Bad Manners – Mine, Yours, Hers and His

manners.jpgI was thinking about how ill mannered I am, most anyone would agree. Oh, I have Libra so I am nice and say please and thank you but I routinely go off, fire my gun (my mouth) in all directions and consequently, my reputation.

I was thinking about my mother today because Del paid her so much attention. And one time I was writing about her and I said she used to say it was a “sin to bore people”.

Now I was taught this as a kid and it had a big impact on me. And a couple years ago I wrote about this on my blog and then just a few days after than, one of the (very annoying) regulars left a comment on another blog. “Oh well!” she wrote. “As I always say, it’s a sin to bore people…”

::raises eyebrow::

Maybe you can imagine my thought process. I just couldn’t believe this.

So I commented back, “Er… no, you don’t always say that. Those are my mother’s words, you read them here last week,” I wrote.

The gal got flustered and explained to me that more than one person can think things. She tried to say she’d come up with this independently… got further flustered and soon after that she “went away mad” to hate me into oblivion I guess.

Now if I were polite, I’d have not said anything about her comment but I just couldn’t stop myself. There is something maddening about someone claiming things they’ve no right to claim, especially when it’s your mother’s voice right on your own blog!

But really what I want to do is tell you about this other gal who I thought was ill-mannered with the point being that even the (very) ill mannered can spot bad manners.


How are your manners? Got Libra?

26 thoughts on “Bad Manners – Mine, Yours, Hers and His”

  1. nope no manners except please, thank you… I am considerate, Very Very considerate and generous, but I just say whatever and then apologize if need be. mars conjunct merc in leo.

  2. Thanks for editing, Elsa, though I’m not sure I want to be immortalized as the person who was overly nosy about your mom. 🙂

    I have Moon in Libra but other, more belligerent factors, so while I do try to be cordial and polite and all of that other business, the battlemongering side does come through whether I want it to or not. Of course, once it boils over, I do try to sincerely apologize if I’ve overstepped and make things right. Sometimes it’s too late. Sometimes it’s something that needed to be said. I struggle with this daily.

  3. I’m an an Aquarian, Cap moon, Libra ascendent.

    I’ve beem told that Pluto is a little ornry (sp) in my chart..

    I can be so f**king polite.

    But, I mean it.

    Well, most of the time I mean it. At least the folks that matter think I mean it, even when I don’t. But I usually mean it when I say thanks, etc.. Really.

    But I mostly keep my distance with manners.

    Nietzsche, I think, listed politeness as a cardinal virtue…

  4. I’m generally too shy to be ill-mannered, but when someone (say, a store employee) has been even the least bit snippy to me, which actually happened 2 days ago, I’m like “ok”, and go on my way. But then I dwell on the snippiness and how unnecessary it was, and I obsess over “what I should have said” and it really drives me berserk.

    On the other hand (now I sound like a Libra), recently I tried to pump gas at a station that says “pay at the pump”, but I’ve often pumped first then paid. Well, this time it didn’t work. I kept trying, then finally gave up and went inside. “Would you mind turning on pump 5 for me”? I asked. “You have to pay first,” the attendant said, as if I were hassling her. I said, “Well I get gas here all the time, and I’ve pumped first, then paid after.” “You don’t have to yell at me.” she said. WHAT???? “I wasn’t yelling.” I said with some restraint. By now I’m getting pissed. “Bla bla bla”, she continued. I gave up, threw my hands up in the air and said “Thank you!” on my way out the door. I got gas elsewhere. I’m still going “WTF” over that confrontation. It was really weird. Stuff like that doesn’t normally happen to me, but when it does, it really upsets me.

  5. not so great. i tend to kick in my manners by shutting up.

    i have pluto in libra 😛

    or maybe i just have a really warped perspective on the whole business.

  6. Mars in Libra here. I am pretty polite, I try to be but others mistakenly take that for being a wimpo pushover,lol. Watch out!!! I have a problem with people who are rude to people just doing their job, I also have a prob with people who insult you in a round about “polite” way,lol. Sometime I wish I could just call them out on their shit, like are you ragging on my style,lol.

  7. I am pretty patient unless I am sick..

    just don’t be mean to senior citizens or handicapped people in front of me.
    I don’t care where I am or who you are.

    I gave a lecture too an old district manager
    about poking fun at comment to a senior lady who was one of the employees..

    Of course I did not do that in front of anyone else, I shut his door and said excuse me, don’t you have a grandmother how would you feel if someone said that to you…? He had made fun of her head scarf wrapped around her head..

    He apologized to me and then he apologized to the senior lady..

    My damn Mars leo 12th house…Sometimes I wish I could shut it off…LOL…

  8. Elsa I don’t have a copy of the new mountain astrologer and I have been painting today..
    Thursday and Friday are big days..
    The Auto makers are back on Capital Hill with there plan and the job report for November will officially cone out either Thursday or Friday..

    What is happening with the planets ???

  9. Elsa you don’t have to tell us now..Gee my email sounded bossy…You don’t even have to tell us..
    I know you have enough to do…

  10. Maureen the worse gas station experience is in the middle of the night. I used to be on the road for my old job. I had to fire a young man who we caught in the bathroom dealing drugs.

    You go to the gas station and the person who really is trying to be helpful
    can not speak English..
    It wasn’t the first time. I had my tires slashed a few times..People don’t like to be fired.
    Especially Scorpio/Pluto drug dealers..

    Well I had a portable air pump, and towing service, and fix a flat and jumper cables, deicer, water, granola bars, extra boots, flares…I was prepared.

    But these little stinkers they cut the intake vales off the tires. Now try explaining that to a Hindu man in a Turbin at 1 oclock in the morning. I wrote in yellow highlighter on a piece of paper please help me…
    call poliziano..And thats sort of the italian word…I had to make the sound of the siren and finally I said donuts and then he understood..

    If someone has a drive off the employee has to pay for the gas and that is why there are kind of firm and sometimes rude..

  11. Aquarius sun with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Libra.

    I think I am rather polite, and I think a lot of this has to do with my mom (who’s has sun in Libra.) I think that my politeness is one of the reasons why people’s (friends and significant others) parents always love me.

    Now, if you ask the people who I am very close to, they’d probably tell you that I am not that polite. I tend to lose my sense of tact with people that I am close to. I say what I mean without really stopping to think about feelings.

  12. Monica
    thats not a band thing..people have boundries with you. My mother says I very rarely get mad
    maybe once evry cple of years (aggravated yes but mad no) She said I am a lunatic and she knows that I just need some time to myself to re energize as she puts it and then I am fine..

    Aquarius, My nanna has some planets in Aquarius..I like the fact that she just says stuff.

    “Lose your sense of tact ?”

    I don’t understand what that means…Exactly…

  13. I live behind a gas station, with an intercom/sound system and an old cowboy at the helm, plus it is pay before you pump (look, encompassing everyone’s experience at once!) and I swear to you, I’ve woken up in the middle of the night to:


    I’d kill that old guy if I could. It’s kind of an interesting way to track the mood of the collective though. Full Moons usually have him screeching at the top of his very old and annoying lungs.

  14. I have got enough Libra to mannered and had Libran parents so yes I was brought to have manners too. My mars in Sag can get away with me if Im having fun and then I might say something accidently but that is a rare occasion

  15. I have Libra in Neptune in the 12th, though I have no idea what that means. *blushing*

    I was raised by a very strict mom who insisted on good manners. There have been many times when I have wanted to say something but I was raised to be polite so I didn’t say anything, just went on my way shaking my head.

    There have also been times though, usually when I was sticking up for someone else, when I have just let it rip. I have been told I have the tact of a sledgehammer, which is true. Then I was told by my ex (a Libra thru-and-thru) that I have very good manners and I’m always polite, which is also true.

    Go figure. Maybe it’s the Mars in Leo?

  16. I want to be nice and mannerly but Ms. Blurt and Shock has too much fun and wants to come out and play all the time. Besides manners can sometimes be such a cover for RAGE and there is a certain falsity to them a lot of times that makes me squirm.

  17. It depends. Most of the time, I am polite. But sometimes I am just oblivious to everything and everyone. Sorry. My mother is a libra. She has a habit that drives me crazy. She will tell a person what she thinks he/she wants to hear. This drives me crazy. The worst was many decades ago. I would call her and ask her to my house for the weekend. She would agree to come and tell me that she would call when she got to the train station. I would wait all day and she wouldn’t come. I would wait all day and she would never come. This happened several times. My mom would apologize and say that she got busy. I then found out that she had made plans with my sister. She went to my sister’s all weekend. I did not care that she had gone to my sister’s house. But it drove me crazy that she just didn’t tell me that she had plans already.

  18. Reality (love your screen name btw 🙂 )

    by lose my sense of tact I meant that I can be a little too blunt (and be completely oblivious about it.)

  19. I’m fairly rude and thoughtless (Aries sun sextile 7th house Gemini Mars). I don’t mean to be though. I don’t fuss at people who are just trying to do their job, but I have been known to continue pressing until I get my way. Back when gas was over $4.00/gallon I gathered all my coins one day ($15.00, just enough for 3.5 gallons) and took them to the neighborhood gas station. The clerk there insisted that I go roll the coins. I insisted that she take them. Finally, I told her that I’d been filling up at that gas station every week since they’d opened and that I’d gone out of my way to support them because they were in the neighborhood. but if I walked out of that door because she wouldn’t take and count my coins, then I would never walk back in. And that was a promise. Her husband came over and counted the coins, and I bought my gas. I still buy gas from there.

    I think you were marvelous,Elsa, for calling that girl on her shit. she could have just as easily written, “I was reading Elsa, Elsa the other day and she had something there I really agree with…”

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