mother has a saying “God doesn’t like ugly”. Has nothing to do with outer appearances at all, and every time I’m doing something that’s maybe questionable (morally) this saying pops into my head. She just said it to me about a month or two ago but with Pluto conjunct my moon for the next year or so, I’m paying attention.

  6. My mom says a lot of things – she’s a Gemini! 😛

    But half of it she doesn’t mean and the other half you can’t take seriously. So, no words of wisdom from mama.

  7. My Capricorn father told me very early, “Life is not fair, you must do the best with what you get.” True, but my Sadge side just keeps looking for the justice.

  8. “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” Really, my mom is not the type to have “sayings.” Instead, she is very perceptive about people and their motivations. She also quickly and expertly sees both sides of any issue. These are the things I absorb/treasure the most from her. She is a fellow Pisces and we are very close.

    Occasionally, she says “Not my department,” whenever she gets too upset over something over which she has no control.

  9. “Never persist in making someone do what you want if they don’t want to do it” (it’s harder to translate from the Russian, has to do with don’t try to fit anyone in your Procrustian bed), that lying or not keeping one’s word is despicable (I guess Aquarians like the truth), and that she judges people by their behavior in the hardest times… god, I can’t recall what my mom’s maxims are. Shows how well I listen to what she says repeatedly.

  10. Ooohh I was, somewhat recently, told that there is brain science behind the “speed” of life. When we’re young time moves very slowly but when we’re older time moves much more quickly. The reason for that is “pathways” of neuronets have been worn or broken in. It’s like the difference between bushwhacking and driving on I-94 across North Dakota. One is the “first time” first experience and the other is well paved wide open road. It makes our experience of the time that something takes to happen change subjectively. So yes, when you’re 54 – life really does move at 54.


  11. Hm. My mother didn’t give me advice as such, or observations on the human condition. She told me “Don’t forget to eat,” even when I was thirty-two years old and had been successfully feeding myself since I went away to college at seventeen. I would have felt very disappointed and unloved if she had stopped telling me that.

    Dad gave me a piece of advice once: “Always act like you know what you’re doing.” That worked for me for a long time, but has made it hard for me to admit to people when I really need help.

  12. My dear mother is a Capricorn with a Cancer Moon, and though I loathe to admit it, she’s always right. Doesn’t always follow her own advice, but she’s always, always right.

    She changes her mind about what constitutes “right,” though:

    August 2004: “Honey, you should never, ever get married again1”

    January 2008: “Honey, have you thought about getting married again? You’re 40, you know…”


  13. My mother was born and raised in vietnam during the vietnam war and moved to the us in 1969. The things that always stuck in my mind were “You never forget the smell of burning flesh”, “Don’t feel sorry for the dead, because they’re the lucky ones” and “Don’t scream rape, yell fire.”

    Moon conjunct Pluto in Scorpio wisdom.

  14. it’s alright. the way I see it, some things in people’s family history are really a testement to the inner strength in people. It’s pretty shameful sometimes to feel like to have to walk around with a shadow following close behind that’s never really acknowledged, but honestly, I’m glad that I have that sort of understanding. Because there have been many situations where I have really been able to pull friends and people I care deeply about out of deep holes when they felt like no one would listen, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt in my entire life that anyone is really untouchable or any situation is really hard enough that there isn’t any hope at all. And for being so young, it’s really the best gift one can have.

  15. my mom visited for a couple of weeks in the midst of Pluto sitting on my Moon. the whole time there was nothing but *shoulds* and verbal criticism (she’s got lotsa pisces-virgo) especially the daily your-hair-is-chaos as I have prematurely silver wild curly hair which i stopped dying at 29, and wont iron flat)(eh eh). Except for she kept on saying how I pay too much attention to what people think. Should I be worried about that? That’s probably true especially to that critic within. But is that a person? her maybe? mmm. any thoughts?

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