Military Families – Are There Markers In The Chart?

mars head“Curious if you have ever discussed on your website Military Markers or Children of the Military. Astrologically – I am 47 and it has taken me forever to settle down – that is because I have moved 20 times due to my fathers career (air force pilot). I was sitting there musing the other day and suddenly realized I had known him as a centurion in Rome. He and I share a Saturn placement (29 deg cap) and my uncle’s Sun is on top of that. Just wondering about the children of the military thing – as you are deeply involved with a military man. We felt like we were in the military the whole time dad was in (my mom, two brothers, self and sister). I lived on air bases till I was 15…”

I am not from a military family. In fact, my husband is the only soldier I’ve ever known in my life to speak of so I am in no position to answer this though there might be someone here who can. I’ll tell the little I do know and what my guesses would be…

As for the wives, astrologer, Stephen Arroyo mentions in one of his books that he once set up practice near a military bases. He found that overwhelmingly, the wives of soldiers had Uranus in the 7th house. People with Uranus in the 7th, and I am one of them, do like space in relationship. It suited these women to have their husbands gone quite a bit.

In more general terms and in terms of families, before I looked at your chart, my best guess or expectation would be to find a Mars (military) Saturn (job) aspect and you do have this signature in your chart.

Next I would look for Aries, and you’ve got Venus there as well as Mars (rules Aries) in the Aries ruled first house.

Beyond that, anything I could say would be “after the fact” rather than organic so I think I will let others better positioned to answer this have at it.

Anyone out there study this?? 

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  1. I analysed the chart for the birth date..and got 16th May 1961.. redrew it using Placidus houses and that gives the Aries Midheaven.. also Gauquelin’s study of occupations.. found Mars and Saturn angular in military folk’s charts.. all the boxes are ticked.. no wonder you feel like you wer in the military yourself. Taurus likes to feel settled, so the Sun/Saturn trine gave your life some structure, but boy that restless wee Gemini Moon says you need mobility.. your chart describes your needs and your life seems to have fitted rather neatly into those needs too..or has Uranus started kicking up some uncomfortable stuff that’s made you need to in some way “justify” whay you never quite allow the cement to set around your lively feet? Just a thought : )

  2. Just fyi – the MC does not change using Equal Houses so the MC is still in Aries in this chart.

    My other software marks the MC in whatever house it falls… I did not realize this software does not.

    If I have not been clear… I am trying to say that the midheaven and the cusp between the 9th and 10th houses are two different things.

  3. My sis and I were Air Force military brats until aged 12/13 respectively. She has early taurus rising with mars in late aries sitting on the ascendant and I have mars conjunct my sun.

    She has scorp mercury in 7H and I have pluto and uranus in libra 7H.

    We moved every three years and I have yet to give up that lifestyle..though I am not in the military. My husband works for the fed gov’t so we may move again in a few yrs.

    My sis is much more stable…but has moved every few years in the same state…

  4. Thanks for that clarifying point..Elsa.. you are absolutely correct as ever..Equal doesn’t change the MC and indeed showing the Equal chart with MC on it only reinforces the travel ..I just like to play around with the other cusps when you do Placidus, altho I know that system has shortcomings, breaking down for certain areas of the globe! You’re helping so much with my Neptune/Asc transit you know..I think you’re my cosmic optician..ta mate!!

  5. Thanks Elsa, Lynne and Gem – I will have to look into that Gauquelin study. I appreciate you looking into this and posting this out there for me.

    Yes Lynne, Uranus is indeed kicking up some uncomfortable stuff (it is squaring my moon at the moment by transit) – I want to settle down in one place – and it is looking like I may have to move again and I am extremely upset about it. I lost my job mid-October – and I am not dealing very well with being unemployed. I am getting phone calls from a recruiter in Miami Florida. I am just really worried – I don’t know how much longer I can move like this.- and I am feeling too tired to start over – again – but i have to work. I have to work. I have a contingent offer locally which I would be happy to take – but it is based on whether they win a contract – and there is no news yet. I could also go back to the one place I managed to stay for 7 whole years – Boston. I moved here 2 years ago from there and spent a lot of time regretting it but dealing with it- I am in Maryland/DC metro at the moment. About the time I was starting to be ok with it and liking it – I got laid off.

    I was just wondering if Uranus and Pluto had anything to do with the military – but it looks like you are saying that it is Mars/Saturn/Aries and there is plenty of that in the family and chart. I never joined the military – and wanted to be a doctor when young (that virgo nn)- but I do understand the military – it is family and the last reason I am asking is it is a military family (mom civil servant 101st airborne, 1st cousin jag lawyer, dad ltcol and pilot – engineer since, his cousin married a marine who became a colonel, another cousin in the navy – it goes on)

    So far – and still counting – Kansas, Ohio, Oklahoma, California, Kentucky, Florida, Delware, South Carolina, Oak Ridge TN (nuclear reservation), Caracas Venezuela, Oak Ridge TN, Knoxville TN, Charlotte NC, Davidson NC, Charlotte NC (several places there), Oak Ridge TN, Memphis TN, Boston Ma, Charlestown Ma, Germantown Md

  6. I don’t know too much about Military charts.
    The only aspect I have is looking for vulnerable times for injury. In the first send off to Iraq
    a lot of my friends were sent away and they asked me to cast some tarrot cards and look at there charts. I never approached it as gee you are going to die..(I know thats what they were worried about) I always gave info as watch electronic equipment during this period. etc..

    But that Mars in Leo in the 12th house I saw this a lot and the weird thing it was always a lot of Scorpio and Taurus folks that wanted to know..

    The guys didn’t want anyone to know that they asked me that they all had in common…

  7. K..Mars/Saturn also features in Doctors’ charts in the Gauguelin study.. Aries good for surgeons..sorry you’ve been so unsettled.. sounds to me like maybe a proper consultation with the lovely Elsa might help?

  8. sorry ..Michel Gauquelin is what I meant to write there..I even had the good fortune to meet him, very very briefly.. at a conference I said “pleased to meet you” is all!!. . but we owe a lot to his research, which he did with his wife Francoise

  9. k- my opinion is to include uranus along with mars/ saturn in the chart. the fields of music and war(the military) are the most dynamic and inventive throughout history-it seems logical that you would have to consider uranus… but i am not an astrologer. i have all angles-uranus on the mc (my father is a big ol, mars in aries on my ic (my mother is a baby with a crazy ass temper) and saturn on my dc- my husband is not a soldier (but every bone in his body screams soldier)

  10. My whole life has been a military experience. My dad was in the Army and retired shortly after I got out of high school. I lived in 5 different states and Germany all before the age of 13. I’ve had to have attended 15+ schools. When I met my husband, he was just getting out of the Army after serving the 4 years he signed up for. He landed an awesome job on post still working with all military branches….but he travels more than my dad ever did. We live in the civilian town attached to the largest U.S. military installation in the world. I can’t escape it!! I don’t know but it seems that my Mars (military) is in Cancer (family) in the 9th house (travel) could have something to do with it??? Maybe?

  11. The one career military guy I know has Mars in 12th conj Pluto. He comes off pure Scorpio, like a Scorpio stereotype or caricature (always dresses in black, loves skulls and horror flicks etc.), but claims he’s got nothing in the sign.

    I have Mars conj ASC in 1st, trine Saturn-Jupiter, sextile Uranus (which is conj MC), square Pluto, Scorpio on my MC. None of my family has ever been involved in anything military related. With a Mars like that I *had* to consider a military career. That lasted roughly a couple days during which it became abundantly clear I would suck at it. I could imagine working somewhere more intel based though, like CSIS. (Mars in air sign)

    Very interesting what has come up about doctors. I have family members with “militant” charts like me but they are all doctors. There is a ridiculous number of doctors in my extended family, like a forth of us. It makes for really gross/graphic conversations at the dinner table sometimes.

  12. Thanks Shell and Isthmus,
    It helps just to talk and think about it. I tell men I date I am a Warrior Princess – and they say “Like Zena?” and then they snicker – because I guess she may live on both sides of the track. And I say “Noooo…..” sort of like Eowyn in “Return of the King” – her character actually makes a lot of sense to me as did that whole story.

    I had a strong longing to be a doctor and I still think about it a lot. I took all the biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and psyched myself out of it. I am the only one in the family that had that interest or inclination. It is interesting to me that you are surrounded by doctors – maybe it is about facing things – or showing courage and strength when faced with difficult tasks. Need to think about this some more – but this has been very helpful to me. Thanks,

  13. I never, in my wildest imagination, thought of myself as someone who would be connected to the military, even though my father had be in the Vietnam War when I 2ish. He passed away at the age of 38 from cancer connected to exposure to Agent Orange.
    Now I’m a wife of a man who is doing his 2nd tour in Iraq. I have 2 children and after reading this post I noted that all of us have significant Mars/Saturn and Aries connections.
    I have an inconjunct between Mars and Saturn. My Mars is conjunct the 4th House cusp in Libra. I also have an Aquarius Sun,Mercury and Venus and Aquarius is on the cusp of my 7th with Mercury conjunct it. My 9 yr old daughter has a Aries Sun at 0 degrees and Mars also in (late) Aries and painfully opposite my Mars ;-). Her Saturn is conjunct her 7th house ( from the 6th and also conjunct Jupiter. She’s been through both deployments and is having a emotional time with this one. My son, who is 2 1/2 has a tough T-square involving Saturn conjunct the 10th in Leo squaring Mars (conjunct the 7th-Taurus) and opposing Neptune, conjunct the 4th in Aquarius. I marvel at all this intense energy and am trying to grasp the linking of all of it.

  14. Avatar
    Donna Cunningham

    What strikes me first is the Mars in royal Leo conjunct the Asc although in the 12th opposite Jupiter..a warrior signature. And the fact that it’s in the 12th vs. the 1st would shown that it’s not been positive for the offspring. A teacher of mine studied charts of champion fighters (boxing) and found Mars in Leo the most frequent. Donna Cunningham

  15. Hi Elsa – it’s me owner of Said Chart – . Thank you for reposting this – it was nice to reread the responses and to understand the amount of growth this year. Michelle – thank you for Sharing your story. Donna – thank you so much for your insight and posting.

    I don’t know if my chart is a hangover from another life – or all dedicated to this one – or a hand down from the ancestors – but a lot has been examined this year. I was unemployed for 8 months. Uranus was Square my moon, Chiron, Neptune, and Jupiter were all square my Sun, and Saturn was trine. I learned to track the progressed moon which was also in the 8th house at this time. A lot of house-cleaning went on psychologically, and glimmers of adulthood. As soon as progressed moon left the 8th house, I finally got a job offer and went back to work.

    No, being a child of the military was not always an easy thing. Mars is a presence in my life- but I fell back on some life affirming behaviors given to me by several good men who helped me this year – a serious study of philosophy (Saturn)-

    Anyway-Perfect timing on this repost.

  16. I work for the military and I have noticed some coon signatures among 90% of the people I have worked with. I have mars-Saturn. Out of the charts I have analyzed (and I have sleuthed more than a handful) there is an overwhelming concentration of people with mars-Saturn aspects. And also stelliums or 2 or more planets in scorpio, Capricorn, and aries. The ones without mars-saturn have mars in aries, scorpio or Capricorn. But these signatures seem to be the base for people working in the military. It gets interesting when you consider how the MOS or occupation the person is serving in ties additional signs. For example, I work in HR, so with the military signature as the base, those in HR all have strong Sagittarius and a few gemini. I have worked in the finance office and they all have prominent Taurus. Or you find the Cancerians as medics or in the caretaking role. There is one pisces leader who cries all the time. But I bet he has aries and Capricorn; his communications are sharp and riveting. In my toastmasters group you hardly see such strong concentration of mars-Saturn. I was floored that every chart I read had these signatures. In toastmasters we have Sag and Gemini prominent or mercury Saturn signatures. A few virgos. This is why astrology is fascinating. The nuance.

  17. I grew up with Navy parents. Mars (military) in Cancer (family). As a child, my values and self-esteem (2nd house) were strongly influenced–though not always for the better, IMO–by my parents’ military involvement. My mom retired from the Navy Nurse Corps when she married my dad. I also have Jupiter (expansion, luck) in the 9th house (travel, education) in Pisces (so watery and oceanic!). My family had moved four times by the time I was eight years old. We went back and forth over the Pacific Ocean several times during these moves. I completed a couple years of free college on the GI bill, but didn’t finish (this was over 30 years ago)–Chiron and Jupiter 9th, conjunct MC. I’ve got some other little annoying Mars contacts, too:
    — Loose but noted opposition of Mars/2nd/Cancer to Saturn/ 8th / Aquarius
    — Mars/2nd semi-square Pluto/4th
    — Mars/2nd quintile Sun and Black Moon Lilith/4th
    — Mars sesqui-quadrate Chiron and Jupiter/9th, which are both conjunct MC.

    Uranus/3rd/Virgo only 1 degree from IC. Sudden changes in “neighborhood,” with those 3rd house issues (and yes, there were issues) bleeding over into the 4th house (home, family, emotional foundations).

  18. Read this aspects in my chart 🙂
    -Mars conj. Chiron in 9
    -Mars trine Neptune in 1st
    -Mars(virgo) square asc and sextile uranus in capricorn
    -Mars(9H) sextile Pluto(sco-11H) and opposition saturn
    -Mars trine Sun (cancer-7H)
    Pluto is more impressive but it takes more time to explain.I finished Maritime faculty but Im not from family with military parents, my uncle is high military officer. My mother has two brothers and both uniformed-police and army. My desire was academy but I changed decision because I realised that I love to travel more than anything.

  19. Whaaa that’s interesting… I have Aquarius on the 7th house cusp and I married into a military family. My not anymore husband after spending four years in the top military academy in Brazil left a month before graduation. He never officially entered into the military but his Dad and Uncles were in it. I could be very comfortable if someone was away traveling often (safely) for some time as long as trust was established. He has an Aries Moon, grand fire trine and Saturn trine Mars. He’s a warrior through and through. And a Buddhist monk!

        1. No. Just that they were independent…his clients were 70% (as I recall), military wives. They had to be able to make do with their husband gone for long periods.

  20. Any chance you could tell me how to find a way that will describe my future husband from my chart besides the 7th house

      1. Got it. I read it’s the next planet that a woman’s sun makes and the aspects that planet makes to others. Who knows

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