Mercury Trine Uranus… Brilliant Ideas

crosstrainere7000.jpgPersonally, I have had a plethora of ideas and/or insights with this Mercury Uranus trine. Mercury mashed with Uranus is a signature of genius and while ideas are typically fleeting, you;d be well advised to pay them them/

Specific to this transit, well Mercury is in Scorpio so the ideas follow suit. For example a couple days ago I saw a death coming via astrology which has never happened before. I don’t speculate things like that. I mean, if someone’s got their mother in the hospital dying and a Pluto transit to the Moon, it’s a fair assumption their mother will die, sort of like a couple who does not get along. You’ve got a couple fighting for a year and now Uranus is going to cross one of their descendants, it’s a safe bet liberation is at hand. But this wasn’t like that. It was pure knowledge. It was like a window opened, there is the future and the window closed.

I was on the crosstrainer at the time (where else?) and I realized it could be one of three people given the information I had, one of them me. ::smiles:: Of course I don’t think it’s me. I’d prefer it but everyone knows I never get what I want.

The other thing that surprised me (Uranus) was my detachment (Uranus). We are talking the death of someone very close to me and I just had a sense or a feeling of total acceptance. I think this is a result of what I have gone through with my daughter over these last years… five or six of them. You just can’t stop these planes when they’re going down. I am telling you, it cannot be done.

So that’s one of my Mercury in Scorpio (knowledge of death) trine Uranus in Pisces (given from – and give it to God) insights. I only sat with it for a minute or two, crosstraining the whole time and then just sort of shook my head. “I see this is real, I hope that it’s not now something else, please… and something else came.

The ideas and insights you have now are brilliant and ahead of their time but they are just energy and you know how that goes. Use it or lose it.

I’m coming back with another example in the hopes it will illustrate the unusual places powerful (Scorpio) ideas or information can be found. Because at the moment, I am pretty sure you can change/Uranus (transform/Scorpio) your life completely with just one little byte of info and the info is everywhere. However if you walk around blindfolded with mufflers on your ears I guess you’ll get nothing, eh? I like the first option.

7 thoughts on “Mercury Trine Uranus… Brilliant Ideas”

  1. I discovered a small byte of information a couple of days ago that will make the difference in my fight with my ex-husband over back child support. He’s been calling the shots for five years and now I have leverage. This may be the beginning of the end of what has been a mostly friendly coparenting arrangement, but dammit, I’m not going to be his doormat anymore and I am detached. It’s liberating.

  2. One time I clearly saw the unexpected death of a client’s wife in his chart. Being from the “Don’t Put It Out There” school, I did not tell him. I only said that there could be a hospitalization and that the doctors needed to be very careful because they could miss something. All of this turned out to be true.

    It was probably one of the scariest moments of my life.

  3. …mostly because the information sounds a death knell for everything I hold near and dear and I’m trying really hard to stay afloat.
    Thank god for art. Thank GOD.

  4. mercury uranus is a great feeling- an exciting “knowing”, when everything just falls into a strange arrangement that makes perfect sense. i have a progressed aspect of it going on and boy, my brain is working overtime.

    it sucks that your knowing invloved death but perhaps mercury uranus is fortunate/therapeutic for that kind of thing?

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