Modern Day Bad Penny

I’m continuing to withdraw from social groups as Saturn leaves my 11th and enters my 12th house. It occured to me that working on the class in a private forum is another manifestation of this.  But I am primarily talking about my real life here.

I’m retreating and at this point, I’ve had to pull some stunts to do it. For example, I told a friend last night, I used W-level charisma. If you read my book, you know that, W, is my father.  He could really work a room.

I don’t remember the last time I had to do this. Thirty years ago, probably. A Saturn.

I did this because my retreating has caused some people to cast a shadow on me. You’re going to have to take my word for this – you’re not here. But I’m sure I don’t deserve this.

Do you know what a “bad penny” is? It’s someone or something that is unwelcome, but keeps coming around.  No one can make a bad penny out of me, thanks to my Capricorn. If you reject me, you can be certain I won’t bother you again. But it got me thinking.

What is a modern day, bad penny?  Do you have a bad penny in your life? Are you the bad penny?

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  1. Hi Elsa,
    I’d done that myself. I had to retreat. I explained it was something I had to do…to preserve my mental and physical self. I
    talked and I talked, and finally stopped feeling guilty, tho that did take a long time. I let it go on way too long. They weren’t hearing me. Didn’t want to, or weren’t able. They saw it as rejection. I caused myself much angst! I didn’t want to hurt them. But I finally
    decided. It was them or me. And I chose me. To make matters worse, some were coworkers…one a long time friend. I was spending way too much energy worrying about them! I thought if they can’t get it I’m truly sorry but again, them or me. I could see it on their faces. What’s wrong with Diane? I know it’s hard going thru that. I wish you well & peace of mind.

  2. So, they want you there, but they don’t actually value you? Not valuing you includes not accepting when you say, “I can’t continue doing this.” Or were they dismissing the value you brought to the group before you decided you had to leave?

    To often, I’ve stayed too long after I should have bowed out. Good for you, husbanding your resources.

      1. No kidding. Special kind of stupid, the supposed grown-ups who try that.
        So very freaking sorry that/if you’re encountering such people, Elsa. All I can do is weed my own self, and pray, for all of us. Thanks, hey? You’re one of my glimmers for hope. Thank you… 16 years and counting. Huge numbers of people beyond me owe you thanks, if they learned from your writing.
        I’ve learned more from reading here than in any, and all, the many astrology textbooks that I’ve read. Thanks for keeping this space going.

  3. I had a fairly severe concussion 4 years ago. A friend of 40 some years daughter was getting married and invited me. I told my friend that of course I would be there. I somehow misplaced the invite
    ..never did find it. My friend called me three different times saying that her daughter said that no one was welcome at the wedding unless they sent the rsvp back. The third call I told my friend, look I’m sorry I just can’t find it. She then said again her daughter said no one was welcome unless they rsvp’d. At that point I just couldn’t handle it and told my friend calmly that I would send the rsvp back as a yes if I could locate it, but if I couldn’t then I guess I wouldn’t show. She kept stressing about sending the rsvp back
    Now I do understand that weddings preparations can be really stressful & expensive, but I felt I just wasn’t being heard. So, I didn’t go…being they were so adamant on the rsvp. The day of the wedding during the reception I get a voice mail from another friend asking where I was! Given I was not doing the greatest I still would have gone for a short time. (Loud noises were jarring to me, I had balance problems, a bit of garbled speech, etc.) But I guess after 40 years of friendship my word didn’t seem good enough. That severed the ties. I was sorry but…

  4. Thanks for clarifying. This is where the dropping friends who no longer serve my life are coming from. I retreat they take it personal gossip about me and before you know it I’m an unlucky penny. Who needs it? I’m dropping those those associations. I have neither the energy or interest in that stuff. Bored people with boring lives.

  5. Uh oh saturn is going into MY 12th and I have already been plagued with isolation and ostrasization.

    while in 11th.

  6. Hmm – very thought provoking. For years I was treated by my now ex-husband as the bad penny in ‘our marriage’ – a pretty awful experience that is now well behind me. To be not heard, not seen, treated with utter contempt & total disrespect, my contribution never valued nor recognised at all, unwelcome in my own home but had to be there as it was a marriage with young children. Ugh unhappy memories would be an understatement. Ditto with the treatment from his family, the outlaws – a necessary presence as the mother of 3 children but most unwelcome as a person. All now amputated out of my life & I have never looked back. You really gotta wonder who the bad pennies were. After all, a penny has 2 sides has it not?
    How they can consider themselves to be ‘nice’ people while denigrating me as ‘not a nice person’ because ‘nobody likes me’ (their words & opinions) provides me with the message that they are nothing more than ignorant, arrogant snobs! They were the other side of that bad penny.

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